Making his cold heart soft episode 12

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise) πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’Chapter 12πŸ’’


The space on her palm became cold and almost uncomfortable to breathe in the air.
Normally, the heat was passing through her, and also translocating to all the veins in her body; which caused her to voluntarily give up on the lazy cold atmosphere.
The rain fell last night, that must have been the reason why the weather outside was cold but her inner self could feel the heat all over.
“I have shown you the mail, I’ve been told to come for an interview,” she protested with them.

“Not anyone is permitted to come in here by claiming to have gotten a mail… Until the guard that went to report is back, you can’t come in here young man.” The supposed head of the security men stated firmly.

Vera would have spoken further. These are the sort of people that worship also bow below her feet in her father’s palace.
None of the workers dare look her directly in the face while speaking; but this man here has not only shared eye contact with her, but also stopped her from going through with her work over here.

If not for love… Why would she be here? She doubts if this strong-headed security won’t feel suspicious of her framed voice if she was to continue ranting along with him.
“Stay outside here,” after he finished speaking, the gate was jammed on Vera’s face… Now she has to wait outside the gate until an order is received.
It’s such a cold weather, which human with humanity would dare lock someone to freeze outside here?
Were they expecting her to freeze to death if she doesn’t have a thick sweater with her?

After moments of standing there… The gate made a sound that indicated it was unlocked from inside. She didn’t bother speaking to him or looking up to his wide animal face.

“Come with me,” Vera immediately raised her head to check who spoke to her.
The voice which she heard was different from that of the rude security man, who spoke to her earlier.

Gulping nothing down her throat after seeing his face, the face which coincidentally was that of the man which she had disguised herself as an anonymous to help her.

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Getting the job as a Butler is not just easy… She went through some private research which brought her to the idea of speaking with him for the job.
She paid him to offer the job to one of his men and he couldn’t disagree… Not after receiving that much money.
With the look of things… No one yet has recognized her to be a woman.
Even the driver who brought her earlier referred to her as a young man.
At the thought of that, a smile of victory escaped her lips within a minute.
“I expected you to be here earlier, I am only paid to help you, I wasn’t paid to lose my job.” He scolded randomly as she walked closely behind him into the main house.

“I’m sorry,” Vera said.
“Why are you just coming? I thought you don’t have a job which you are doing? Were you expecting Mr. Damien to wait for you?” He scolded again.
If not for the fact that she can’t make any mistake presently, she would have ordered him not to question her again.

She already apologized, must they all be big heads over here?
“I didn’t wake up early, I’m sorry.” She managed to say.

She watched how he walked hastily like a tiger; Vera wondered if she was to carry her leg in her hand and then start running after him.
The rate at which he was walking was too fast for her to meet up with.

“My master isn’t a patient man, maybe you should have been told about his personality before choosing to work for him besides, put it at the front of your mind that a Butler only has one goal, which is to serve their master even when stressed out.”
“You won’t want that man to be upset with you by getting sacked after spending so much to get here. Although I am still wondering… Why spend that much to get you this work, when the money could have helped your life instead!.” Scott discussed as they both walked further into the building.
He took a swift turn into another corridor and then stopped in front of an elevator.
During this period Vera was wondering… Isn’t it rare for an elevator to be used in a house?
Well… Since her heart wouldn’t stop racing due to the unwanted discussion that Scott brought up earlier… She didn’t have the chance to admire the eye-catchy sight that the mansion contains.

If it was to be someone else, they would have thanked victory for stepping into this admirable building. But Vera belongs to royalty, and not even triple sight of this will move her.
The only thing that managed to get her attention was the elevator which she never knew existed in a house.

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“Why do you have those with you?” He questioned after they came out of the elevator which took them to another part of the building.
Vera doesn’t know how long they’ve been walking around in this big house but with how Scott has been gibbering, It seems they are not close to Damien yet.

“I thought it will be needed.” She replied.
“Needed for what? Did I ask you to bring them?” He scoffed tiredly.
“It contains my files, I had to bring them with me.” Her reply barely came out loud.
“Is this an office job? Why will they be needed?” He chuckled briefly then he continued speaking.
“You are a man with a mixture of a woman’s trait in his thinking. All that is needed and can help you presently is you, and your ability,”
“Your personality, your vigilant, and what you know how to do best, that is all which is needed.” Scott discussed.
Aside from his sharp comment about her earlier, Vera could see that this man with her is nice and can be a talkative…
She reasoned what he stated but couldn’t come up with any reply. What does he mean?

“You can remove your cap if it’s blocking your ear from listening.” He snapped and she flinched a little bit.
After hearing his last sentence, Vera can only conclude that he isn’t nice but rude.
What was the need to speak to her rudely like that anyway? She was just thinking about what to say.

“Mr. Damien is around, and I’m sure you are going to prepare your first meal for him today.”
“See why I scolded you earlier? He must have gotten ready for work by now.” Scott said in a grumpy tone.
He couldn’t help but curse himself for engaging in this mess because of money!
“Like I stated earlier… It’s your hard work that will get you this job, if you are good, then you can succeed but if it doesn’t go that way, tell your master that you are too sluggish.” He ranted in a calm tone.
Vera doesn’t know why he’s still keeping his voice calm, after all, all he has done was scolding her over and over again.
But will she be preparing Damien’s choice of food for real today!? What if she doesn’t know how to prepare what he wants?
Repeatedly, was the rate at which her heart took to skip massively. Why was she not told about this earlier?
However, what she cared about isn’t preparing the food. The thought bothered her slightly because she knew this might be requested before making up her mind to enter Damien’s den.
Her heart racing is just overwhelming. Now she wished to give her grandmother a tight hug for forcefully teaching her how to manage the kitchen.
What would she have done on a day like this if not for her loving grandmother?
“Stay calm as much as you can, don’t trespass,” Scott warned strictly before taking the last stairs.

“I spoke about this yesterday but you wouldn’t listen, I said you will be busy!” Caleb grumbled non-stop.
“Take your senses back to yesterday and remind me where I talked about it, because I can remember not giving my consent,” Damien replied grumpily.

“You are more more interesting in someone to replace Tony than listening to yourself,” Caleb mumbled furiously.
“Was I expected not to get someone else or maybe the job should be gifted to you?” He shrieked in a cold tone.
Caleb rolled his eyes irritatedly like a lady, he isn’t interested in arguing with him presently.
“I hope this new Butler will be graced enough to tolerate you like Tony did because you are not mean to only women… You are cold towards every existing thing.” Caleb murmured tiredly but Damien heard him enough.

“I’m always nice to my Butler, if he’s good then he might win my tolerating self,” Damien answered.

“Good in what? Will you scan him all over to know that?” Caleb scoffed.
“Learn to be patient.” Damien waved his gaze off.
“If he prepares the meal properly, I can’t help but accept him.” Damien explained
“You will wait for a meal? Was it necessary to be bossy presently? You have a shot in an hour to come!” He gasped in disbelief.

“Should I leave and let you take care of it? I also don’t enjoy talking a lot,” Damien grumbled after he dropped the tea_cup on the tray.
“Tell him to prepare peppery hotdogs sausage for me, within twenty minutes, the time shouldn’t exceed.” he instructed when Caleb refused to speak.

“Who told you any human has the time to prepare that? Why not something_” he was suddenly cut off by Damien.
“Any human that will work for me will be able to. What right do you have to complain? It’s not your concern!” Damien angrily said.
Caleb stopped speaking after what he said, Damien’s cheek vein is already pulling out, if care isn’t taken he might burst into anger very soon.
“I’m leaving. Do the needful and come around soon,” he told to him before walking out of the room with his suit in his hand.
“He must have gone down through the stairs…” Caleb told to him.
His eyes afterward examined the man standing five steps away from him.
To Caleb, this man looks too calm to work for someone as coldly, as Damien.
“Damien has some work to do. He should have arrived earlier,”
“Prepare hotdog sausage for him, you will know if you are employed after Damien eats the food.” He faced Vera to say.

“Next time don’t stare at me directly in my eyes, because if it was to be Damien, you would have gotten punished on your first visit here.” Caleb scolded strictly to her surprise.
Vera’s throat went dry after he finished speaking. Isn’t this the man apologizing to him the other day? So he’s rude like Damien!

“Come with me, you are starting now,” Scott told to her before he lead the way out of the room.
Vera remembering to put whatever she thinking in order bowed her head slightly at Caleb who looked weirdly at her before nodding his head.
“It’s time to prepare a meal for Damien …” Vera thought randomly before going after Scott.

“Master isn’t around but I guess Mr. Caleb forgot to inform you that it’s a considered order from Master Damien, you are to prepare the food within twenty minutes,” Scott told them to her surprise when they entered the empty kitchen.

Vera’s eyes opened widely! How was she expected to cook within that few minutes? Is Damien mad?

To Be Continued….

Is Damien mad? πŸ˜…
Will Vera be able to satisfy him? Drama is about to start oπŸ’«
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