Making his cold heart soft episode 24

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise) πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’Chapter 24πŸ’’


A week already passed since the incident with coffee happened; even after getting punished wrongly by him, she had to suffer terrible pain and discomfort in her mouth, especially her tongue, which felt like it was sore for almost three days.

She was feeling miserable until the thought crept into her thinking, that maybe Damien punishing her in such a way only taught her a lesson to remember.

If one will have to live with a cold-hearted human-like Damien, you should regularly prepare for the worse.

Caleb’s words about Damien treating his Butler differently from other workers aren’t wrong.

Occasionally, they bonded together, and Vera knowing how to take care of his hair made him softer in action towards her.

No one knows what happened or where Damien was coming from last night, all she knows was him returning with a colder attitude which is unusual of him this day.

Since Caleb went on a trip, Damien visits the office often, and until last night, he hasn’t returned home in such a bitter state.

Not even once has he cared about all the shoots that he chooses to abandon. Caleb would have been a scapegoat for all Damien’s duties entirely if he manages to be his lookalike.

Immediately when he came back, he called Vera into his room, just as usual to massage his head.

They ain’t close to the extent of Vera asking him about his day. Can she even withstand him having one on one conversations with her yet? All she could do while with him in the room is staring into space while she massages his head, and probably enjoy the moment.

While doing this, she feels like a girlfriend who’s taking care of her loving boyfriend. The happiness of doing this in her mind was indescribable.

Vera’s massages gave Damien some peace as he slept off so comfortably.

Vera didn’t find out early that he has started sleeping until his breathing became hard, and then she took her time to look at his closed eyes.

Nature requested its dues from Vera and she couldn’t cheat it by not adhering. She ended up sleeping beside him on the bed.

Although she wasn’t lying down closely beside him, the space between them isn’t worth being considered spacious enough.

Quietly in a sitting position on the side of the bed; her head lay on the bed above Damien’s shoulder, with her fingers still dipped into his hair.

She unconsciously slept off. It wasn’t comfortable sleeping in such a state but if only nature would spare her for the night.

After all, the butterflies that flew around her stomach just by the mere thought of being close to Damien already gave her some joy which made her fulfilled.

If at all, he wanted her to massage his head all through the night, she was already prepared to start at his handsome face all through the night when he sleeps.

When one sleeps, your recent experience gets wiped off while asleep. That code applies to Damien too because while sleeping, he looks admirable, together with his mouth which was partly opened. Damien is charming!


The next morning, Damien woke up feeling empty. Empty, until the remembrance of what happened last night flashed through his memory.

Anger built up in his mind but unlike before, he didn’t feel much anger as he would on other days. Caleb should come back soon and take care of this mess.

Forcing his eyes open sleepily, he tried sitting up on the bed, but then his hair got dragged back and that caused him some pain.

He felt like something was holding on to his hair.

When he relaxed back to see through after snapping his eyes open. It was Vera’s head that was laid on the bed that he saw, with her hand still attached to his hair.

He watched her sleeping for seconds, Vera’s short hair already pulled forward to cover up her face, but Damien knew that it was her.

Looking considerably at her head that was above his shoulder when he turned his head around properly.

He yawned lightly, and effortlessly, he grabbed Vera’s hand, then separated it from his hair.

To his surprise, she sleepily adjusted her head on the bed, winced her sleepy eyes as she was in pain then she continued sleeping.

Damien without caring about whatever she did get up from the bed, get his legs in a bathroom slippers which was kept closer to the bed, then walked into the bathroom directly without a word to Vera.


On getting back into the room, Vera has woken up and stood beside the bed with a sleepy face.

Even her palm was still wiping her face when she saw him walking into the room, her heart raced non-stop, as she imagined putting herself into another situation that requires punishment.

Why did she sleep off? Damien must have gotten upset.

“Good morning, master. Damien,” she greeted in a thick voice, as expected from whom had just gotten up from sleep.

“I see that you slept off too, were you tired?” Damien walked past her straight to the couch.

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She couldn’t reply, like… What will she say? Does he not know that she deserves to sleep too? Indeed she was tired, but is it advisable for her to say that to him?

“I wasn’t really tired master. Damien,” she answered.

“Are you comfortable sleeping like that? You almost broke your neck,” Damien strangely joked.

She chuckled softly after hearing him, Damien also laughed after watching her laugh. What’s with his state this morning? Okay that question was meant to be question and not a joke like it’s sounding presently to them.

“I didn’t mean to do that master, I’m sorry I slept off,” she immediately answered after she got her laugher on hold.

“I’m not complaining.” He replied.

“I didn’t remember to ask when I came back. Have they sorted a room for Annabel yet?” He rather asked.

“Yes master Damien, I’ve sorted the room,”

“It must have been difficult arranging a lady’s room, as you are a man,” he pointed out.

“I was able to try my best Master. Damien,” she yawned lightly after saying.

“She’s getting discharged tomorrow, I will visit her today, so hurriedly make some food for us, only us.” Damien instructed.

She bowed her head respectfully with a brightened mood. That was unexpected, she had a chat with Damien.

“My coffee,” Damien demanded, picked up his laptop from the desk, then he didn’t bother speaking to her again till she went out of the room.


It was an overwhelming morning for butterflies to take over and dance around in Vera’s stomach.

Even as she cut the vegetables after taking Damien’s coffee tray to him, her mind still wandered about those moments.

Damien just joked with her, when she thought another punishment will be given. Has nature changed itself, and made her fortunate?

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“Good morning,” Smart greeted as he walked into the kitchen and standing beside her.

“Hi, Smart. Good morning,” she answered back with a smile.

“Thanks for helping yesterday, Disguise,” Smart whined and she smiled.

“You also helped, so, I should be thanking you too,” Vera replied.

“Maybe. What are you making?” He shifted closer and stood on the same spot with her.

“Preparing vegetables for Ms. Annabel,” she told him then resumed back into piecing the leave.

“Is she coming here? Who’s that?” He curiously asked.

“You arranged the room without knowing whom it belongs to?” Vera asked in disbelief.

“You asked for my help, I didn’t see the need to start questioning you. Only women acts and talk like that,” he defended.

“I wonder if you are that smart, just as your name,” Vera scoffed.

Smart fumed and jokingly, gave Vera a quick punch on her shoulder, then he laughed after stepping away.

Vera dropped the knife fastly and held her shoulder in pain. Why did he hit her?

“Ouch!” She yelped in pain.

“Just a hit and you are yelping like a woman will, irritating.” Smart teased.

‘I’m even a woman idiot,’ Vera thought inwardly with her face ruffled together in pain.

“All this silly plays early in the morning. You should be careful not to hit me like that next time, else I will use this knife on you,” she shrieked at him playfully.

“And then, you will become a murderer,” Smart shrugged his shoulder without a fear

“I don’t mind,” Vera snapped at him. Turned around to concentrate on her vegetables without bothering to say a word to Smart who was busy laughing.

Smart is a worker in the house just as Vera, they both get to become friends through the kitchen. In this mansion, Smart is the one person Vera became friends with since she started working here, aside the cleaner.

All of thinks that sh’s a guy, so they should associate like guys, but in one way or the other, Vera would flinch on their acts.

Just like minutes ago, Smart gave her a terrible punch. Yesterday, Smart removed his shirt in her presence and she couldn’t do anything aside looking away. She’s a lady for crying out loud, excluding the fact that she’s a princess.

“Hello mister Disguise, the special Butler, how can I help you in this kitchen?” He sang praises of her in a teasing manner.

“Go and mind your business,” Vera blurted.

“Well, part of my business is helping you. You are greater than me in this kitchen, and you know that.” he replied.

“Prepare the food for the securities, they must have been starved already by you this morning,” she answered.

“I will start that right away,” Smart replied, patted Vera’s back, winked childishly at her then walked towards where the apron is hung.

“Pervert!” Vera scrunched her nose together in irritation.

To Be Continued…

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