Making his cold heart soft episode 17

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise πŸ‘€)
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’ Chapter 17πŸ’’


She sat down quietly on the bed. Her joints pain and her eyes were feeling sleepy. Like…what the f**k is this! This wear on her is making her feel uncomfortable.

Seriously she’s here to work but doesn’t know where to start.

She hasn’t even met Damien since she got here. Maybe he went out or he’s in his room and isn’t known to her yet.

Aside from the day that he came to the palace, she hasn’t met him since then. Even on the first day that she came here, she didn’t get to meet him.

Once again she stretched out her body tiredly. Looking down at her body to see herself all dressed up in this uncomfortable wear. She is indeed in it!

She went straight to the wardrobe where she left all her things in the room, to see whether nice shorts would be seen but before she could start checking on anything; a knock came on the door and she was frightened.

Before she could react or do anything, the door was opened from outside and Scott came into the view.

‘Are you mad? Don’t you have respect for someone’s privacy?’ she wanted to yell out to him but she dare not. So she kept the words inwardly to herself.

Scott scanned his eyes around after entering the room, before he saw her by the wardrobe doing what he doesn’t want to ask about.

“Are you preparing to sleep without seeing your master? He’s calling for you.” Scott told to her where he stood still in front of the door.

“Huh!?” Vera exclaimed in anxiety.

The anger that she felt because he entered has long gone and now, she feels drained and anxious about whatever Scott just finished telling her.

“Have you perhaps been deaf during some stages in your life?” Scott snapped in anger.

‘As you were once deaf too.’ Vera muttered lowly.

She walked away from where the wardrobe was, moving closer to him, and thanking God for not allowing her to act stupid before this br*t came in here.

She was planing on removing her dress even when she hasn’t locked the door.

This is a civilization period, was he not supposed to knock before entering? Was he not taught some manners about privacy?

“I’m_ I’m ready to meet him,” she swallowed hard while saying to him.

“You don’t have a choice,” Scott muttered grumpily before leading the way out of the room.

Vera quickly adjusted her shirt very well to avoid her small breast coming into view before following him behind.

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She mastered all the doors and ways which they passed as they were going to see Damien.

She will be staying here for some time and, knowing all this as soon as possible will aid her job.

“Five doors, already.” She muttered absent-mindedly and then received a weird glare from Scott who missed hearing what she just said.

Luckily for her, he didn’t say a word to her, he eyed her briefly, then he continued going on his own.

When they got to the last door, Scott waited for her to reach behind him before opening the door.

Vera who doesn’t know that they’ve gotten to where Damien was, kept on looking at the ground since all she wanted to do was avoiding seeing Scott’s rude face.

“Does he not have eyes?” Damien asked Caleb coldly when he saw Vera looking at the ground while they were entering and going closer to him.

Vera’s heart leaped in joy when she heard Damien’s voice. Slowly she raised her head, scanning her eyes around the room before it laid on Damien where he sat down on the couch, with Caleb beside him.

His handsome and heart-capturing sight welcomes her eyes.

She had forgotten about everything around her. Every single thing, that she didn’t notice how everyone in the room was throwing a confused glances at her reaction.

When she realized her position, her mindset bounced back, and immediately, she bowed her head slightly before him in a greeting manner.

If she was to do this to anyone else, she would bite on her lips and cursed destiny, but when it concerns Damien, she won’t mind doing it over again.

After everything, Damien is the King of her heart.

“Is he the one? What’s his name?” Damien asked Caleb in a whisper. Even he doesn’t know why it came out in a whisper.

“Yes, and his name is, Disguise,” Caleb answered. Damien’s eyes widened after hearing that.

“Disguise?” He asked again but Caleb didn’t reply.

“That was a weird name!” He commented after scanning Vera all through.

Disguise is a strange name, yes it is. Vera doesn’t know where her confidence about winning Damien’s heart one day came from, but she knows he would one day find out about her true identity.

Giving herself such a weird and strange name is a must do thing to her.

She doesn’t want to be entirely fake to him. If she had another choice, she wouldn’t come through to his life in this way, but what should she do? Nothing enticing comes in free abundance.

She’s coming to his life while disguising, so her name should be named after her mission. She’s Vera, the Princess In Disguise.

“I ordered you to spend only twenty minutes, but you spent thirty-two minutes instead, was it compulsory to disobey my first order?” Damien asked in a bit but a hoarse voice.

“I’m sorry, Sir.” Vera managed to say. If she doesn’t take her time, she would trespass presently.

Where her eyes have been since she saw Damien was on his face.

“You will be punished for it.” Damien informed.

“Tomorrow! I want you to make another set of hotdog sausage.” He started speaking in a strong voice.

“The last one that you made, I didn’t like it, but someone special to me liked it. I’ve only considered you worthy of working for me because of her approval,” Damien talked without sparing her a glance.

“I’m sure Scott already told you how you should behave? Get it ready before I asked for it.” Damien stole her attention entirely.

“I hate having to talk a lot,” When he finished speaking and he heftily walked away, Vera’s eyes wouldn’t stop itself from trailing after him.

This is exactly the life she has always wanted.

To see Damien. To be close to Damien. To hear him speak. Everything is happening the way she wants it. Although he’s arrogant presently, bit she will have everything covered soon.

“He’s in a bad mood, I hope you understand all that he was trying to say to you?” Caleb asked her carefully after Damien left.

“Yes, I did, Sir.” Vera opened her mouth to say with a smile, while forgetting the fact that she wasn’t supposed to.

“What are you like? You are sharing a smile with your boss?” Caleb exclaimed when he saw her smiling.

Vera’s senses came back and she quickly bite her lips just like a lady would. Oh! Is she going to mess things up today already?

“I’m sorry, Sir.” She apologized again with a forced smile. Caleb saw her trying to hide her smile then he chuckled.

After all, Caleb isn’t hard like Damien. He’s a carefree person and aside from the fact that he doesn’t act coldly like Damien, he’s fun to be around.

Caleb is basically an ideal type of boss anyone will wish to have. Fun, very interactive and carefree. Although sometimes, he acts like Damien, but he better off Damien. Caleb isn’t cold_hearted.

“I was just kidding. You are acting like a lady. I love those, but Damien doesn’t like it, and since you will be working for him and not me, limit them for your own good.” He advised gently, and she nodded her head in obidient.

“Go get some rest, Disguise. I will ask you the reason for your name some other time,” he told to her playfully with a faint smile.

“Scott, get Damien’s needed items for his coffee. He needs it.” He ordered before taking the route which Damien followed earlier.


Vera gladly returned back to the room after Scott showed her to the kitchen since she told him that she has forgotten where it was located.

Not without him calling her varieties of names before accompanying her though.

Overthere she met some workers who were busy working in the kitchen, and immediately, she wondered the reason why she wasn’t asked to join them.

Just like Scott has read her mind, he said…

“You are a Butler, you are to work for only Master Damien especially, and to instruct them on what to do if needed.” He said to her on their way back to her room.

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“What you did earlier, don’t do it again,” Scott instructed.

‘What did she do?’

“I’m talking about you smiling at Master. Caleb, it wasn’t needed,” he stated.

“Just like I noticed the last time you came here, I’ve noticed it again, and master Caleb also did. You act like a lady.” Vera’s heart skipped beating on hearing that.

“I don’t have a problem with your personality but, master Damien finds it irritating, and it can make you lose your job, if Incase he finds out.”

She hasn’t even spent a full week at the job, and he’s already speaking about her losing it. Does he know how far she went to be here?

“I’m sorry, I’ll adjust.” She managed to say.

By now they’ve gotten to the doorstep of her room. “Don’t mess things up tomorrow,” Scott stated like a warning before leaving her.

She made sure to lock the door properly this time around after entering.

Undressing immediately before throwing her body on the bed.

‘This is what it means to be comfortable!’ she thought inwardly while massaging her bre**st.

Her mind crossed on a lot of things but when it thought of Andromeda, she almost fell while rushing to her box, just to get her phone.

“Twenty_ one missed calls from Andromeda alone!” She gasped.

The King, Queen, and Andromeda.

They all left her missed calls. Firstly she called the King, who after discussing about her traveling gave the phone to his wife (the Queen) they haven’t finished speaking when Andromeda took hold of the phone from her.

“So you didn’t want to pick my calls!” Andromeda snapped at her.


Ding! Ding!! Ding!!!….

The annoying sound from the alarm woke her up the next morning.

“Andromeda switch-off the alarm,” she murmured sleepily before her senses came into view.

“6:00 am!” She exclaimed in her sleep and immediately got up from the bed, after she off the alarm.

As she slept stark naked last night, she couldn’t dash out of the room immediately, and also, she wasn’t properly dressed.

Damien would kill her if the sausage isn’t ready in thirty minutes.

Hurriedly, she dressed up in another set of male wear that she has gotten for herself. It was different from the one that she wore last night.

Last night, Scott spoke about getting him his uniform, but he didn’t talk about when he would give him.

There’s an advantage in having a teaspoon brea*t because it’s currently helping her life.

It wasn’t difficult hiding her breast in the dress, and sleepily ruffling her hair to the back.

There’s no mirror to check her look but already, she knows that her appearance is suitable enough to be referred to as that of a male.

Just a few steps left for her to exit the room, she remembered her phone.

Grabbing it from the bed, and then she kept it safely in her box.

Last night was interesting because she had enough chats with Andromeda on phone call.


While roaming around the house in search of the kitchen, she bumped into a male worker, the one who smiled sheepishly at him when he saw Vera.

“Good morning.” Vera greeted in a hoarse voice after clearing her voice, when she gets to where he was cleaning.

“Good morning, Disguise,” he answered happily.

His eyes didn’t leave Vera’s face. If there’s one thing Vera has noticed since she got there, it was the fact that this particular worker, loves smiling a lot. This was exactly how he was smiling when she met him yesterday.

“Thank You. I’m on my way to the kitchen, can you help me trace my way? I’ve forgotten the way,” She asked in a pleading manner.

“Sure I will, you want to prepare Master Damien’s meal?” He asked while dropping the things that he was using to clean the floor.

“Yes,” Vera replied with a smile. The man which she doesn’t know his name nodded his head understandably, then he lead her to the kitchen.

To Be Continued…

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