Making his cold heart soft episode 27

💫(The Princess 👸 In Disguise)👀
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi ❤️💎

💢Chapter 27💢


Her head which she summoned to Annabel’s back view bounced back her frontal side. She contemplated on what she heard Annabel saying for a while and almost drown herself in thoughts.

What she meant by being Damien’s sister? Does Damien have any sisters?

All sorts of thoughts and lots of confusion filled her head, as she stood by the frontal side of the bed without doing anything reasonable about it.

“Are you truly Master? Damien’s sister, Ms. Annabel?” Vera consciously asked.

On a normal day she wouldn’t have grown up the courage to ask, but what should she do with her mouth that spoke faster than her mind?

Annabel realizing what she stated earlier, and now considering the question of which Vera asked dropped the sunglasses she was admiring on the table, hummed in essence then turned around to confront Vera again.

If she didn’t realize it earlier, she has realized how she had just spoken out about what she shouldn’t have presently.

She should have waited for Damien to inform his workers by himself… After all, Damien knows how to handle things perfectly better than her.

When she examined Vera’s sight, she doesn’t feel any kind of negativity towards this person in her presence. Not a harmful look or backbiter act has been thrown at her from Vera.

Aside from the gentle and surprised expression that she realized was permanently on Vera’s face, since the moment of telling her about this, there has been no special reason to worry herself a lot about this piece of information she just gave to an outsider.

“He’s my brother.” She simply answered after she kept her thoughts at a stop. Crossing her hands on her chest while focusing on Vera’s facial expressions once again.

“Why is your reaction like that?” Annabel questioned when she noticed Vera was lost in thought.

“Nothing Ms. Annabel. I’m just surprised hearing this,” She answered quickly and then pretended to resume back to work by flipping the duvet over.

Annabel nodded her head, watched her for a moment, and instead of resuming back to what she was doing earlier, Annabel left the dressing table and walked up to Vera where she stood by the side of the bed.

“No one knows that Damien has a sister?” She asked solemnly and that caused Vera a fright, she had no idea of when Annabel changed position.

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Was that question supposed to be asked? Does Annabel not know about people not being aware about this? Where has she been all this year’s?

Vera was mute. A lot of reluctance in her actions since she doesn’t know how to reply.

Where has Annabel been all these years that even the media couldn’t bring her identity to the public?

“I want you to talk to me. I’m not supposed to say this to you, although it was a mistake speaking that out, but you should answer when I am asking you about things,” Annabel expressed in full a speech.

Vera gulped the watery liquid down her throat and then gathered what to say.

“Nobody knows Ms. Annabel. Master. Damien hasn’t been seen with any woman in public before,” she watched her words as she says.

Doing all these sorts of things should be very difficult and must have been difficult for her as a princess. Leaving royalty to dwell among the majority.

Bowing frequently before someone who would have thought twice before looking at her straight in the eyes.

Up until now, how she has managed to adapt to the changing situation is overwhelming. Maybe she could adapt because it was her who wrote out this phase of her life by herself.

Some of the things occcurring recently aren’t among her plans. Finding out about an anonymous lady to whom Damien gives attention, when everyone knows him not to associate with women.

Battling with her thoughts to figure out the kind of relationship between them and then, hears Annabel revealing to her that they are both siblings.

Is all this saved somewhere to occur suddenly, or what the hell is this? How is she to execute her plans successfully when Damien has a sister who will be staying in this house with them? What such of faith is this?

After she answered, Annabel didn’t speak, aside from nodding her head, no other reply came from her.

Truthfully, she would have loved to explain a few of the stories to Vera, but on second thought, she shouldn’t blindly trust a worker with all the details about her life.

She’s just getting to know Vera properly and should better take things easy with her.

Not like she’s looking down on Vera as a worker, but it’s just not enough time to create a special relationship yet.

“I’m his sister,” she looked up to Vera where she sat without a word to say.

The surprising gaze was still clearly written over Vera’s face, even though Annabel finds it creepy but it’s worth it.

A lady walking in on a day turns out to be her master’s sister. A master which no one knew he has a sibling.

“Don’t inform anyone about this please, I don’t want Damien to be upset with me,” she pleaded with Vera who nodded her head obedienty.

“Thanks. I’m feeling tired already, you were right suggesting for me to rest earlier,” she spoke out with a faint smile.

“I will get a nap. Damien should be back before I wake up,” she informed, stood up from the bed, and went out of the room.

Immediately after Annabel left, Vera hummed out heavily. Now she needs to think about all that she has just heard.


“What was that? You didn’t check the internet? Have you suddenly become a ghost where you reside now? It’s a viral news!” She ranted continuously on her own without a space to speak for herself.

“I have some work to take care of here. Moreover, I have a lot of things to check out already other than searching for news,” she snapped back tiredly.

Adjusting her position as she lays with her back on the bed, while passing her phone to the side of her on the bed.

“Do they stress who doesn’t want to be stressed in England? Ain’t you a princess? Do you work to take care of yourself?” Andromeda turned out to a talkative.

“All those questions for me to answer? Are you for real? I’m too tired to answer,” Vera closed her eyes tiredly.

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If Andromeda has something to say, why not go straight to the point instead of ranting like a parrot? She already had enough things to worry about and can’t include her silly sister again.

“For your information, yours faithfully, Damien was captured in public yesterday with a lady,” Andromeda confidently announced the news.

She made her ear available to hear the outburst from Vera after hearing that. Sadly, her ego was destroyed because Vera didn’t yell or act surprised, the one thing she asked was. “What’s she like? Her body features.”

Andromeda scoffed in wonder, is that what Vera was supposed to ask? Not even shocked?

“Why are you relaxed in asking me that?” She questioned.

“I have my reasons with me,” Vera answered without a hint of curiosity in her voice.

Truly, the news is supposed to hit her hard! That was what Andromeda expected but on the basics, Vera doesn’t see any reason to flinch out, or act surprised.

She already knows about Annabel, if they’ve seen a lady in public with Damien, then it must probably be with Annabel.

“Are you seriously getting over Damien after you told me?” Andromeda exclaimed.

“What is she like? That’s all I asked,” Vera complained. She rolled her eyes in the silliest manner, picked up her phone and then started browsing the Internet by herself.

“She’s young. I cleared the news immediately I came in contact with it and I didn’t notice what she’s like… I was forced to worry about how you will feel when you see the news too, it’s almost everywhere.” Andromeda ranted to her ears.

“Are you checking the internet already? I can’t describe her look,” Andromeda asked when she didn’t hear Vera speaking anymore.

“I’ve seen it.” Vera told to her while dropping her phone back on the bed. She was right, the lady in public with Damien is Annabel. But why would Damien show her to the public?

“You are acting strange Vera. Is everything okay with you?”

“I’m fine Meda, I just failed to find any reason to deal with this or be upset by it,” Vera assured.

“I hope she isn’t Damien’s girlfriend. Everyone is curious to hear about her from Damien,” Andromeda discussed.

“Just wait on his announcement then, they might probably be something else aside from lovers,” Vera explained.

“But will you be okay?” Andromeda asked with concern for her loving twin sister who seems not to care about everything.

Vera nodded her head with a smile and was about to speak when a knock came on her door.

She was startled when the knock came again and the knocker started trying to open the door, as she could see the doorknob twisting itself.

“Let me speak to you later, I need to attend to something,” she rushed her words quickly and instantly hung up before Andromeda could speak.

“Who’s there? A minute please,” she asked in fright while she quickly hide her phone, dressed up to her disguising self immediately.

The instinct that told her to twist the key earlier when she came was smart.

“I’m the one, can I come in?” She heard him answering from behind the path which separated them from seeing one another.

A relief sigh escaped her lips when she heard Smart speaking to her. That man is back to disturb her life.

“The door is locked. Just hold on while I open it,” Vera spoke tiredly as she twisted the doorknob for opening.

“You didn’t want to accommodate me here?” Smart complained after entering, while he walked into the room with his hands playing with his beards.

“What do you want?” Vera uncomfortably questioned as she found the situation annoying.

Why would he come into a lady’s room uninvited? Well… Smart doesn’t even know that she is a lady.

“Why are you upset? Can’t I visit the special Butler that knows it all anymore?” Smart teased and that didn’t make Vera feel any better.

“I was trying to relax when you came in,” Vera said then sat down on her bed. Immediately after she did that, Smart took his attention away from his beard and went to sit down beside her.

Just about to flinch because of his actions when Smart started speaking. “That lady that came with master Damien yesterday, have you known her before?”

She should have known earlier that Smart would probably bring this conversation up after seeing him gushing over Annabel in the kitchen.

“Why are you interested in knowing?” She firstly snapped in displeasure.

“A lady arriving new in this mansion for the first time and her following you around like a magnet. Won’t you have been interested in knowing if you were me?” Smart replied seriously.

“Whatever. She’s Ms. Annabel, we got to know each other because I usually prepare snacks for her when she was at the hospital,” Vera answered.

Smart bounced his head in a silly manner as he remembered clearly… He remembered how severally Vera has told him about preparing snacks for someone.

“You once told me about that. But, does she have any relationship with master Damien?” He asked eagerly.

Vera watched him closely for a minute, then she shrugged her shoulder cluelessly.

“I don’t know. I’ve never asked because of business,” she proposed out purposely to taunt Smart.

“Was that reply meant for me?” Smart furrowed his eyebrows in a silly manner.

“Anyhow it seems like…” Vera answered then laughed when Smart painfully bit his lips.

“I will get back at you for doing this,” he threatened playfully.

“Firstly start by not coming to my room uninvited. What if I was naked?” Vera complained.

“What was that supposed to mean? Don’t I have an organ too? Will yours be a surprise to see? Maybe your di*k is bigger than mine.” He laughed out loud while Vera tried hiding the disgusting look on her face.

Why would he say such a nasty thing!!!


“I have seen it and choose not to react,” he stated in fast words.

“Then it should continue spreading? Won’t you do anything about this? Annabel’s identity has already been revealed!” Caleb worried.

“So what? Do I care about them knowing? She’s my sister and they are to know soon,” He answered feebly.

“Those companies you refused have seen new trials for their contract. Most of them would have planned on speaking with you soon after the breakout,” Caleb reprimanded.

“None of them will be attended to, cut the off,” Damien said without a concern.

Caleb sighed tiredly, rubbing his face fastly as he ran out of what to say. Damien is making what is difficult look easy!

“What are you going to do about the media? You’ve been invited,” He asked.

“I’m going over there to explain everything! Maybe there will be a passway to get Crystal.” Damien announced.

To Be Continued….

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