Making his cold heart soft episode 30

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’ Chapter 30πŸ’’


“I want to ask you something,” Annabel confided in. Moving closer to Vera where she was preparing something to eat as usual in the kitchen.

When you see Vera in the kitchen for a minute alone, Annabel will be right there beside her in the next few minutes. No lies about it that she’s learning a lot from Vera.

Maybe the aim was to stick around to learn a lot as she was interested in cooking… But the turnaround movement that began when she couldn’t define it isn’t what to discuss presently.

“If it’s about the items, I have only added seasoning to it,” Vera fore said before Annabel could speak.

Annabel pinned her lips together in shyness, nodding her head in disagreement, and then smiled when Vera also grinned sheepishly.

“What do you want to ask then?” Vera questioned.

“I wanted to ask about…” Annabel hesitated.

“Have you ever liked a girl?” She blurted in haste and then took her eyes to the ground instantly.

Vera watched her in marvel since she had no idea, what made Annabel ask her such a thing.

‘Oh, Annabel! How do I get you to know that I am not a man?’ Vera’s thought inwardly as she stared speechlessly at her.

Why would she like a girl? Isn’t that the beginning of a lesbian lifestyle? She only loves a man, her brother to be precise.

“Why did you ask me that Annabel?” She refused to keep the question within her thoughts.

Annabel’s lips trembled slightly as she battled with what to say.

Even she doesn’t know her reasons for asking Vera that kind of question. Probably because Vera is an adult, while she is a girl who just escaped from a teenager’s stage.

“I_I was curious about things. I couldn’t have asked Damien because he wouldn’t answer. Caleb is a sadist without love in his life. You are the only one available for me to ask,” she explained fastly.

“I can’t answer your question too Annabel. All I’ve taken my time to do is work in here for the betterment of what I want, maybe if things go as I’ve wanted it to be… I will openly tell you whom I like,” Vera responded.

Her answer would have been complicated if she told Annabel who she liked.

Annabel is always ready to question every single thing that she hears. If she can tell her about liking someone, she will have to talk about whom the girl is, whereas, she doesn’t like a girl in the first instance.

“Don’t you want to be here? Is the job affecting your love life? I’m confused,” She asked in confusion.

Vera’s explanation truthfully is confusing. She hasn’t even gotten a point or an answer from everything that she explained.

“I want to be here, and yes, the job is improving my love life. After all, I don’t have anything to get out there,” she told to her.

Whereas everything she just said wasn’t true.

Why won’t she have things to get out there? Annabel is there. Her precious parents are out there, missing her and pleading with her to return to the country.

Aside from her family, her title as the princess which she left behind is over there to manage.

Ops! The whole responsibility must have been many for Andromeda to handle alone. If only she could aid her from here.

“I’m suddenly happy, I don’t know why,” Annabel let out a wry smile. Vera stared at her in confusion but the stare didn’t stay extended, as she resumed back to the meal which was boiling.

“Did Damien tell you there is a reason why he left so early in the morning?” She heard Annabel asking from behind her.

“He has a lot of work to attend to at the office. I was told about this yesterday when I was giving him a head massage, but I don’t know he hurried away with Master Caleb,” Vera replied.

“He’s my brother, but he holds his Butler closer to him than he has ever done to me!” Annabel jealously lamented.

‘I’m meant to be his love, why would he not hold me closer to his heart?’ Vera’s mind wondered as she dished out the hotdog sausage as requested by Annabel.

“He loves you better. Why will you be jealous of me? I’m a worker here and not a family,” Vera shrugged her shoulder innocently.

Annabel eyed her intently without a word coming out of her mouth. Everything Vera does has always been enticing to her. While discussing, she loses herself on the journey of admiration.

‘Disguise isn’t just a worker,’ she thought before taking her eyes away from Vera’s face to avoid Vera noticing.


Damien walked back and fro hastily in his office after he ripped off his tie, his suit, and then the ruffling of his hair annoyingly.

“Damien! Damien stop!” Caleb yelled at him when he lifted the box and threw it across the place.

“How could it have gotten in here! How was she able to bring this in here,” He yelled as he picked up letter which he read again.

“I_I don’t know,” Caleb stuttered as he also rubbed his head in wonder. Why did she do this? How did it get here?

“Pick up your phone now, and inform Scott not to allow Annabel go out of the mansion!” He stated fastly.

His chest was rising and falling hard without missing a minute. The fright he was having presently is the highest he’s been feeling for the past five years now.

When he saw Caleb scattering the desk which he had scattered earlier in search of his phone, he threw the letter in his hand on the ground immediately and hurriedly went to get his phone from the suit which he had thrown off earlier.

“Keep a close eye on Annabem, she shouldn’t be allowed to step out of the mansion. Not even a chance to see the bitd or anything else!” He rushed his words as fast as he could, hanging up the phone before Scott could say a thing.

“Brown and Crystal are both playing a dirty game with me. Maybe it’s time for him to die,” he snarled after the call.

Gritting those set of his teeth together as he matched out of his office while Caleb follows him immediately without a pause.

“He isn’t here,” Caleb reported to him. His heart caught a few aches when Damien turned fastly around with his eyes laid on him.

“Why won’t he be here? It’s working time!” He spat out coldly and in anger.

“I don’t know. Maybe he’s busy,” Caleb replied without looking at him again.

Going back into the thought of the moment when he was on his laptop, checking out office work.

But then, Damien who was preparing for his shoots came to him, and informed him about the cleaner finding a box on Damien’s table.

No one even has the right to enter his office aside from the cleaner once he leaves. If none of the staff came in here, how did the box enter?

The reason why Damien had a negative feeling after the call was fiercely hidden to him, until they rushed down here to see the letter that was in the box, the same knife that Crystal used in stabbing Annabel years ago, and the portion of drugs that she had used as part of her evil acts then.

No explanations are needed about who sent the box over. It was Crystal as the letter explained.

Crystal who had hidden for many years without appearing.

Damien restlessly searched for her everywhere, but not even her shadow has been caught wandering around.

For all the years when Annabel was in a coma, Damien never heard from Crystal. Now that Annabel is out of coma and the news about her is everywhere, Crystal sent a message threatening to be back for the two siblings. Why suddenly?

How could Damien have allowed the history to repeat itself? How did Crystal go about delivering the box in his office, on his table?

He has always suspected Brown, what he hasn’t done was let him know about his suspicions.

How could Crystal be causing him a lot behind hidden figures? Why can’t she reveal her disgusting self to him!

“Go home Caleb, go and stay with Annabel,” Damien authorized as he walked back to his office.

“Scott is there to look after her. I’m supposed to be here,” Caleb declined.

“What will you do for me here? Was the threat mostly about me?” Damien shrieked at him in anger.

“Crystal can’t try anything stupid at your mansion. We need to find Brown quickly before he gets to Crystal. I’m sure it was him who dropped the box in here,” Caleb admitted to him.

His words gave Damien few thoughts that he never bothered thinking about.

If this box was truthfully kept here by Brown, he would need to deliver the message to Crystal.

Why didn’t he think of this earlier?

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“Damien, where are you going?” Caleb asked when Damien turned around and then he started walking away with only his shirt on. He didn’t even pick up his phone which he dropped on the ground earlier.

“A place to prepare Crystal’s doom!” He stated amidst gritted teeth.


“Why can’t I see my bird? I need to meet my bird,” Annabel protested with Scott who had ordered the guards to stay everywhere in the mansion in the order of Damien.

“Master Damien instructed me not to let you, Ms. Annabel,” Scott answered respectfully but he didn’t move away from the door post.

Annabel watched him in anger then walked away from Scott’s presence, and walked up to Vera who stood at a distance while watching everything. Thinking about the sudden reason for the order.

“Can you talk to them for me Disguise? I want to see my bird!” She begged tiredly and almost broke down.

Vera instead of adding to the already tense moment after looking into things grabbed hold of Annabel’s wrist, even though she wasn’t supposed to do that, but what should she do? She wasn’t left with another choice.

Scott couldn’t have made any reaction either about what Vera did, he knows about their closeness already. Sometimes he feels tempted to punish Vera even when she hasn’t done anything.

He’s been in the house before she came, but all the attention and opportunities given to Vera have never been given to him. Although he has served Damien for many years and has held a special relationship with him.

Here’s this Butler who came less than a month but has gotten herself a special place. She even gets the opportunity to refer to his master’s sister by her name without Damien doing anything about it.

“Where are you taking me?” Annabel tried freeing her wrist from Vera after she took the stairs.

“I thought you’ve always wanted me to tell you a few things about myself. Should I not tell you any more?” Vera whined like a teenager would as she climbed up the stairs with her.

Annabel’s body relaxed after she heard that.

The furious act in her died immediately as her heart already started limping in excitement. She ignored all the anger from the previous incident and concentrated her eyes on Vera’s hand that was holding her wrist, while curving lips into a smile.

When they got down the stairs and they were supposed to go into Annabel’s room maybe, as they were supposed to.

Vera took the turn to her room, pushing it open and then entering with Annabel.

Immediately they both entered the room, she let go of her wrist and then closed the door behind them.

“Welcome to my room, Ms. Annabel. I’m sure you haven’t been to my room before,” she acted childish as she took a few steps away from her, and then grinning back and fro.

Vera doesn’t know the reason for Damien to order Annabel not to leave the mansion, but not on one or two occasions has she not heard Damien discussing about keeping Annabel safe.

Sometimes she feels like a lot is going on which she doesn’t know of, but if Damien could give such an order, something must have gone wrong and he wants to protect his sister at all cost.

Annabel always listen to her, that was why she brought her in here instead of adding to the reasons already laid down by Scott for her not to step out of the house.

She wouldn’t listen anyway, the best thing is to bring her in here and get her distracted till Damien is back.

To Be Continued …

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