Making his cold heart soft episode 10

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’Chapter 10πŸ’’


“What errand did Tonia run for you?”
“I asked for her presence and I was told that she came to your room,” Andromeda questioned as they both walked around the building with two to three servants trailing after them.

“Don’t I have the right to call her over? She’s my servant.” Vera grumbled offensively.
“No one denied that with you but, you never see her as your servant,” Andromeda stated.
“Why did you suddenly pick interest in calling her to your room?” She questioned.

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“I thought I am granted some freedom! Why are you speaking as you’ve never asked any servant for help?” Vera scoffed.
“I’m used to calling them over for errands but you’ve never enjoyed doing that.” She replied immediately.
Vera kept mute for a while. Probably, contemplating what to say next.

“I’ve started today. I couldn’t take care of my room alone today so, I called Tonia over. You heard that?” Vera ranted and at the end, Andromeda hissed out loud before shrugging her shoulder nonchalantly.

“Where are we going to?”
“No one will buy you even if I decided to sell you,” she answered harshly.
“Meaning?” Confused Vera asked.
“I wanted us to have a few discussions… Do you think I have brought you here to sell you?” Andromeda spoke then waved her hand at the servants. After they’ve seen her signal, they all stopped following and remained standing on the spot where they were.

“You can’t even sell me,” Vera replied lazily with an eye roll.
“Then calm down sister,” Andromeda teased and all Vera could do was hiss.

“What is your next plan for Damien? Last night when I came to your room I saw that you didn’t want to talk about him. He must have said something that hurt your feeling, right?”

“Like you told me last night… What he did was expected? So I wasn’t entirely hurt by his actions.” Vera explained calmly.
“Get my puppy to come here,” Andromeda turned to the servants to say.

“Doesn’t touching it irritate you?” Vera scrunched her face together in irritation.
“I love pets, why will it irritates me?” Andromeda answered sharply then hugged the cute little puppy tightly.

“Stop glaring at it!” She yelled because of how annoyed she felt by how Vera was glaring at the innocent animal.
“You can’t tell my eyes not to do what it wants,” Vera answered firmly.
“I didn’t bring you here because of this,” Andromeda hissed at her.
“Take Jack back to his cage, and you all should leave as well.” She returned the little puppy that was licking her finger back to one of the servants after stroking the cute little creature’s head lovingly while Vera just closed her eyes in dissatisfaction. She doesn’t like it!

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“Because your parrot told the truth about you to father doesn’t make my puppy your enemy. You saw puppy there before going after your parrot!” Andromeda angrily blasted as she wasn’t satisfied to let them take her Jack away, but she knows quite well that Vera won’t stop glaring like a witch with the little creature enjoying life in her hand.
“Whatever!” Vera replied lazily before dragging her body to the garden.
“Why did you want us to come here? You know I despise coming here!”
“You could have stayed behind!” Andromeda bluntly said. Vera glared frustratedly at her but when she saw Andromeda chuckling her body relaxed immediately.

“Stop being a parrot, Vera. Tell me what have you come up with about Damien? You haven’t said anything about him since,”
“I’m not ready to think about him.” She nervously replied where she sat down in the garden while admiring the beautiful flowers that were within her eyes reach.

“So when will you think about him?” She pestered further.
“After my trip to England,” she managed to say and in a jiffy, Andromeda already got closer to where she sat down.

“England!? You told father that you won’t go!” She exclaimed in awe.
“I didn’t want to go but I don’t want to stay here and continue thinking of Damien,” she shared with her.

Everywhere was quiet for minutes. Vera lost herself in a serious battle with her heart that wouldn’t stop pounding against her chest. She doesn’t want to lie to Andromeda but it is needed to do this.
Now she has told a lie that she doesn’t know if Andromeda will believe, but what if her high hope gets drawn down to the ground?
What if things don’t go as planned and her expectations never met the demand! What will she do?

“I don’t want to believe you. You stated it clearly that you will rather stay locked up in your room than go to England. What could have changed your stubborn heart suddenly?”
“Damien,” Vera answered in a firm tone. Her eyes left the beautiful flowers she was staring at to focus on Andromeda’s eyes instead.
There, she saw the concern in her eyes. She saw how Andromeda will easily find out if she tries been emotional presently.
It’s not like she doesn’t want Andromeda to know about what she wants to do but, she knows very well that she will never allow it.
However, after going through Damien’s past and present on the internet… It was obvious that her only access to him is to do this.
If she fails to do this then, everything will remain just as usual. Damien will never be hers and she won’t ever be able to stop thinking about him.
She gave her heart to him years back. She thought of his day and night. She puts her hope high on him. She was so confident in her love for him that she forgets about the kind of person Damien is.
His personality has remained in everyone’s memory but the mystery of it is unknown to anyone… Who knows what made him a cold-hearted person?

If Damien doesn’t want to see her face. If Damien doesn’t want to tolerate womankind. He will have to submit to her beforehand if everything doesn’t go as planned by her… She will never stay back. Never!
“Have you told father? Will he allow you to leave?” She asked with concern.
“He introduced the idea so, why won’t he?” Vera falsely smiled.

“I should come with you then. Bryant is leaving for an important meeting and I can’t bear staying here alone without you or him so, I will come with you.” Andromeda stated.
Vera’s expression changed within a minute into fear. “You can’t come with me. If you decided to go with me then I might as well just stay back.” She grumbled.

“Why shouldn’t I? You are suddenly being mean!” And Andromeda suspiciously shrieked.
“Stop being childish and listen!” She fumed.
“Both of us can’t travel or leave the palace. If I am not going to be around then you should be. Like father always tells us, we were born together to help each other, if you come with us then who will our parents look up to? You know I am leaving some responsibility which you have to take care of behind.” Vera explained calmly to her.

“But we aren’t staying long! We can go together without father objecting because I will speak to him.” She adamently said.
Vera bit her lips speechless. What should she say next?

“Of course, father will allow you to leave too but, Meda,” Vera called her by the name which she always calls when she wants something.
“Meda, I want this journey to do a lot for me. I want some privacy to get myself together and who knows if a solution to my problems will arise during this private moment?” She sweet-mouthed.
“What problem is that?” She lazily asked. She wasn’t satisfied by giving it a thought herself not to go with Vera but after hearing Vera speaking, her body relaxed from any argument she wanted to engage in.

“Damien of course. You want me to stop trailing after him and it’s difficult. But who knows if another prince charming will be found in England by me?” A smile escaped her lips when Andromeda nodded her head in understanding.

“I’m still contemplating but you might be lucky after I am done thinking.” She forcefully said.
“When are you leaving then?” She questioned and seriously, Vera’s heart skipped beats.
She has told such a huge lie and perfectly made Andromeda believe her but what if… What if the day of leaving never comes?
The mail…


“Seriously! You were so sure that I would wake up?” Annabel scoffed.
Damien carefully wiped away those tears from the corner of her eyes. The tears which came out of her eyes due to how hard she laughed earlier.

“I was so sure. But when it became three years, my hope started drying and only Smith’s words that your heart hasn’t stopped beating kept me to continue waiting for good news someday.” He explained.
“Smith got tired of me sending Caleb over here so, he did what I felt it’s another way out for me.” He expressed.
“What did he do? Is it related to what made me gain my consciousness back?” She eagerly asked.
“He would have done what you guessed if only he could after receiving a slap from me then,” Damien mentioned.
Although, he immediately regrets mentioning that because Annabel hasn’t even known what he became over the years.

“Why did you slap him? He doesn’t deserve that!” She almost yelled if not because of the restriction the weakness in her body and the fact that her voice was not strong enough for yelling.
“If you yell out of discomfort then something happens to you, I won’t mind giving him a bruise this time around,” Damien stated with a straight face.
“Damien!” She called in surprise and was about to sit up but Damien didn’t let her.
“I was only joking, I won’t give him a bruise,” Damien giggled but that didn’t work. She hissed loudly then turned her eyes away from his direction childishly.

“I brought you to him while breathing in pain, your eyes were open and you were begging me to keep you alive. I hard so much hope on him trying his best to make you come back to me alive but instead, he came back to announce you being unconscious where I was battling with the shock of the incident that happened and how everything happens so soon.” He started speaking.

“I went awe after he told me and I was forced to slap him. During these years I showed him my hatred and if there was something he could do then, it must have been getting you to become conscious back again, for me.” He finished explaining.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for yelling at you,” she apologized and he stroked her hair lovingly with a sincere smile.
“I can’t be angry with you, after all, you forgave me even though I couldn’t grant your first request because Caleb stupidly deleted the pictures,” Damien battled with his teeth to stop them from gritting in front of Annabel.

Annabel signed after what Damien said. As Caleb already showed the picture to her, she has no reason to make him stay away from her because he did snap the picture but because of the punishment that Caleb claimed to have taken on him, that’s why Damien wasn’t the one who showed her the picture.

She knew Damien to be stubborn and if Caleb did that to get back at him, he must have done something painful to Caleb.
Caleb has told her not to inform Damien and she won’t, not yet.

“If what I guessed isn’t what the doctor helped you with then. What was it?” She resumed back to their conversation.
“He kept on sending results about your improvement and that held my hope high that you will soon wake up. I was actually on top of the earth when he called to inform me about your consciousness.” He smiled briefly after he finished speaking.

“I’m really happy coming back to you.” Annabel expressed then shifted her body slowly closer to him where he sat down on the chair in front of her bed.

Damien was about to caution her because he saw her wincing in pain which shifting but his mouth closed up by itself when Annabel wrapped her arms around his back tightly.
Her heart surfaced in his chest. He knew the position wouldn’t be comfortable for her so he gently shifted himself closer to her.
Presently it’s comfortable for Annabel to relax her head on his broad chest, and it was likewise comfortable for Damien to pat her hair lovingly without interruption.


Anxiety gripped her. The weather tonight isn’t favorable in any way to her because her heart wouldn’t stop pounding every passing minute..
She kept on gibbering. ‘What if? What if? What if her hopes will be blessed positively or negatively tonight?’

Been sitting in front of the laptop for more than twenty minutes but still haven’t made any move to open the mail yet.
‘What if? What if? What if it doesn’t come out positive?’
Whom she has sent to help her with this… What if he wasn’t able to help and her hopes gets shattered?
God of mercy! She was so scared right now but she needs to do this. She needs to be brave for herself and her emotion.
Easy to make up the mind about what to do but what about the action that is needed to do it?
Probably, having some faith in God whether he might do something isn’t a bad idea.
Yes, it wasn’t a bad idea because she went straight to check the mail out.
Leaving the fact that her fingers were shaking while operating the laptop because even her body was trembling in unforeseen fear.
Her eyes went closed when she clicked on the mail and after seeing what the result contains, all that came out of her mouth was…

To Be Continued…

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