Making his cold heart soft episode 33

πŸ’œπŸ’œ(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ’™πŸ’™
Written by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’Chapter 33πŸ’’


Awkwardly quiet without a movement or noise where he lay on the bed.

It’s been a while since he got up in here. Can it only be referred to as a while? It’s been many minutes.

All he has been doing was lying down with his back, and when he got tired of staring at the ceiling which he assumed to be Crystal, with hatred, he turned around to lay on his side, since he’s been lying on his back.

He shifted forward until the right side of his body was laid properly on the bed, his eyes detached from the top roof, and then to his side where he caught the sight of Vera sleeping.
She slept off while massaging his head.

Damien couldn’t close up his eyes because a lot is going on in there, in his skull.

He didn’t have a choice after seeing her sleeping and hitting her head against his head from behind, and forcefully, Damien gave her permission to grab some sleep.

Even though he wasn’t satisfied or wanted her to stop yet, with the fact that he’s cold, he has some humanity in him, and he could see how tired the pitiful Butler looks presently.

She was looking all tattered with her pale face. It was obvious, she could resist the urge to grab some sleep.

And just as if she’s been waiting for her body to make contact with the bed, she slept off immediately after she got on it, even without the blanket, and Damien refused to switch off the air conditioner; the whole room is entirely cold.

Well… It’s not as if she ever asked him to, where would she find such audacity? Never! Was she not the one that left royalty to suffer here?

She left her comfort zone just to search for love and affection. She has seen it all, but how would she ever get it to belong to her?

Presently, she’s in the same room with Damien, but the feeling that will attach them isn’t mutual.

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The feeling of love has only fallen on her side, Damien doesn’t even know that she’s a woman.

No one in the mansion is chanced to know. Everyone sees her as a man due to how much she has managed to change everything.

Coincidentally sometimes, she acts like her gender will, but not anywhere closer to Damien.

Just sometimes around Annabel, whom she sees as a sister, and at times, Vera loses herself in mingling with her.

The room’s quietness went on and on, when Damien’s eye’s caught the sight of Vera sleeping peacefully beside him, he twitched his eyes and then open them again. It was a new thing. He’s sharing his bed with a worker! Why did Annabel make him do such a thing?

Well, he also has himself to blame, he could have asked Scott to arrange another room for Vera, as there was no need to sympathize because of Annabel. It’s not in his habit.

He has agreed for Annabel to sleep where she wants but, does Annabel not needs to be checked up? When he got back he didn’t even remember to ask if she eats dinner.

How could he have put such important well-being of his sister behind him? That Crystal! It’s all her fault.

“Hey!” He lazily murmured to Vera who was sleeping soundly.

“Disguise! Disguise!!” He called out loudly without caring if it was late night or not; no one outside would hear him anyways and even if they do, what can they do?

Instead of waking up to answer, Vera changed her position and shifted closer to him, and unlike earlier, she was facing him at the moment.

“Disguise!” He called again, as what she did annoy him.

This time around Vera woke up from her sleep. Her sleep wasn’t interrupted because of him calling out her name, she only woke up due to his loud voice and the scary tone that it has.

She opened her eyes almost in fear, sitting up on the bed while clearing her eyes with her palm, then she wondered what happened.

When she remembered where she was passing the night, she flinched and was scared to think of it that Damien has found something about her suspicious.

Has her breast been pointed out of the shirt? Or her trouser rolled down, then he saw her without a male organ? What if he finally noticed the female facial look on her face when she was sleeping? Damn! She’s in trouble.

“Did Annabel eat before sleeping?” He asked almost in a quiet voice without caring about her reaction but no, his voice came out loud.

Vera yawned sleepily, she nodded gently, but when Damien’s eyes rolled around, she immediately said,

“Yes, Master. Damien,” she managed to say as her eyes were covered in sleepiness.

“Yes?” Damien furrowed his brows at her in dissatisfaction.

“She ate before sleeping,” she corrected and then drove the sleep in her eyes away.

Although her eyes weren’t clean yet, she could still manage than earlier.
Damien hummed a sigh lazily, it was more like not humming at all.

Vera looked down at her thighs that were placed on the bed, some fear caught up with her when she remembered perfectly about being able to stay on the same bed with Damien, and without another action, she sprang up on her feet and stood beside the bed instead.

Damien watched what she just did and just rubbed his eyebrows carefully.

“I didn’t ask you to stand up. But it seems that you don’t want to sleep, go and check on Annabel, make sure you don’t make a sound that she would wake up, else I will get you punished,” he commanded strictly.

Truthfully, Vera wanted to complain about him disturbing her night but she couldn’t, who would she have reported him to? It’s his house and she’s a worker.

“Ensure her in a better position before returning. Get me my coffee after then,” Damien ordered lazily.

A twist on the doorknob forces it open for her to make her way inside. Quiet and careful enough not to make any disturbing sound, she slipped her body into the room.

Refusing to lock the door behind her when she finally succeeded in entering, as it could make a sound that would wake Annabel up, as she had seen her twitching her body already.

Firstly, she remained standing where she was before walking gently over to the side of the bed.
Damien doesn’t have some brains. Even though Vera is a lady, which sensible brother sends a man to check up on his sister, by this late hour of the night alone?

Annabel is sleeping peacefully and the only wrong thing is the fact that her blanket has left her body; it has rolled down to her knees.

Vera pulled the blanket up to cover her body. She covered her contentedly and carefully, looking up at her face as she stared at her admirably.

“My darling Annabel,” Vera murmured like a loving sister would after she bent down to plant a peck on her right cheek.

Smiling briefly after doing that and with a satisfactory faint smile on her face, she went out of the room and then closed the door behind her.

Aside from checking on Annabel, she also needs to get Damien’s coffee just like he has instructed.

Maybe because of the stress that she passed through, or her legs were just too weak to climb the steps fastly.

Taking her walking steps slowly, and after picking and getting everything needed for Damien’s coffee when she got into the kitchen, she picked up the tray where she had arranged it gently on and then left.

When she returned to the room, Damien started seeping; well, she assumed he must have been sleeping because his eyes were closed and his body was stiff on a spot.

She stood there beside the expensive gold middle table where she dropped the tray without knowing what to do.

Her eyes trailed his body up till they landed on his closed eyes.

“Prepare the coffee for me,” Damien that hasn’t been speaking, opened his mouth to say with his both eyes still closed up.

Vera’s eyes almost popped out of its socket after hearing him speak.

She assumed that Damien is not awake. Thank goodness she didn’t do anything suspicious. Immediately she took her eyes to the floor beneath her feet.

“Are you deaf? Make it!” He almost yelled when he finally opened his eyes to meet her confusingly standing.

Vera flinched a little bit and contemplated on what to do or say.

Damien doesn’t allow anyone to make his coffee, so, what happened suddenly?

She bent down and was about to make it when she heard him grumbling,

“when I didn’t want it, you made it without my order. Now I told you to make my coffee, you stood like a statue admiring your long legs,” Damien insulted.

“Make it. If it tastes awfully like one of my enemies, I will treat you like I would treat them,”

“You came to my room late at night yesterday,” Annabel stated to her.

Her cheeks beaming read shyly, and her eyes were lighter than it has ever been.

“Master Damien sent me to check up on you and look after you. I’m sorry,” She apologized as she tried forcing her eyes open.

It’s in the early hours of the day, and all Annabel wants is to see the bird that she was declined of meeting all through the last day that passed.

After preparing the coffee which Damien exaggerated before drinking, she didn’t get a word or scold from him.

Damien finished the drink and resumed back to sleeping while she was just there standing and battling with all the sleep that tried forcing her eyes to close up.

No order from Damien to sleep too. Does he even know that she’s present in the room?

After making Vera’s heart race rapidly with whatever remark he would give on the coffee, although, she had prepared it well before last night she had seen him preparing it for himself and had mastered everything he does.

Damien doesn’t stop amusing her. Even after all the threats and everything, he didn’t say anything about the coffee.

Maybe it was satisfying to him or total nonsense, he didn’t say to her, and until she heard the sound of him breathing heavily, and the rising with the falling of his shirtless chest, was she able to conclude that he has slept off.

Carefully and silently, she bent her knees and started going down till her knees reached the rug laid beneath her feet.

She relaxed her body on the rug to grab some sleep too. It wasn’t comfortable squeezing her body together on the ground till the day break, but when the day finally breaks, Damien was the first to wake up.

The first word he said to her after she frighteningly stood up from the ground was for her to get the tray away and then a check-up on Annabel.

“Damien asked you to check up on me!” Annabel exclaimed.

“He did. I only came to do what he asked me to do.” Vera answered as her eyes battled with dizziness.

“My brother is a sweet one. And, you are a sweet Butler too, you gave me a late-night peck,” Annabel giggled softly after saying that.

Vera’s almost closed eyes opened instantly and it was confusing seeing Annabel giggling all because of a peck.

Was she not supposed to report to her brother? Damien never sent her to do that.

She truly wanted to speak back at Amelia but just as she was about to speak, her vision shook and something in her stretched her hand forward to hold Annabel’s shoulder.

Instantly, Vera held her head and then winced a little bit. Annabel who was smiling closed her mouth as she drifted closer to Vera whose hand was still on her shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” She asked after noticing that Vera was wincing her eyes and trying to keep them open.

“My head…” Vera murmured incoherently as she battled with the sharp pain in her head.

“Hold on! Are you having a headache?” Annabel yelled when she hold Vera’s both hands to support her.

Even her holding her hands can’t help with anything, Vera is kind of taller than her, and each time she speaks, she had to look up at her mouth for an answer.

A flash of darkness and weakness was all time needed to make Vera’s body slump weakly on the ground.

Nobody knows what went wrong, even she couldn’t identify what the problem is. She could hear Annabel calling out to her as battled to keep her eyes open, but the darkness was just to deep that she couldn’t resist the calling of it.

After calling on to her and shaking her body vigorously where she was on the ground, Annabel stared around in fright; all she saw was her bird which was feeding on her grains.

Who will she call on? Damien isn’t at home and she can’t leave Vera here all alone. What even happened to her?

She contemplated on what to do and later on, with all the strength in her body, she carefully dragged Vera whose temperature had suddenly become higher away from the bird’s house, she let her body relaxed on the building part and instantly in fear, she ran into the mansion while calling out to Caleb for help.

To Be Continued…

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