Making His Cold Heart Soft

Making his cold heart soft episode 16

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’ Chapter 16πŸ’’


“He hasn’t asked you out yet, but you feel entitled to his love. What’s your problem?” She criticized.
“He shows all his love without uttering it. That’s my problem.” She replied.
“Whatever. If you love him that much, then he should be able to fill in the space,” Vera talked back.

“What space are you referring to?” She asked in confusion.
“I’m leaving and since I won’t be here, Bryant will be around to fill up the space,” Vera clarified.
“Will he also help me to fulfill your responsibility? Is he my sister?” She clasped angrily.
“All those do matter, you can just ask him to help, and he will…” Vera shrugged her shoulder hopefully.
“Why have you chosen the evening flight? You could have gone in the morning when the weather is cold,” Andromeda ignored their previous conversation to say.
“Then I would freeze. That will make you happy, right?” She muttered.
“More than that.” She growled back.
Tonight, Andromeda strangely runs out of patience quickly and sometimes wants to leach her anger out on Vera.

“I don’t want to be recognized. So, I am leaving in the evening.” She simply answered.
“When will you be back? Are you going to be staying with Vivian?”
”Just a day left for me to leave, and you are just considering where I would stay, you are such a bad sister.” Vera joked.

“I’m not concerned about you,” Andromeda rolled her eyes irritatedly.
She kept mute and closed her eyes even in the darkness. A tear fell out of her eyes and she immediately wiped it off. Thank goodness the light was off, Andromeda would have noticed the sadness on her face.

She’s tired. She’s tired of lying to her. Now she would be lying to her again. What bad faith!
“Vera!” Andromeda taped her. “Have you started sleeping?” She asked.

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“I’m not sleeping. I will lodge in a guest house, I have not been on good terms with Vivian since we finished college.” She managed to say.

“Don’t you think it will be better that I come with you? We will be together and no one will stress you over there,” Andromeda suggested.

“So you care about me? I’m blushing…” Vera teased then smiled sweetly in the dark.

“Are you crazy? Is that what I asked you? I’m only concerned about your safety. Your brain can be stolen for all I don’t care about.” She yelled at her.
Vera laughed out loud crazily at her nasty attitude then she said.
“I’m going to be fine, you can always reach out to me when you miss me, and I will do the same.”


The brightness must have been too heavy for her eyes to withstand.
Even though those beautiful eyes of hers are closed, it still didn’t stop the ray of the light from interrupting her sleep.
Firstly, she opened her eyes in drowsiness, when she closed them back and opened them again, it was a dizziness that filled her sight.
Thirdly, when she would be trying it again, she opened them to see the space.
“You are awake!” Damien said happily when he saw her battling to keep her eyes open.
For a moment she looked around, more like searching for something important, then her eyes dawned on Damien.
Damien smiled openly at her when their eyes met, but she distanced her eyes away from him immediately by blinking them away from his.

“How are you, Annabel? Are you okay?” He asked with concern.
He wanted to touch her face but the nurse told him not to touch her yet.
The nurse that was arranging something together went closer to her on the bed, she checked her eyes, and pulse, then she frowned.
Damien saw her frowning then he quickly asked. “What’s wrong with my sister? Is she okay?”

Annabel looked at Damien again, she saw the concern in his eyes.
What is confusing her is that, if he cares about her truely, why did he rant on her before she had the attack? If he couldn’t see her in pain, why did he talk about their mother in such a bad way, after knowing that she doesn’t like it?

“I can’t tell you, sir. I will get the doctor to come here right away,” the nurse rushed her words quickly than she hurriedly left.

“Annabel! Are you okay? The nurse doesn’t want to tell me what happened!” Damien turned to her immediately when the nurse left, but she stopped him from touching her by shaking her head repeatedly.

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“G_go away D_Damien,” she tiredly said.
“Why? You are not well, why should I leave you?” Damien questioned.
“Ju_st_ just leave.” She replied slowly.

“Are you upset with me? I can explain myself. I’m sorry for yelling or speaking bad about Joy, she’s miserable and I couldn’t have stopped myself earlier.” He rushed his words in bitterness.

Another tear fell out of her eyes, Damien has just caused her another pain.
When Damien realized what he said, he couldn’t do anything.
Annabel closed her eyes back then she sobbed silently.
Later on, Smith came in with the nurse coming behind him.
“Annabel!” Damien called but she didn’t answer.
“Her blood pressure has increased, if it exceeds the number that it is now, then I can’t help but say this, she will collapse,” Smith told to Damien outside the ward.
After he finished attending to Annabel earlier, the results which were noticed, were really bad for her state.
She’s having anemia, and her blood pressure kept on increasing. Bad news, at the same time.
“Will you collapse after her if that happens? Why are you telling me this?” Damien impatiently said.
“Don’t speak to me like that ever again,” he warned him strictly.
“I’m just your family doctor, not a worker for you. The reason I brought you out here is to talk things out with you,”
“Your sister needs every possible support presently. If you don’t give that to her, then you might end up losing her.”
“Hold on and listen to me!” He shut Damien up before he could speak.

“If not for yourself, then stop being hard because of her. Like I said earlier, the next increase in her blood pressure, nothing to do another it, than to hope on God.” He completed his words.

“You talk too much that I feel suffocated around you. Doctors don’t act like this. Imagine saying many words but none is understandable! What am I supposed to do?” Damien annoyingly said.
“Go back home, and don’t come to check up on her till I ask you to.” He replied.
“Is she your relative? Do you have the right to choose what to do over my sister for me?” Damien nagged.
“I’m her doctor, and I saw how she wanted you to stay away from her. Just listen to me and stop being grumpy!” He yelled at Damien.
Damien narrowed his eyes at him dangerously, then he looked at Annabel where she lays on the bed.
To Damien, Smith is having some nerves now, and he won’t mind placing him where he belongs.
Was what he did bad to the extent that Annabel doesn’t want to see him? Even before Smith said it, Annabel had told him to stay away.
“I will call every minute. Take care of her.” Damien instructed before walking away in sadness.

“Why does mother not want to see me before leaving?”

“Because she doesn’t want to weep.”
“I’m also not going with you to the airport,” Andromeda stated beforehand.

Vera was pleased with her not accompanying her since it will aid her disappearance to Damien’s mansion.

“Why ain’t you following too?” She asked when they both got to where the car was packed.
Vera had her belongings packed overnight. All the clothes that are needed for the job have been gotten. Andromeda picked many female wears, which won’t be needed.
Vera has already planned to purposely leave it in the car when she’s going to enter the mall.
She would command the driver to return home after dropping her at the mall.
Change her appearance then head to the mansion. She’s feeling nervous but what is she to do? She has gone far in this and can’t stop anymore. That’s if she had any plan of stopping.

“I will cry while seeing you leave. You don’t even worth a drop of my tear!” She painfully answered.
Vera chuckled softly before speaking. “That was harsh. I’m only traveling, not going forever.”
“Whatever. Someday I will come visiting without informing you, just keep that on your mind for now.” Andromeda told to her.

Vera looked solemnly at her without a word coming out of her mouth.
Andromeda will sure do like she said, but because she could, Vera would have done something about the situation.
“I will miss you,” Vera exclaimed then pulled her closer for an embrace.
Both of them wept like a baby on each other’s shoulders before reluctantly letting go.
Andromeda wiped the tear off Vera’s eyes then she shook her head negativity ‘Indicating for her to stop crying.’
“Take care of our parents and everything,” Vera said while playing with her hair.
“Should I also take care of Damien?” She teased before laughing.
“Do so if it’s easy to enter the lion’s den,” Vera answered sarcastically.
She sets to enter the car after they’ve talked for a while, but then Andromeda said.
“Hold on, I want to say something to you.” Vera stopped, and turned around to hear her.
She was about to speak, then she contemplated on it for a minute. Is she supposed to tell Vera about this?

“I want to tell you that I love you,” she beamed then gave her cheeks quick pecks before she could react.
“That was childish, but I love you too,” Vera blew her a kiss.
Andromeda smiled softly, and waved repeatedly at her after she entered the car, she continued waving until tears ran out of her eyes when the car eventually drove out of the palace.
“Oh, Vera!” She murmured in tears and loneliness.

“You were being stubborn, I told you not to act like a devil in her presence.” Caleb scolded.
“I didn’t abstain from Smith only to bump into you,” Damien said.

“I will go check on Annabel tomorrow. At least, she will want to see me, and then I can take care of her, since you’ve chosen to be a cold_hearted brother,” he actualized.

“Do you know what I could have done for her to forgive me? You know I can’t just stay here knowing Annabel doesn’t want to see me.” Damien expressionlessly asked.
“Even though you are hurt, you still sound like ice… ” Caleb taunted.
“That isn’t what I asked you! Stop acting like an idiot! I’m not interested.” Damien frustratedly yelled at him.
He’s truly pained by everything, but Caleb shouldn’t take advantage of that.
“I wished I didn’t visit her. All this wouldn’t have happened.” Damien cursed. He rubbed his palm together and then placed it on his lap.
Caleb went mute for minutes. His eyes glared at Damien who looked lost presently.
“What did she say about the hotdog sausage? Did she like it?” Caleb asked. Damien glared at him before saying.
“She loved it.”
“Get another hotdog sausage for her then. If she likes the first one, she will be pleased to get some again. Do you know that she likes things like that? Try your luck again.” Caleb suggested.
“When is the Butler resuming? I haven’t met him yet,” Damien asked after giving what he said a thought.
“Were you sleeping when I instructed Scott to take him to his room?” Caleb snapped.
“Get him for me. I want to meet him,” He ordered.

To Be Continued…

Damien is about to meet VeraπŸ€” what are you thinking?

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