Making His Cold Heart Soft

Making his cold heart soft episode 31

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’Chapter 31πŸ’’


The silence sprung up during the moment with the sound of shoe steps on the tilled floor.

Hastily, and in bitterness, he walked straight up into the building without bothering about Caleb that was actually beside him in the car.

“Get the car parked very well,” he instructed one of the men who was waiting to get the key from him.

Earlier, Damien together with Caleb has gone to search for Brown but what did they get? Nothing in return.

All the movement, and the back and fro driving didn’t lead to anything tangible.

Even after everything, Brown is nowhere to be found.

It’s already late at night, and if not for Caleb who insisted, Damien wouldn’t be at home right now.

He was too determined on finding Brown, and then grabbing Crystal, that he doesn’t care to know if the cloud closes its brightness on him or not.

After all, the cloud has always been wicked. Why can it stay bright for the rest of its life, and then make this situation easy to solve for him?

“Get the things in the car, and make sure to get his things up to his room,” Caleb informed a guard before he proceeded towards the building.

Not like Caleb isn’t pained or worried just as Damien feels presently. He feels equally scared at the moment.

From the beginning of when everything started, Crystal has never haunted him. All she does was finding every possible way to hurt the two siblings.

When it comes to Damien, he has always been block_headed even before the incident happened five years ago.

What kept landing him in a deep thought, was the reason why Crystal would want to return now.

How could she have found out about Annabel’s existence so soon? What is she really up to this time around?

Could it have been that, all what Damien stated was the truth… Crystal still keeps track of records on them.

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“Where’s Annabel?” Damien questioned Scott as he matched his way up the stairs. His shoes stepped on the stairs fastly without a smile making its way up to his lips.

“She was with Disguise the last time I saw her Master,” Scott replied while he climbed the stairs carefully behind him.

“What did I tell you? Weren’t you supposed to look after her?” Damien shrieked after he heard what Scott said.

Caleb who was also coming behind Scott listened to their discussions as he feared Damien latching out his anger on the poor worker.

“I was…” He was still trying to say when he sighted Vera coming towards the stairs. She was coming down, while they were going.

Immediately she got almost closer to them, she bowed her head slightly, as she greeted Damien who looked nonchalantly at her before stopping on his track to listen to what Scott has to say.

“She did what?” Damien asked in a quiet but terrifying tone.

“She got upset after I didn’t allow her to leave the house. Disguise after that went upstairs with her and she hasn’t come downstairs since them master,” he explained accordingly with his eyes staying away from Damien’s.

Damien after hearing what Scott said turned his attention at Vera, and then signaled for her to speak.

“I took her upstairs with me because she was being persistent,” Vera immediately explained.

The cold expression on Damien’s face was bold enough for her to realize the sort of state that he was in. She never wants to be on his to-do list.

“Where’s she presently?” Caleb was the one to ask this time around. He eventually climbed up to where they were standing by the stairs.

“In my room Master. Caleb,” Disguise worriedly answered. She feared that Damien would be upset with what she did.

“Why your room and not her room?” Damien spoke before Caleb would this time around.

“She doesn’t want to listen to him, so I took her with me. She wouldn’t have agreed if I was to take her to her room,” she answered immediately.

After she explained, Damien’s tensed body relaxed a little, knowing his sister is safe lessened his anger and every negativity that he feels.

“So, Annabel knew that I am back and doesn’t bother to come see me,” Damien mumbled as he left the square and then continued going towards the passage that leads to his room.

“She’s asleep master. Damien,” Vera informed him as he walked past where she stood.

Damien nodded his head and then proceeded, while Caleb just chucked briefly. He was about to walk away too leaving Scott and Vera when he turned to Vera.

“Damien couldn’t say thank you, but I will say it. Thanks for watching after my little lizard for me. I owe you a drink,” Caleb said as he tapped Vera’s shoulder, smiled faintly at her then walked away.

Satisfaction feeling queued up in Vera’s mind as she watched the two friends back while they walked away.

When she was finally able to take her mind away from what she was thinking, the first sight she shared with Scott was horrible, the kind of look he gave her wasn’t expected.

Presently, Scott looked so bitter and pained.

Vera doesn’t know what could have brought about this, but all the same, she smiled randomly at him after gaining some confidence too, and immediately followed Caleb and Damien.


“He was too strict! I only wanted to see my bird,” Annabel complained in her hoarse voice as Damien parted her hair while she remained lying on the bed.

“He was only following what Damien told him to do,” Caleb snitched on from where he stood beside the door with his two hands in his trouser pocket.

Annabel raised her head from the bed, forcing her sleepy eyes open, as she wanted to check on where Caleb was speaking from.

Her drowsy eyes caught the sight of him by the door and the sight of the one who gives her some joy standing behind him. Now she knows, here in this room was Damien, Caleb, and her sweet friend of all time, Disguise (Vera).

“Damien didn’t ask him to stay by the door,” she nagged drowsily after she placed her head back on the pillow.

“Preventing you from stepping out of the house was the same thing as when he asked him to stick around all the doors in the building,” Caleb replied funnily.

“You couldn’t have passed through the window. The door was the only option, so he chooses to stay there, to avoid a lizard stepping or crawling out of the house,” Caleb further taunted.

He was still maintaining his stand by the door side. Vera already walked into the room and was standing closer to the bedside.

Her eyes roamed around the room, to know if it was suitable enough to look at. And most importantly, if she had put anything suspicious where any of them would see it.

Although, she was finding it amusing to believe that the siblings are in the room. Damien even sat down on her bed. Wow!

“I wasn’t… I wasn’t talking to you,” Annabel snapped when she got fed up with Caleb trying to taunt her.

“I have a lot to do rather than spending all my minutes with a lizard,” Caleb teased, walking fastly to where she was lying on the bed.

Since her eyes were firmly closed, she didn’t notice him coming closer to her. What she found out later was a soft peck planted on her right cheek suddenly.

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She thought it was Damien who did that, but when she opened her eyes, she saw Caleb flipping his tongue at her and then escaping his way out of the room before she would do anything.

“Stupid spider!” Annabel murmured in distaste as she squandered the blanket back over her body.

Damien who had remained quiet grinned softly, together with Vera who was trying to hold her laughter but eventually laughed.

“Disguise,” Annabel called on, then opened her eyes once more to look at Vera.

“Thanks for being a good friend. You didn’t make things hard as Scott did,” Annabel scrunched her nose together when it got to the part of her mentioning Scott’s name.

After she finished speaking, she smiled sweetly at Vera before taking her eyes away.

Damien just watched every single one of her reactions. He found all she did enticing and heartwarming to his heart.

Although the thought of what happened earlier didn’t leave his mind. But returning and meeting her safe gave him some joy and some happiness, the one of which replaced his eagerness.

“I can see that you’ve gotten yourself some rest on Disguise bed,” Damien spoke after reminiscing on his thoughts.

“Sure… Sleeping here is comfortable,” Annabel whined then pulled the duvet up to the brim of her nose.

“So what now? Should I get you back to your room?” Damien asked. Vera stood there watching the two siblings as they discussed.

She had examined Damien and had noticed that his mood has rapidly changed from when he just got back. Her prince charming got a faint smile on his face already.

“No… I don’t want to go to my room.” Annabel declined.

“What! This is his room. It’s night already and he needs to sleep,” Damien exclaimed after he withdrew his hand from her hair.

“Disguise!? Can I spend the night in your room please?” Annabel pleaded instead of answering Damien.

Damien shook his head tiredly as he was speechless about what to say.

Vera’s lips after hearing what she said didn’t fail to trembled in a confused state. Damien cleared his throat and was about to talk when she replied.

“Yes, Annabel.” She finally answered with a wry smile, as the pleading stare from Annabel made her feel choiceless.

“Thank You!! Now I can comfortably pass the night here,” Annabel nourishes as she enjoyed the moment.

“Oh Disguise! I’m taking over your room but I didn’t think of where you will sleep,” Annabel blabbered after a second, when it crossed her mind.

Vera scratched the back of her head lazily. Now it dawned on her, she wasn’t supposed to say yes to Annabel because she wanted to prove herself better enough for Damien to confide in.

She hasn’t even taken off her disguising dress. Her breast was still emaciated under the round-neck shirt she was wearing, and she couldn’t wait to remove every single thing from her body and relax nakedly on her queen-sized bed.

How would she have been able to do this and have a late-night call with her twin sister? She’s giving her room out for the night.

“I talked about it but you never cared,” Damien spoke after being silent.

Maybe the joy in the atmosphere has lessened because his faint smile already vanished completely from his lips, it’s now replaced with a complicated expression.

“I didn’t know… Maybe he should stay in my room for the night,” Annabel announced. By the time she said this, her voice has been upgraded from a sleepy state to a bit clearer words.

“Disguise!” She called and then summoned her attention to Vera.

“You are okay with spending the night in my room too, right?” She asked with a satisfactory smile.

Damien niggled his head forward, and before Vera could reply, Damien said,

“No need for that. He will spend his night in my room if you want to sleep here.”

To Be Continued….

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