Making His Cold Heart Soft

Making his cold heart soft episode 20

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’Chapter 20πŸ’’


“I’m having a shot in an hour. I’m rushing over there, get it all done and leave directly to the hospital.” He told to him, when he came out of the bathroom, a brown towel tied around his waist, and his hair dripping wet along his neckline, just right behind him as he takes every one of his steps.

“You are supposed to have two shots today, how did it manage to become one?” Caleb asked.
“Easy to do. I told Frank to hold on, I can’t meet up with their shoots,” he answered bravely.

“You will ruin your career if you continue doing this!” He grumbled.
Without saying anything, Damien walked directly into the closet to dress up, he didn’t bother about locking the door behind him, since he wants to hear all that Caleb has to say.
After drying his wet body with another towel, he brought out his boxer to wear, and then, Caleb made mention of those statements.

“I’ve gone far in this than for only a shoot to ruin my career as you claimed,” he answered and chuckled, more like he just finished listening to a joke.
“We both know that this isn’t the first shot that you are canceling or shifting, some you might even choose not to consider it anymore. I can’t recount the number of shoots you’ve canceled for only this running week. It’s a loss,” he explained.
“Most of them don’t count,” he meekly said.
“They once counted!” He clasped.

“Are we back to this for real? I have told you that, most of the shots ain’t match with me. If my career or company suffers a loss, it won’t be felt, why? Because there’s more than enough.” He completed.
A look at the ‘up and down shorts’ where it’s hanged, he contemplated on it first then he brought it out of the hanger to wear.
“Why don’t you understand that you need all this? Hustling continues,” he replied.
“I haven’t stopped modeling because you refused to allow me to stop, have I not hustled enough?” He asked then he walked back into the room.
“Come and help to comb my hair,” he sat down on the bed beside him.

“Getting a female artist would have stopped all this, what if I am not here?” Caleb complained while he swiveled his body on the bed.
“I’m not complaining, you also shouldn’t complain,” Damien rolled his eyes lazily.
“I’m the one whose help is needed here, so why can’t I complain? Also, isn’t Tony the one who does that for you? Why not find another person to help with it? Since a female artist Isn’t on the list and Tony already resigned.” He discussed.

“I got a new Butler, stop talking about Tony,” Damien responded.
“Oh! I forgot, your relationship with Tony upgraded according to the time.”
“How about this? Disguise can fit in all of those things, should I get him for you?” He conveyed.
“Why can’t you do it? I asked you first!” Damien refused.
“Because I am not your artist or worker. I’ve been helping with it all this whole, let Disguise start since he’s available, also, I don’t want to touch that wet hair with my warm hand.” He declined with a weird smile.

“You are such a jerk!” Damien mumbles when he saw Caleb walking out of the room.
“That was sweet. I’m going to get Disguise,” he winked at him playfully before exiting the room.
“Stupid jerk!” He murmured tiredly.

Vera walked in with Caleb, Damien remained sitting on the bed with his eyes lowering to the ground.
When he sensed their presence in the room, he turned around to face them.

“He’s finally here,” Caleb announced before having a sit on the couch.
Vera not knowing what was happening and doesn’t want to lose herself in admiring Damien stepped forward to get the tray that contains the teacup away.
She doesn’t know why Caleb came personally to get her, but this seems like the only reason why they would be searching for her.
Damien had told her when she came around in the morning to prepare another hotdog sausage, and she already prepared it.
Deliberately wondering if all she ever came here to do is prepare dog sausage, like… It’s becoming weirder every day.

“What are you doing?” Caleb asked when Vera picked up the tray.
“I’m taking it to the kitchen,” she replied with a slight bow.
“That’s not the reason why you are called. Damien needs you to set his hair for him,” he told to her.
Her head spun for a minute, as her heart also engaged in a long race after hearing what Caleb said.
Damien just stared at the two of them one after another.
He sat down watching how Caleb is handling this since he wasn’t interested in engaging in it.
“You know how to set hair into a charming one, right? Damien wants one,” Caleb asked with a faint smile.
Vera is a lady, she’s bound to be beautiful and also because she’s a princess, but when it comes to her disguising.
Her appearance as a man is breathtaking too. Blue eyes like the ocean, her long eyelashes, and that pointed nose make her presence fit in and charming as a man.
“Yes_ I_ I can do it,” she managed to say as she was too shocked beyond measure.
“Why are you stuttering? No one is going to eat you up, go and do it.” Caleb instructed her.
Simply, she nodded her head and then started going closer to Damien.
When she got to where he sat down on the bed, Damien gave the comb which was in his hand to him, then he concentrated on Caleb’s face.

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Damien was sitting on the bed which raised him higher than Vera even though she was standing.
This made it difficult for her hand to reach his head, aside from the fact that she was feeling nervous.

How quickly do unexpected things come up? Who would have thought that she would one day stay close to Damien like this, and be able to see what his charming face is like when he isn’t upset?
“Climb the bed,” Damien instructed when he saw her battling on her own. Her eyes almost dropped down from their socket when she heard his saying that.
“Stop looking at me and just get on the bed!” Damien screamed when she wouldn’t stop staring strangely at him.

She snapped out of her stupid thought, walked two steps beside Damien then climbed up the bed.
Damien was in her front, while she stayed in a kneeling position behind him on his bed.
When her palm came in contact with his hair, cold spins ran through her vein, in a minute she felt fulfilled and overly excited.
She worked on him and even daydreamed about them being a lover, and they were just playing love play with each other in the room.
Her hand on Damien’s hair strangely tickled him, it was unknown to him what brought about the feeling but he was enjoying it and doesn’t want it to come to an end.

As Damien’s hair was seriously wet, Vera out of instinct asked for a hair dryer, she doesn’t even know where the boldness came from but she indeed asked for it.
You can say that her love for Damien has started winning over the fear in her little by little. She won’t be able to do anything if she keeps on being scared and shaky around him.
Caleb handed over the hair dryer to Vera before he went back to sit.
“Who taught you this?” Damien forced his eyes open after he almost slumbered due to the tickiesh feeling.
“Erm–er— I usually help my sister with it,” she answered. It’s true, she always helps Andromeda with her hair during her free moments, although not every moment.

“Do you know about head massage too?” He asked and she answered him immediately.

“Are you done?” Damien asked when she finished speaking.
“Just a little bit master.” She immediately answered.


“I’m supposed to punish you, but for doing better, I will spare you,” Damien said after she finished with his hair and was about to leave with the tray.

“Thank you, Sir.” She bowed her head slightly. For the first time after a long time, she’s excited about something.
First victory and approach, she just helped Damien with his hair!
“Master. Damien,” he corrected just as usual after picking up the pair of sunglasses that he dropped on the bed earlier.
No doubt about this, Damien is hot, all that is left for Vera presently after witnessing his appearance is to melt.
“Thank You, Master. Damien,” she corrected herself.
“Drop those and come back to get this,” Damien instructed before she could walk out of the room.
“I’m leaving Caleb,” he said to him.
Drifting his concentration away from the phone to Damien.
“Wow! You are a handsome man!” He scurried over to where Damien was standing.
“Disguise is good with this, I didn’t notice that he has wrapped up everything quickly,” he patted Damien’s hair as he speaks.
Damien breathed out heavily in irritation.

“I should seek your help too with my hair as well, it needs this kind of treatment,” Caleb whined at Vera.
‘Oh! What did he just say?’ Vera thought inwardly.
“He won’t be around. He’s going me with him to the shoot,” Damien announced.
“How will you do that? You want him to be your artist there?” Caleb asked offensively.
Damien tapped his head like he just remembered something.
It was a quick idea that crossed his and he’s thanking Caleb for opening the way to the idea in his brain.
“Annabel asked him to come with me right? We will go to the hospital together when I am done,” He answered.
Caleb on hearing him shrugged his shoulder, picked up his phone from the couch, then they all walked out of the room with Vera thinking about everything.
‘Who’s Annabel? Why are they visiting her? Why did she requested for her to come?’

To Be Continued…

What was Damien thinking of?
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