November 29, 2021

Maid episode 10 – 11



👠 They
👇are 👇
desperate 👠

💮 Episode 10💮

🎸 Tyler 🎸

I can see the shock on her face
I guess she wasn’t expecting me to be that nice to her and that brought a smile on my face

But what she was doing at night that deprived of sleep

I decided to go check my security footage Because am sure she won’t want to say it

I gasp at what I saw
I can’t believe Clarissa is the one
She purposely stressed her and was also the one who caused the burning

What if the house got burnt
All because she wants me to fire her
She’s intimidated by her beauty??
No doubt Toria is beautiful and that doesn’t warrant Clarissa’s wickedness

I know Clarissa has a huge crush on me but that doesn’t mean she should go around hurting any girl around me

I am going to pretend as if I don’t know anything and catch her red handed

But for now I’d keep enjoying Tori’s company

I signed as I watched her beautiful face sleeping peacefully on my bed

🎷 Toria 🎷

My eyes open and I looked at my surrounding

It doesn’t look like the room Clarissa showed me

I startled up when I remembered that o was in Tyler’s room

I carefully got down and made to go out when his husky voice stopped me

“I never asked you to go did I” he said and I slowly turned my head to the direction of his voice and saw him standing in front of his bathroom

“Erm good morning sir…i… want to go make your breakfast” I stuttered

“Firstly it’s Tyler secondly am your boss and I decide if you make my breakfast or not” he said calmly and I gulp down nothing



aren’t words Toria go back to the bed” he said in a tone if finality and I sluggishly went back with my cheeks redden in embarrassment

“The doctor said you should rest for two days and you will be here till I decided to let you go” he said and I nodded

🎛️ Jane 🎛️

After the food incident Damon has been using any opportunity he sees to glare at me why I earn smiles from Daniel

I guess Daniel is going to be my favorite

It was afternoon already and Damon was out but Daniel was around

I overheard him saying he had some business so I guess that’s the reason he isn’t around

I was watching TV when Daniel suddenly came to seat beside me

“Hey pretty” he said and I blushed

“Hi” I said shyly

“You know you don’t have to be shy around me”


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I know”

“So what are you watching”


“Whoa thats new I haven’t met a lady that likes boring TV since forever” he chuckled

“Well am the first so my pleasure” I smiled

“If you say so”

We continued chatting and laughing as we watched and discuss together

I must confess he’s great company unlike someone and I think I like him

We were in deep discussion when the door suddenly opened and Damon entered

We both turned to his direction and the expression on his face could kill

Oh God I haven’t made lunch

I turned to face daniel and I guess. Fromy Expression he understood what the problem is

I don’t think I can escape this one

I gave Daniel a “do something real quick” look

And he managed to get Damon out of the house all in the name of an important meeting that am sure he made up

I used that as my cue to get yo work

I sighed as I finished the food and they both entered with Damon having an angry expression and Daniel with his popular funny face

“Where is my food” Damon asked and I quickly rushed to set the table

Phew that was close

Daniel and I shared a knowing smile

🍷 MAE 🍷

It was in the afternoon and alicia was already back from school

Mr Royce was also around so I served the food as we all sat across the dinning table

Though Alicia was always giving glares as we eat but today was quite different because Mr Royce was discussing with her while I faced my meal squarely


ten countries and their capitals” Mr Royce said

“Free town serial lonne
Egypt Cairo
Mali bamako
China Beijing
Burundi gitega
Argentina Buenos Aires
Bulgaria so…….”

She was saying but it seems she didn’t remember what to say and her father was waiting expectantly

But my big brain won’t rest so my mouth did the honours and chipped in

I continue from where she stopped
“Bulgaria Sofia
Chad N’Djamena
Eduador Quito
Cote d’ivoire yamoussoukro
Comoros Moroni
Brunei bandar sei begawan
Burkina Faso Ouagadougou
Colombia Bogota
Brazil Brasilia
Armenia yerevan
Australia venna
Baharian mamama
Bahamas Nassau
Albania Tirana
Afghanistan Kabul
Cuba Havana……” I was still reciting when Mr Royce and his daughter stood up and started clapping and my mouth hang in shock

I can’t believe I have been reading it out I was so lost in the recitation not to have noticed they’ve been clapping for long

Alicia for the first time smile at me sincerely and that have me great joy

“That was brilliant aunty” she said

“Awwn thanks” I replied happily while Mr Royce watched our drama silently

“Can you teach me” she asked

“Does that mean we are friends now” I asked

“I will think about it” she said shyly before packing her place

“Weldons you finally won her heart”Mr Royce said and I jumped up for joy


👠 They
👇are 👇
desperate 👠

💮 Episode 11 💮

Authoress POV 💗

Toria felt lucky to be that close with Tyler little did she know that she was building up enemies from few maids obsessed with their handsome boss

Clarissa was no exceptions should better called the worse of them all

The two days of rest was over and Tyler finally let her out of his room and back to her work

She had gotten comfortable with calling him Tyler or ty but she feels anxious about how the other maids will find it find she calls him that in public

So she decided to call him boss in front of others and Tyler whenever they were alone

At least it will save her of little troubles

She just freshen up and was coming out of her room when she came across Clarissa who was coming from an adjacent room

Out of cheerfulness Toria greeted her but got shun and blasted

“Hold your whórish greetings I don’t need it” came Clarissa’s reply

This got Toria Wonder if she has offended her before unfortunately there was no one to answer her questions

She walked in to the kitchen to get Tyler’s breakfast since he ordered her not to cook till further notice

She muterred a “good morning” but got few replies

Those replies are from maids who smiled at her genuinely which she did fail to return

She got several hisses and scoffs from other maids who were angry

She shrug off the attitude and proceed to get the food she came for initially

She had served Tyler and he was ready to go to work when toria realize that his suit case was still in his room and he was already going towards his car

Out of curiosity she called to him “erm sir you forgot your suitcase” she said nervously

Tyler turned back to see who called him and was surprised to see it was Toria Because he had warned her to stop addressing him as such

“How many times do I have to you to stop addressing me by sir it’s Tyler” he said to the amazement of other maids who could only gasp while Clarissa did the honours of glare at her deadly

At Mr Royce’a Mansion

After several days of the stunts at the dinning table

Mae was able to get closer to Alicia who in turn turned out to be a sweet kid who was being paranoid because of the behaviors of her previous Nanny’s


to her during her several discussion with Mae she said since her mom’s death four years ago all the Nanny’s she has been having are all there for her father

And for them to have him and have access to his wealth

Most of them are dullards often maltreated her and that was why she started with a cold behavior towards her

She never knew Mae was that intelligent and she had gained a lot from her and a little bit of craziness

The craziness which she (Alicia) manifested on her busy father on a day he had a crucial meeting with big share holders

It wasn’t a funny sight

Unknown to them Mr Royce has found solace in just seeing Mae

He wasn’t sure if he was addicted to her or attracted to her beauty

Though Mae has caught him staring at him countless times and she find herself staring back

Most awkward situation Is when Alicia is the one to break the never ending stares from the both of them

At the D & D Mansion

Jane has never ceased to get into Damon’s trouble and Daniel has been Jane’s partner

The two made a great pair and Damon was the vilian in their story

Jane on the other hand had been has been have unexplainable feeling of warmth and desires around Damon

Daniel in his own perspective believed he had fallen deeply for Jane’s clumsiness and crazy attitude but little did he know Damon can’t tell what to feel whenever Jane was around

Damon made up his mind to start afresh with Jane but that was when his clingy ex showed up

Madison POV 💗

It has been over a month of my stay here and I have gotten to a certain level on my boss’s body

The level my seduction has gone is way too far and I already feel him close to my palm.

I didn’t Know that today was the day I will get what I finally wanted

I had prepared his breakfast earlier claded in crazy bump short with a transparent singlet

His wife wasn’t around she went for her monthly vacation to visit her daughter in Korea

So that gave me more room
My nipplés was already hard as rock with the Killing stare he gave me and my imagined desires

He finished his food hastily and walked close to me

My heart leap because I thought he was finally ready only for him to grab his suitcase and dash out of the house to his office

Once again my face fell in that of disappointment

This is what he has been doing since getting my hopes up and dashing out

I went back to the sitting room after about an hour later and continue with my chores when I heard the sound of the gates suddenly and my boss drove in suddenly

I stood up in surprise and he barge in slamming the door shut are he entered and he began to undo his belt

His hard shaft was evident and threatening to rip off his trousers

He flung the belt to one corner of the sitting room and went fishing his trousers with his eyes not leaving mine

I just stood there transfixed and anxious

Now he was half [email protected] with his dîck standing er£ct but his shirt and tie was still on

He came to me and fused his lips with mine aggressively carrying me up and wrapping my legs round his waist causing his hard shaft to poke my pússy lips teasing uncontrollably as he went up the stairs

I was m0aning into his mouth and didn’t realize we were already in my room

He slammed me on the bed and got rid of my panties

He postion himself at the entrance of my cûnt but his lips never left mine

His left hand moisturize my pússy lips while the other free one pinched and squeeze my bøøbs

I couldn’t help but m0an shamelessly

Without warning he thrust in and I grunt due to his enormous size

He thrust him deeper into me causing me to take his whole length

Then he started increasing his face as he fùcked me roughly

“Oh fùck yeah” I m0aned out in pleasure as he slams deep inside me

“m0an out bítch” he groaned as he went deeper giving my bøøbs a light squeeze

He kept fúcking me in different styles till we both reach out climax he pulled out and came on my mouth

I suck him all up and smiled in Satisfaction

I got what I wanted and it’s just the beginning


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