Making his cold heart soft episode 14

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise) πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’ Chapter 14πŸ’’


“Do you want more? I still have enough for you here,” He asked then cleaned the side of her mouth that has the stain of the sausage with his thump.

“I’m okay now, thanks.” Annabel dropped the last piece in her hand into her mouth, then chewed on the hotdog sausage.

“Do you like it?” Damien asked expectedly.
“Sure. It’s very nice,” She answered in a bright mood. Damien sighed deeply then he forced a faint smile out of his lips.

“Did you make it?” Annabel asked afterward.
“I didn’t make it.” He disapproved gently.
“So, you bought it! Please get more of this for me next time you are chanced. The maker gave it the best taste ever. One of the nicest food I have taken after waking up,” she ranted. Her mouth was doing the talking while her hands did the gesture of how excited she was.

“My old Butler left, I’m getting another Butler employed. That sausage was made by the Butler I want to employ.” Damien carefully explained.
He crossed his legs on each other after shifting his chair back a little, to have a better view of Annabel’s presence.

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After taking in some of the hotdog sausages at home, he found it difficult to appreciate the work of the new applying Butler. The annoyance which he felt after Caleb reported that the Butler spent thirty minutes, even though he made it clear that he shouldn’t exceed twenty minutes .

He doesn’t want to be entirely wicked or negative to whoever the Butler happens to be.
That talkative Caleb exaggerated the sweetness of the sausage after just a bite from it.
He doesn’t want to stand on only what Caleb says, that was why he chooses to bring some to Annabel even at this late hour of the night.

If Annabel likes the sausage then… He would have a rethink about what he wants to do with the Butler.

“You should quickly employ her then, she’s good and that wasn’t bad for her first time preparing something for you.” Annabel chimed in with a positive gaze.

Damien shook his head repeatedly because he found fault in what Annabel just uttered. “It’s a male Butler, I don’t employ the female workers.” He told her in a matter but fact tone. She stared confusingly at him before saying.

“Why not a female Butler? Male Butler’s ain’t fun to be with, and I don’t want them.” She protested childishly.
She hiccuped thrice, folding her arms on her chest and then giving Damien whose eyes held some disappointment a childish look.

Unexpectedly, Damien’s gaze grew darker, his eyes were fixed on the hospital wall after hearing those praises about females from Annabel. Not a doubt of it that he feels disappointed in what she says.

“After all Crystal did to you, In all, to us! You think I would allow those being to stay anywhere around me?” He asked in a rigid tone without looking at her.

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His stomach grumbled with strange noises. Another sharp noise from his mouth as he gritted those teeth together angrily.

Annabel watched how consistently his reaction changed within a minute in surprise. Those eyes weren’t calm like it was anymore.
Presently, Damien is looking quietly dangerous to her. Her eyes went from his face to her fist. He had balled his fingers together in a tight fist.

Annabel knew that making him remember Crystal is the reason for him to get upset. Even she felt the rage of anger within herself, but Damien’s reaction presently overwhelmed her.

Why was he looking cold and at the same time dangerous?
“Damien, why have you changed your face like that? You are looking cold to me presently and it’s kind of making me scared,” she told to him in a dizzy tone. After telling him those words, she hiccuped again, after which she rubbed her head gently.

She’s feeling dizzy… That should be because she feels drained from her energy already.

Damien stared closely at her for a full minute, he wiped his face harshly. Adjusting his sitting position then he said.
“Because of Crystal, I have grown to be another version of me. That sweet version of me which grew to the stage of allowing Dad to bring her into our lives has gone five years ago.”

The hatred was revealed in his voice. Annabel watched him speak in disbelief, even his utterance which came out cold and also laced with hatred showed her that he has indeed changed.

‘Oh Crystal! To hell with you wherever you are!.’ Annabel cursed her inwardly.
“I’m aware of your hatred for her and I understand your anger, but you shouldn’t have hated all females because of Crystal. Not all of them are dangerous; Crystal only chooses to be a wicked soul, and I hate her so much for all that she has done!” Annabel stated.

“It’s aimless. Whatever you are saying is aimless. I can’t tolerate their sights around me, not even for a minute. Those being are dangerous.” Damien argued in a heavy tone. He was so annoyed at everything that he failed to see how Annabel was hiccuping consistently.

“So, you think that I am also dangerous? You hate me also now?” Annabel mumbled unconsciously but it was loud for him to hear.
Seeing her feeling all emotional calmed down his nerve. He wiped his face off harshly once again then he tried relaxing.

“I’m sorry… I don’t despise you. You are not dangerous too.” He told to her. She remained quiet and that made him slightly concerned.

“I knew it was Joy that gave birth to you, but I’ve never found you dangerous.” He added afterward.
“She gave birth to you also Damien!” Annabel out of nowhere yelled.
“You were born before me! I wasn’t the only child! She’s also your mother!!” Annabel snapped at him.
The nerve to hiccup came, and she wanted to hiccup while speaking but she failed miserably. Her chest started rising consistently. She bit on her lips in discomfort whole her whole mouth trembled in pain.

“My_my…” She wanted to say but couldn’t.
“Stop doing that to scare me! I’m begging you to stop doing that!” Damien rushed his words in fright.

Her face has been filled with tears already, even her breathing was hitching rapidly. She was whimpering silently while battling with words to come out of her mouth.

“Annabel! What’s wrong?” Damien shrieked then he held her shoulder. Fear gripped him when he realized her whole body shaking while Annabel on the other hand was still trying to speak before her eyes closed up immediately and her breathing started seizing dangerously.

“I’m sorry, open your eye, Annabel!” He called out to her in fright. Her dim eyes kept on closing slowly.

“Any problem…” A nurse who heard the noise from Damien and rushed to the ward choked on her words when she saw Annabel’s state.
“Nurse Excel! Get the doctor quickly.” She yelled before rushing to Annabel.

Seeing the nurse there, Damien shifted back for her to attend to Annabel who has already been laid down on the bed.
Unfortunately, her breathing was still hitching and without a second thought, the nurse fixed the oxygen pipe, before attaching it to her mouth.

She arranged her arms properly by her sides. She took her left hand to check her pulse and then a frown came up on her face.
“What’s wrong with her?” Damien asked in concern due to the nurse’s facial expressions.
“She was out of breath and her pulse isn’t…” The nurse’s words were cut short by the doctor’s appearance.
He rushed up to Annabel too. By the look on his face, he was really frightened. Why won’t he be! Damien will ruin him if by any chance something terrible happens to Annabel.

“Chris, what’s wrong with her?” He asked him.
“She’s unconscious, and her breathing is seizing.” He informed then he resumed back into checking her eyes.

“I informed you that you shouldn’t stress her at all! What took place before she started panting?” He questioned him. Normally, he doesn’t talk to Damien if it’s not necessary. He only speaks to him during important moments like now.

“We were discussing… However, what happened shouldn’t be your priority. Just take care of her.” Damien snapped at him like he was responsible for what was happening.

Chris did some settings on the oxygen balloon to increase the way it blows. He checked her heartbeat with his stethoscope, and in a swift turn, he ordered the nurse.

“Tell Lola to get me her medications and the intravenous injection for it. Also, get another oxygen pipe to this ward immediately!” He rushed his words in haste, the nurse scurried away.

Damien stood there watching Annabel’s face. Were they not just discussing? What happened suddenly?
At the mention of Joy’s name, Annabel became unconscious! What a tragic creature Joy chooses to be!
He examined her closed eyes and her chest which was rising and falling consistently. He couldn’t hide the fact that he was extremely scared watching her like this.

Crystal will be killed first thing tomorrow morning if a hair on Annabel gets harmed.

“I’m not coming back home tonight. Annabel had an attack and her condition isn’t good.” He spoke in a deep voice.

“Oh my! What happened to her? Is she alright?” Caleb gasped in fright.
“We were discussing, I mentioned Joy’s name, and then she started breathing hard.” He reluctantly explains.

“Why would you discuss that with her? You know that she doesn’t like it! All of this is your fault, Damien.” Caleb painfully scolded.

“Stop ranting on me! I didn’t mean for her condition to worsen, she was speaking good of those disgusting gender in my presence. Tell me what I was supposed to do?” He nagged.

“You could have disguised. Annabel had no idea of whom you’ve become when she wasn’t here. This isn’t the right time to show your hatred, not the right time to tell her, or even the right way.” Caleb scolded.

“I have always told you.” He added.
“Annabel likes the sausage. Inform Scott to approve the application of the Butler. I’m hanging up.” He rushed his words and then hung up immediately.

“Thank You. Yes, I will be there in two days,” she answered him in a role. Her masculine voice almost failed her. She was excited.

“Yay!!” She screamed in excitement before happily jumping on the bed.

Eventually, her dreams will be fulfilled. She smiled sheepishly all alone while clutching tightly to her special pillow.
She praised destiny for always having her back. “I will be close to him. I will make him mine. He’s going to mine!” She talked happily to herself out loud.

“Who are you going to be close to? Who’s going to be yours?” Someone questioned her.
She froze when her eyes turned to meet up with who entered. It’s left for her eyes to widen in shock after knowing who entered.

To Be Continued…

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