Making His Cold Heart Soft

Making his cold heart soft episode 18

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’Chapter 18 πŸ’’


“I’m sorry, I won’t be able to accompany you to the kitchen,” for some unknown reason Vera, the man stopped going further suddenly while they were going like something just happened.

Vera looked back and fro to know his reasons for saying those but she couldn’t get any right answer. No one is coming, they were the only ones climbing the stairs. But why did he stop?

“I’m just an ordinary cleaner, I’m not permitted to step into the kitchen or climb up the stairs if I wasn’t summoned.”

“I’m sorry I forgot to tell you this earlier,” he pleaded with one of his hands pressing his thigh softly and anxiously.
She stared awkwardly at him without knowing what to say at first.

He’s making some sense about him not being able to go over there, even at the palace, things run like this, so she isn’t new to this kind of system.
What baffles her presently is that… If this man doesn’t help her, who will help her get to the kitchen?
She has forgotten totally how Scott and her came back to her room yesterday after visiting the kitchen.
Maybe it was her fault for not remembering properly, but on second thought, it isn’t her fault, the house is too huge for her to study everything in it after spending just a night.

As it is, there’s no one around to ask for help and Scott is not available to ask either.

Maybe she should have bought a pair of retentive memory just like Andromeda always claim.

She knew how to sort this out just before going to bed last night, but now? She couldn’t remember any door or way that leads to the kitchen.
‘Oh, Vera! You are such a big mess!’ she thought inwardly while biting on her lips.
“I understand, Sir. There’s no how I can find my way to the kitchen all by myself, but can you please describe the path to follow after climbing up the stairs? I will find my way with that and appreciate it.” she requested from him after inhaling deeply.

He nodded his head considerably, and he didn’t hesitate to tell her where and how to go about it.
When he finished telling her, she thanked him wholeheartedly before they both went on their different ways.

“All done!” She sighed in relief after she has finished packing up the hotdog sausage, the one which she just prepared.
Thankfully, she made enough already, even before the time runs out.
Thinking about it that Damien doesn’t like the first one that she made, that thought alone forced her to put in all her best in this one that she just made this time around.
She’s craving to receive a good compliment from Damien badly!
‘But, who was the someone special to Damien?’ she wondered about what Damien talked about someone liking the hotdog sausage, and to consider it that Dean only employed her because of ‘her’ something is fishy to her.

She contemplated on it all through before going ahead to do the dishes, all by herself.
While she was busy with the dishes, a worker entered and stole a few glances at Vera before going out of the kitchen without saying anything to him, and without Vera saying anything to him either.
“That was strange!” She murmured incoherently before taking her eyes away from the exit.
A few minutes later, while she was still in the kitchen busying herself with something, someone walked in again.

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She only heard footsteps, until the person who came in walked past her back towards the refrigerator.
In her mind, she thought it was the same rude worker who came earlier that entered, but when she turned around to check, her mouth opened widely in shock.

“Good morning, Sir.” She shockingly greeted with a slight bow.
Immediately, she has taken the edge of the apron into her palm, to fiddle with it.

“Master. Damien not Sir,” he stated firmly.
He didn’t even bother to turn around or look at her, he continued looking for whatever he was finding in the refrigerator.
Vera who was dying inside just because of his face that she saw, and his voice that she heard melted rapidly in his presence, before trying to comprehend what he meant by what he said.
When it dawned on her and she eventually understood, she quickly corrected herself.
“I’m sorry, Sir. Good morning Master. Damien,” she loosely bowed her head this time around.
“Are you done with it?” He asked instead of saying to her greetings.

“Yes Sir, I’m done with..” Her words were cut short and at the same time interrupted by him.
“What time did you get here?” He asked while fetching things that he needed from the fridge.
“Thirty_ thirty minutes already, Sir.” She quickly answered.
For the first time since he entered, he spared her a glance that didn’t last for ten seconds, before he took his eyes away.
No more word again, she stood there and was watching him until, he called out to her.
“Come here,” he called.
After hearing him, those eyes of hers widened in shock, while she tried to comprehend what she just heard. Is he calling her?
In fear, she dragged her feet closer to where he stood by the refrigerator.
Isn’t he supposed to be sleeping by now? What is he doing in the kitchen?

When she got almost three steps closer to where he stood by the fridge, she stopped trying to move closer to him, even though he didn’t stop her.
“Get me some ice from the fridge,” he commanded and then brought his hand out of the fridge with a bottle of water on it.
Ice? Her hand coming in contact with ice? That’s what he wants her to do?? She will die of cold!
Damien stepped aside from the refrigerator.
After that, he went over immediately to put some water on fire in a kettle. After which he opened the bottle of water, then he gulped some down his throat.
Vera was still contemplating how to go about this, until when she saw him folding his arms together below his body, while staring coldly at her, she doesn’t know what to do.
Immediately when her eyes ran into his cold eyes, cold shivers ran through her spin, she threw her hand into the refrigerator and brought out enough ice for him.
Damien collected it from her without speaking a word.

He took it under the running water, where he began rinsing the ice.
Where she stood, imagination gripped her because of what Damien was doing.
What was the need to rinse the ice? That was strange to her.
After Damien finished with the ice, he got a teacup and poured all the pieces of the ice inside.
His reaction presently says it all about how he cared less about Vera’s presence in the kitchen with him.
“Get me the coffee,” he spoke after turning off the gas fire.
Vera pinched her cheeks helplessly when she couldn’t find the coffee anywhere in the kitchen, after searching for it.

Damien seeing her like that shook his head in frustration. He doesn’t like this Butler one bit.
Normally, Damien treats his Butler better. He interacts freely with them when he wants to and even though, he doesn’t tolerate many of them before they will live, there’s a change of attitude a bit in him whenever they are with him.
But this particular Butler, he’s really pissing him off.

“In the cupboard!” He almost yelled at her. She rushed over to the cupboard to check but nothing was there.
“I can’t find it, Sir.” She informed in a frightened manner.
Damien refused to answer her. His reaction can even be misunderstood that he didn’t count her speaking to him.

“Get all those things cleaned. Or was I supposed to be telling you what to do?” He suddenly snapped when he was about to leave the kitchen with the teacup in his hand.

Fear gripped her again, and she almost lost her balance. Maybe the main reason for her anxiety is because of her identity.

“Caleb will be here later to get those, make sure it doesn’t have a bad taste.” He instructed.
“Bring some upstairs to my room later,” he informed before walking away.

“Damien had the Butler prepare this for you since you claimed to like the last one that he brought,” Caleb answered her question.

“So, the Butler has been employed eventually? Wow!” She muttered in surprise..
“What made you say that?” Caleb asked.

“Damien doesn’t want to employ him, I guessed he employed him because of me.” She told to him.
“Probably… At least, now there’s someone to make free hotdog sausage for you! Isn’t that what you love?” Caleb teased and she laughed briefly.
“It’s really sweet. I wish I can be getting to eat it every day!” She confirmed.

“Why can’t you? Should Damien bring some for you tomorrow?” Caleb stylishly asked.
“No! I don’t want Damien to come here.” She snapped at him. Seems she knows what he’s up to.
“Why? He’s supposed to be here,” he shrugged his shoulder.
“He doesn’t make me feel better. Damien is hurting me with his words,” she complained.

“He told me that you had an attack two nights ago!” Caleb discussed.
“He was frustrating my emotion. I don’t want to see him yet,” she replied.
“But he wants to see you. He isn’t happy at home, all he thinks of is your health,” Caleb said.
“Did he ask you to speak with me for him?” She suspiciously asked.

“He didn’t. He just got me to bring this for you because he cares. I just want you to forgive him. He will mend his ways.” Caleb pleaded and she breathed out heavily.

“I don’t want to forgive him so easily,” she stated.

“You have the whole chances to punish him when you are out of here.” He told to her.
“Whatever. But I’m not forgiving him.”

To Be Continued…

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