Making His Cold Heart Soft

Making his cold heart soft episode 32

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’Chapter 32πŸ’’


“Do you sleep with all those on you?” He inquired when he realized her dressing after they got into his room.

After he shared his opinion with Annabel, she happily allowed Damien’s want to overcome it all. Caleb only nodded his head when Damien told him about it.

Annabel somehow enjoys it when Damien and Vera are very close or communicating. Maybe it’s to her luck that, even though Damien is cold-hearted, he allows Disguise who is a worker around him.

Vera is a wonderful worker, but although the closest to her in this mansion. Her falling asleep on her bed in the first instance was due to the songs that she sang for her.

She raised her head often to ensure Vera was the one who was singing as she almost slept off.

Each time she hears her voice, something tells her that this human beside her isn’t a man.

How could a man have gotten so many of the other gender’s features? That’s a sweet thing about Vera that she likes.

But all the time that she has tried admiring Vera for whom she is, Annabel never realized how far she was going deep into developing feelings for her.

All she knows was wanting to have him around her, because she feels they are close She never knew that feelings develop after many admirations.

“No Master. Damien. I don’t sleep with them on,” Vera answered with a shaky voice. She kept her arms wrapped together.

She looked forward to him at where he stood by the side of the bed while removing his shirt.

Only the sight of him made her mesmerize a lot of some imaginations. And her throat? Her throat went dried after she caught the sight of his bare chest.

His frontal hair which fell on his eyes and those eyelashes of his, that were resting on the space below his eyes made his sight something tangible to behold.

“So, what about tonight then?” Damien asked lazily, more like he wasn’t really into the conversation as he was trying to unlock his necklace.

He wasn’t able to remove it, since he felt the hook that was holding it together really strong, which made it difficult to remove it.

After a lot of trials by himself but he couldn’t remove it, he finally asked Vera to take care of it.

“Come here and check on the reason why it isn’t removing,” he called out to her.

Scrunching his nose together lazily as his mouth was forced to hiss at the stubborn necklace.

Vera forced her leg to separate contact from the ground. When she heard Damien saying those, her throat went all dried again, and the strength to leave the spot where she stood was all futile.

“Keep it in the box,” Damien stated after she finally succeeded in taking it off for him.

She obeyed what he said solemnly, placing it in the box even though her hand shook lightly.

When she heard Damien speaking about her spending the night in his room, she had mixed emotions.

Firstly, she had to think of what staying in the same room with him would be like.

Secondly, she imagined them being a couple, before she eventually thought of the dangers that lured around her spending the night in the same room with Damien, she had already gotten in here.

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Just by the time she finished arranging the boxes back, Damien had already gone out of the room to get a night shower.

She could hear the sound of the water that was coming directly from the bathroom, and that alone made her know that he has started taking a shower.

Her heart skipped beats in her chest, as her thoughts kept on tempting her to go in there and join him.

Maybe what she never respected was her title. Vera cherishes her manners and dignity a big time. For this, she couldn’t have gone in there to fulfill her heart’s wishes, although it was tempting.

Not only does she not have the right to do such, but Damien would also roast her alive if she ever tries to do that.

Who in their right senses goes to the lion’s den? She’s in disguise for goodness sake!

Finally taking her mind off whatever miserable thought she was thinking of… She unconsciously dipped her bare hand into her shirt, stopping at the spot where her bre**ast was located.

She can’t believe it that her innocent boo*bs will have to suffer for the night.

She had wrapped them up in there since morning and hadn’t even allowed free air to sage in.

Maybe whenever Damien tells her where to sleep, whether on the couch or the ground… She would get some sleep, nourish her first night with Damien, and then, massage her two balls to avoid them falling sick!

‘Hum…’ Huge sigh of tiredness from her.


It took a while for Damien to return to the room after he went to the bathroom. His presence filled the road.

Having a grey towel tied around his waist. His wet hair gave way for water to drip down his neck from his wet hair.

Some of the water even splashed on his nose and mouth.

Everything about him presently is adorable.

Could it have been those wet pinky lips? Or the cold but heart-welcoming gaze on his face? What about the charming sight of his bare chest! Ops! His sight is something to behold.

What about his masculine figure which Vera was able to behold because he came out shirtless? His flawless skin…

Truthfully, his appearance made her flinch. But her brain didn’t fail to tell her about the limits not to cross.

When Damien walked past her to his closet, she had to force her lips together in a thin line to avoid problems.

“What are you looking at? Go and sleep,” snapped suddenly, creating fears in her as he cleaned his face with a smaller towel, which he came out of the bathroom with in his hand.

Her mouth went mute. Her lips went dried. She should sleep? But on where?

“How were you able to calm Annabel? Scott knew how to handle everything perfectly but she didn’t listen to him.” He asked just as Vera contemplated on where to lay her head.

Grabbing one of the nightwears from his closet, putting the trouser on, and then flipping the towel away from his waist, Damien walked elegantly back into the room.

Just like earlier, he refused to put on a shirt. He only dressed up in his nightwear trousers. He walked gently over, and then sat down on the couch.

“I asked you something,” he stated to Vera who ran her eyes hungrily all over his body, but he didn’t notice whatever her eyes were doing to his body. He doesn’t have any reason to look at her anyway.

Vera was frightened a little bit after hearing what he said. She gathered some words in her mouth and quickly answered,

“I only spoke with her, master Damien.”

Damien niggled his head at her and rubbed his chin lightly as he tried concentrating on a thought, as many were presently going through his brain. Even what Vera said wasn’t understandable to him.

Among all those thoughts running through his head was Crystal’s whereabouts flashing through his nerve. Is she in the country or…? Somebody should get that witch for him!

“Go and sleep.” He told to her finally, as he relaxed his back on the couch properly, with his eyes looking around the room, more like he was searching for something out of nothing.

Vera pinned her lips together after she heard that. Indeed she was marveled about passing a night here.

But, did she give herself time to think about how awkward things would be when she gets here?

It took her a lot of courage to take a few steps forward, but when she stopped a few steps closer to Damien and the bed, Damien raises his head up to observe her.

Vera also looked at him. She could see the sleepiness in his eyes when she looked at him.

Damien could see the confusing sight after he looked at her.

“What are you doing? I said sleep!” He snarled in a husky tone. “Should I send you back out there?”

She was startled and had no choice left, as she immediately said,

“I don’t know where to sleep, master. Damien,”

Even though her voice was ca and could easily be relate with, Damien scrunched his back forward, placing both of his hands on the sides of the couch. He stood up quietly, then he walked some steps up to the bedside.

“I’m going to sleep on this side, stay by that side, and don’t ever make any sound that will cause your death.” He warned hastily, and his words came out as a warning enough for Vera.

Her throat already dried, and all she could do after hearing what he said was nod her head obediently at him. Sharing the bed with Damien, what!?

After that, he didn’t say another word to her. He got on the bed and then pulled the blanket up to his chest.

‘Ops!’ that was Vera releasing the breath that she’s been holding in her mouth.

Just a minute gaze at Damien before climbing the side of the bed. Her heart skipped a beat when her body made contact with the soft texture of the bed.

Okay! This is more like the mattress in her room.

Lying down quietly on the side of the bed. Her legs rested on the blanket, and seriously, she wanted to pull it up to cover herself but the fear wouldn’t just allow her to do it.

Maybe it was in her assumption, but then she turned her body around to face the space between them.

The minutes she tried looking towards Damien’s face, she caught him staring in her direction. Scared of seeing his gaze towards her, she immediately closed her eyes.

Everything went calm, and again she gathered the courage to open her eyes. Just like earlier, her gaze met with Damien’s again. Why didn’t he look away?

“Don’t you sleep in your lineage?” Damien coldly asked before she could take her eyes away.

“Erm. I_I was….”

“Come and give me a head massage, since your eyes has failed to close, you don’t deserve to share the bed with me anyways,” Damien cut her words off icily.

To Be Continued…

Damien is too harsh☹️😩πŸ₯Ί

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