Making his cold heart soft episode 23

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise) πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’ Chapter 23πŸ’’


“Add more to it,” he told to him strictly and got them all in anxiety.
What does he want to do? No one knows.
“All done, now leave,” he mumbled to him while fuming in resentment. Scott after hearing him shook his head respectfully, before he walked out of the room.
Scott in his mind while leaving thought of when he had said it earlier, Disguise won’t be spared or might even be sacked. Why was he stupid?
“Pick it up and drink it,” Damien instructed in a strict tone without looking at her.
Vera’s swollen eyes blinked in fright, she had sobbed internally a lot that tears refused to drop from her eyes.

Maybe it’s to her fortune that there was no tear, what man cry because of yelling? Or, is it because it came from Damien, that’s why she’s frightened?
“You can’t do that Damien, it’s not right,” Caleb shrieked from the bed.
“As the making of my coffee without being asked to is right?” he fired back with his eyes laced on Vera’s hand movement towards the mug.
“I heard it when you asked him to get your coffee,” Caleb repeated like he always does.

“Shut up Caleb. Drink it,” Damien snapped at him.
Vera’s hand trembled while bringing up the mug closer to her mouth, the ground should just open and swallow her before her downfall started.
Is this how her mouth will get peeled off? Should she just scream that she’s the princess maybe she might be pardoned? How about telling them that she’s a lady, and not a man who can withstand all this torture?
After all attempt, for a minute she grew the courage to look at him directly in the eyes, all she saw after looking was a cold gaze, staring at her horribly and seeming like a force is stopping him from attacking her.
That same cold gaze he gave to her at the dinner party.
“Argh!” She made a painful noise when the hot coffee came in contact with her lips. The coffee is extremely hot, and sure the taste won’t be that of a coffee anymore because Damien had asked Scott to fill the mug up with hot water for her to drink as punishment for being stupid. Yes, stupid like Damien called her.

“I won’t repeat what I said, drink it,” Damien warned strictly.
No choice anymore, she will have to walk into her pain by herself. What is she being punished for? She only did what she did according to Damien’s order.
Even if she had gone against him like he’s claiming, will her drinking this hot coffee of a thing help him feel any better?

“Just pardon him, Damien, he would never do that again,” Caleb couldn’t bear to see anymore in pain, else if it’s an enemy.
Retentively, he could remember when Damien had asked her to get his coffee, although he would have spoken out about what suddenly made him ask someone to make his coffee at the moment, but the annoyance from the argument they had didn’t let him say anything.

If he had known that his quietness will create a mess like this, he would have spoken to Disguise before she followed Damien’s order.
Whatever Damien is planning on doing presently, even if Disguise is wrong, it’s not right but his coldness won’t let him know.

“Get lost from my presence!” Damien screamed at Vera after she finished gulping the coffee down.
Her lips trembled in tears, and after hearing him, she had to run out of the room almost in tears. Life is unfair.
“What did you just do Damien?” Caleb questioned after she left.

“Minding my business, and punishing an offender,” he answered sharply.
“But he didn’t do anything wrong, is forcing someone to drink a hot coffee a reasonable punishment!? Do you want his mouth to peel off?” Caleb yelled.
“What’s your business in that?” He snapped.
“You don’t have to be like that, he’s a Butler and not a maid!”
“He works for me, he’s my worker,” he cut him off icily.
“Yes your worker, but not some random worker. You knew you don’t enjoy treating Butler this way, that was horrible.”
“Stop lecturing me! I would have sacked him instead if I didn’t consider treating him as a Butler,” he replied impatiently.
“Who’s happy to work with a burnt mouth? You could have given him something else to do!” Caleb still ranted.
“That was my way of punishing him, I don’t regret doing it, so get lost!” He yelled.
Caleb for the last time looked at him unbelievably and without saying anything, he went out of the room.

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Vera ran into her room, storming in like a mad woman, and then twisted the key without a second thought.
She crashed immediately to the ground infront of the door, as the hot tears rolled down her cheeks.
Her mouth isn’t in a good condition presently, she felt like it’s been burnt together with her intestines. Damien is most likely a wicked demon she has ever known. Where was his humanity?
Painful were the tears that dropped from her eye, unhidden were the whimpering that crept out of her mouth during the moment. Nothing seems right presently. Everything is a mystery.
Crying and weeping profusely with her mouth open, maybe she would feel somewhat better if she allowed air to take care of the pain on her tongue especially.
Presently, she misses her father more than she has ever done, and Andromeda, she wished that she could get her to come here, and treat Damien’s f*ck up.

It took a while to get some peace to herself, after weeping she gained some peace, maybe crying her eyes out helps since she’s not in any position to punish Damien presently.
Her feelings for him won’t let her wish him negativity. She had known all this before deciding on coming closer to him.
He’s fearful but she still went ahead to disguise, it will take a while but the pain will sure exit.
“Ouch!” She winced in pain when her tongue shifted.
How does one explain this? A callous human forced a Princess to drink hot coffee.

“What are you making?” Caleb asked as he walked into the kitchen with her there. After the incident happened last night, this is the first time he’s seeing her.
“Good afternoon Master. Caleb,” she immediately greeted after dropping what was in her hand.
“How are you Disguise? Does your mouth hurts?” He asked and then laughed against his wish.
When it happened he considered it an evil act from Damien, but when he’s asking about it from Vera presently, he felt the need to laugh because it was funny.
“Fine Master. Caleb,” Vera replied in shyness. Why did he laugh?

“Next time, ask him what he says if you don’t understand him.” He informed.
“Although, I heard it when he asked you to get him coffee, but that wasn’t how he wanted to say it,” he started explaining to her while she listened.
“Damien doesn’t allow anyone to prepare his coffee in the first place, I feel sorry for you though, but at least, this has helped you understand one of his principles.” Caleb completed.
“Thank You, Master.” Vera nodded her head respectfully. Why didn’t she fall for Caleb instead of Damien? Caleb doesn’t look like a women hater, neither has he ever acted coldly like Damien.

“I asked you when I entered, what are you preparing?” Caleb asked again. He stood still closer to Vera and doesn’t bother about getting anything from the kitchen, aside from having the conversation with Vera.
“Pancakes, master,” she immediately replied.
Although, she has stopped mixing the flour, it won’t be nice for Caleb to be speaking with her, and then, she would be working, right?
From the first time of meeting Caleb till of the moment, he has always claimed the opposite of Damien. So far, he never yelled at her or punish her, instead, he would explain what should be know to her.

“Damien asked you to make those? He has gone out,” Caleb wondered.
“Ms. Annabel requested it, so I am making it for her,” she told to him.
“Oh! When was that?” He asked again.
“Master. Damien and I went to see her yesterday, so she asked for it.”
“Annabel!” Caleb murmured under his breath.
“Make some for me too, I will accompany you to the hospital since Damien isn’t around,” Caleb instructed, then he left.
‘Hum…’ Vera let out a heavy awkward breath.
‘Thanks, Caleb, you are nicer than I thought,’ she thought inwardly before continuing to make the pancakes.
If Caleb speaks to her this better as a Butler, what would he have done realizing that she’s the princess?

“I don’t want to say this but sadly, Damien burnt his mouth,” Caleb shrugged his shoulder after saying.
“What!?” Annabel gasped in seriousness. A part from the pancake that she snuggled in her mouth dropped on her lap and Caleb laughed at her.
“What did Damien do to him?” She ignited Caleb’s laughter then asked, then looked at Vera who stood there watching.

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Annabel is trying to be nice, Vera presently is trying to investigate. Who’s Annabel to Damien?
“Little issue, the only punishment available was to force him in drinking hot coffee,” He explained.
After Caleb finished speaking, Annabel’s shoulder dropped and she stopped feeding on the pancake. Why would her brother do something of sorts?
“You want to cry?” Caleb worriedly ask when he saw Annabel biting her lips, with her eyes closed.
“Why would I? I’m just sad hearing this kind of human character exists in him, he wasn’t like that before,” she answered almost in a whisper.

“Well, he’s like that now, and I don’t think he’s planning on changing,” Caleb told to her.
“I’m sorry for what Damien did, Disguise,” she looked up to her to say.
‘What an unfortunate scene, why is she been nice to her?’ Vera’s mind wandered around in thought.
She forced a smile out of her lips and then bowed her head respectfully.

“Your pancakes are yummy! I love it,” she complimented, followed by a sheepish smile that Vera had to welcome.
Not a lie when saying that Annabel is adorable. She isn’t rude and she looks nothing like Damien, so possibly, Annabel can’t be Damien’s relative.
“You are recovering faster, when will you be discharged?” Caleb asked.
“In a few days, will you arrange a room for me at home?” She winked childishly at him.
Caleb flinched playfully and then say. “I can never volunteer to help a lizard,”
“And, I will never allow a spider man to step into my room,” she snapped her head backward.
“You can just start sleeping in the same room with Damien, after all, you are the only lady he would ever allow in his life,” Caleb joked.
As expected, Vera became restless after hearing what Caleb said. Why would she stay in his room?
“I won’t yield to your advice. Since Disguise is the first worker I am meeting, he will willingly help me then.” She fired back childishly and flipped her tongue out of her mouth to mock Caleb.

“You are too childish, I shouldn’t have come,” Caleb blurted then he looked elsewhere.
“Disguise, next time, don’t allow a spider man to accompany you to my ward,” she winked at him as she speaks.
Vera smiled faintly, then Annabel smiled sweetly at her.
“I’m coming back home soon, then I can learn how to make yummy! Yummy! Snacks from you,” she joked with Vera.
‘Oh! please, don’t ever come to that house,’ Vera seriously wanted to yell that out to her.
She feels suffocated thinking about whoever she is to Damien.
Why isn’t her relationship with him printed on her forehead to make her identity easier for her!?

To Be Continued…

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