Magical Attraction

Magical Attraction – Final Episode

According to psychologists, Lawrence and Ames, what we see when we look at something depends not so much on what is there as on the assumption we make when we look. We don’t actually see with the eyes, they only take snapshots of what’s in front of us, send to the visual cortex part of the brain, which then interprets the images based on the brain’s data bank. Our brains are responsible for our perception of vision. This was one of the scientifically proven facts that Sesan had learned over the weeks working closely with the magician. When people come to magic shows, their assumption is that they are going to witness magic, so they zero in on that; they only see the magic, and not the tricks behind the magic.

Dressed in black p-nts, black t shirt, and a black jacket, Sesan stood at center of the stage, looking at the audience of little over a thousand people in front of him. He was about to perform his last magic trick of the day and couldn’t believe he had handled the show all by himself.

His grandfather had come down with a fever from exhaustion at the last minute. If Sesan hadn’t been a great student, they would have disappointed the large crowd in front of him. So far so good, he had done well and was about to perform his most daring trick. “I need a volunteer for this last magic performance.” He called out into the audience. A few hands went up with murmuring everywhere. Sesan pointed at a girl on the front row to his left and called on her to come on stage. She had a smile on her face as she walked on stage excitedly. The black gown she was wearing clung to her slender body. Sesan held out his hand as she approached him, and she took it. Behind them, two of Sesan’s stage girls, dressed in white one-piece bathing suits were wheeling in a coffin-like box onto the center of the stage. The girl that volunteered for the magic performance looked back a few times, and the smile on her face slowly disappeared. Sesan whispered something in her ear, and she smiled again. He then led her to the box, and instructed her to climb into it. She did so, and lay flat in,side, with her head and legs protruding out on the two ends of the box. Sesan stood aside and waved his hands at the box, showing the audience that the girl was really in the box.

The two girls that had wheeled in the coffin were wheeling in something else; it was a large, industrial buzz saw. The round stainless steel blades shown under the deem stage light. The girls placed it at the back of the box the girl was in; the scary looking blades now hung a few feet high up from the box. Sesan waved his hands at the box one more time before walking over to circular saw. He turned it on, and started lowering it onto the box. The large spinning saw made a menacing sound, and the girl in the box looked really worried. Silent murmurs could be heard in the crowd.

There was a large outcry in the audience when the saw went through the box, cutting the girl in the half, and leaving the stage bloodied up. A woman in the crowd shouted “JESUS!” and ran out the hall. The rest of the crowd sat there, dumbfounded as the box was pulled apart by the Sesan’s stage assistance, showing that the girl was really sawed in half. The girls then pushed the wheels back together, making the box wh0le again.

Sesan waved at the box a few times, before the girls walked over to the front of the box and covered it with a black cloth. They removed the cloth after a few seconds, and Sesan walked over to the box, opened it, and pulled out the smiley faced volunteer. The crowd gave a standing ovation as Sesan and the girl walked forward on stage. They both bowed at the crowed in a cheerful mode, before he gave her a hug, and she walked off stage, back into the audience.

He was still bowing at the audience when another outcry erupted from the audience. One of his pretty stage girls was walking towards him from the back with an axe in her hand. Before he could turn around, she raised it up and let it come down on his neck. Sesan bent over to catch his head before it fell to the ground, put it back in place, and stood upright to the shock of the audience. The wh0le room was quiet, till the pretty assistance dropped the ax and smiled at the crowd. They received their second standing ovation of the night.


The night was a success; more of a success than he had ever dreamed, and he was excited as he slipped backstage. His online friend, Chun Lee had asked that that they meet by the car park immediately after the show and he couldn’t wait to see her. ‘I would be dressed in all white’ she had said in her last message to him.

He saw a tall muscular guy in all black, standing next to a girl in glasses when he stepped out of the hall through the backdoor. The girl had on jeans and a white top. “Hello.” She said as she approached him. Could this be Chun Lee? He thought to himself. “My name is Ndidi.” She said with an outstretched hand. He shook it and looked behind her as her friend approached. He was just about an inch taller than Sesan, but he was much more built physically. “This is my friend, Olu.” The girl said as she placed her hand on the guy’s shoulder. “We…We are big fans of your magic show and think we might have a job for you.”

“Umm. Okay. But I’m kind of in a hurry right now.”

“Okay. No problem. We will call you later.” The girl said and they walked off. Sesan stood there, wondering what she meant by her last statement then he heard a voice in his head say, ‘We have your number. We will reach out.’ It sounded as loud as if the person that said it was actually beside him. He shook his head, and hurried along towards the car park.

She had her back to him when he saw her standing next to a black SUV. Just like she had said, she had on all white; a short, white sleeveless gown, and white shoes to match. His heart started racing as he approached her. When he finally got to her back and she turned around, his jaw dropped to the floor when he saw who it was. “You’re Chun Lee?” He asked her and she nodded. “You have been Chun Lee all the while?” He asked, and she nodded again. “Wow! How…how did you pull it off? I’m sure there was a time Chun Lee sent me a mail when you were right there beside me.”

“I told you time and again to change your network provider.” She said and smiled.

“Wow! I don’t know what to say.” He said and she remained silent. She looked so enchanting. “I’m kind of glad you turned out to be Chun Lee though.” He said and chuckled.

“Can I ask why?”

“I was…I was falling in love with Chun Lee and Ngozi at the same time, now I don’t have to make a decision.”

She smiled and looked down for a while before looking up and saying, “You remember that day I was driving you home and you told me the magician…your granddad had thought you about visualization?”


“I actually went home that day and started doing exactly what you explained to me.”

“Oh. Wow.”

“Yeah. I started visualizing you as my boyfriend.” She said and looked away shyly. “I guess the stuff does work.”

“I guess so.” He said, and she slowly turned to look back at him. He had never seen her look that nervous before and he just wanted to hold her in his arms. He took a few steps forward, leaned in and k-ssed her. He pulled away after a few seconds, and she looked away with a on her sheepish smile on her face.

“So…what happens now?” Ngozi asked after a prolonged silence.

“I guess we live happily ever after.” Sesan said, and she laughed.

There was another prolonged silence before Ngozi said, “Umm. Can we try that k-ss again; it didn’t feel magical enough.” They both burst out laughing. When they got quiet again, Ngozi pulled Sesan forward by his jacket, he stylishly slipped his hand around her wa-ist, and they locked l-ips.

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