Making his cold heart soft episode 35

💫(The Princess 👸 In Disguise)👀
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi ❤️💎

💢💢Chapter 35💢💢


“Paaarhhh!!” In anger and irritation, the loud noise came out directly as Damien hit his palm against the steering of the car purposely in frustration, then rubbed his face in anger harshly.

His hands shook on the steering, and not aside was his head which spined around as he felt dizzy, but lazy to come up with any solution to all of his problems, but still couldn’t just keep calm so as to keep his anger at hand.

Presently he needs something to calm his head down, anything couldn’t have healed the tension and annoyance running in his body presently, he needs something to soothe his irritation and anger, and the only thing for that is getting a head massage from his Butler, who knows how to do that better.

He was such a big fool. Why didn’t he make sure the CCTV camera in his office was active and never switched off?

It would have been easy hunting and killing those fools, whether it was Brown or whoever did that. They couldn’t assume it to be Brown yet since they haven’t been able to get him to speak about it.

He wasn’t doubting Brown being the culprit in any way. If he wasn’t the one who did that, why is he suddenly away and couldn’t be reached out to?

If only the security camera could capture him, it would have been easy to track that fool to wherever he goes to, and that Crystal whom he would skin alive once he lays his hands on her.

Just a twist on her neck and then, she will be long gone in the history of enemies that he needs to battle with their existence in his life.

He didn’t even get a better sleep last night.

During the early hours of the morning, he wrove as early as he could to the company, even to the extent of leaving the house by himself alone without any accomplice, or even a driver to drive him off; all these was done to lay hands on something, but nothing came up to be grabbed.

He eventually left the company in arrogance when he got tired of watching all sorts of footage that didn’t yield better results or something to calm his nerve down.

Maybe after hitting his hand against the steering, the senses which he lost earlier came back.
Ideas flashed through his thoughts and now, this is what he would do henceforth, enough of him searching for Crystal and Brown now, he won’t see them anyway.

If the letter, and that stupid package was dropped yesterday, they would have hidden before he could even get to read it.

Crystal isn’t a soft villain in the history of his life imposters. She wouldn’t have done anything that make him suspicious of where to locate her.

After several attempts, what he would do henceforth was to keep an eye on everything that matters to him. Especially Annabel.

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What happened five years ago won’t be allowed to happen ever, or anymore. He’s not ready to lose anything to that witch this time around.

He won’t relax or trust evildoers as he did then.

Everything would have continued being gracious if Joy didn’t allow a misfortune symbol like Crystal to impost in their lives.

What would have snatched his sister away after snatching his father away can’t be allowed to prevail once again. Never will it.

A thought about it, if Crystal could send him such a threatening note without coming in contact with him, but it made such a huge effect on him, what can’t she do next?

Her eyes must have been everywhere and could see everything going on even without her presence here.

Annabel needs to be well taken care of and well-guided. Maybe it’s finally time to leave everything behind and start living life for the existence of his only sister.

Handling everything over to Caleb is the next thing that he would do. It isn’t as if he hasn’t always made Caleb the one in charge of everything in his life.

The only thing Caleb couldn’t do on his behalf was his fame as a star model.

Everybody wants his flawless and adorning face alone, no one could represent that stage of his life.

Now it’s time for Caleb to manage other things while he stays around Annabel and attend to any necessary issues when it’s compulsory.

A day will come, Crystal will crawl out of her hidden avenue when the heat is too much and she’s tired, but before then, he would have built a great protection for Annabel to survive on and then create a death for Crystal.

He has observed Annabel lately and has realized how she listens to the Butler and even adheres to everything that he does it says, without a force made on her.

To keep their relationship better and so to make sure the Butler could help him in protecting Annabel, he would provide the Butler a better breathing space than he has ever done, and if possible let him be his closest worker ever than he has ever been.

Who knows if him being around Annabel would help him get her to adhere to whatever he tells her?

The other day, Annabel didn’t listen to Scott, and with the way she spoke about him last night, Annabel can’t relate with Scott properly like she would with his Butler.

Whatsoever things needed will be done and when it’s a little bit done and all is settled, he would create the chance to bring Crystal down and solve all problems in their lives.

Crystal has won this time around while he lost. He isn’t losing yet though, as his comeback might ruin the game entirely for the both of them.

He would prepare his game also behind closed doors and come back powerfully available to give it all it needs to ruin her.


With a glowing but shaggy face, a satisfied expression, followed by an evil smirk, she fulled her tumbler up with a red wine that had the same color as blood, and the lipgloss that she applied on her lips.

Another victory. One stone killed many birds and the festival for the dead birds is ongoing currently.

“Do you think I should return back to work, ma’am?” He asked gently and before he could close his opened mouth, a fluid splashed all over his shirt and face altogether.

The tumbler which it had poured from bounced back and fell back to the ground, before it immediately shattered below his feet.

Oops! Her eyes changed dramatically around before she could even speak, and it’s scared the living day out of him.

“Do you think that his brain is stupid like yours?” She yelled amidst gritted teeth while she rubbed her palm roughly like it was hitching her.

He remained quiet and his eyes were blinking awkwardly, he watched her grab another tumbler and then poured herself another drink.

“He’s presently searching for you. A sight of his eyes on you, and you are dead. Dead!” She started speaking in a tough voice.

“I don’t care about your existence. So, even if he catches you and kills you, I don’t have alot to lose.” She pouted her red lips together in a wicked grin as she speaks in firm words.

“If Damien should know about where I am, I would be ruined. But before he could do that, I can be smart enough to ruin all things that will cause me to lose, even if it means to kill you!”

What happened next after her words was a sharp knife which she flickered its sharp mouth out of its safe, Brown’s body shook as he tried standing closer to the wall, after she got closer to him with it.

He was frightened by the deadly reaction from her. Since he has known her, she has never looked like a human or acts like one.

Always in this messy room that isn’t anything less than a refuge ground, even though the outside part of it is heavenly beautiful.

Everything single thing in here is disorganized and her appearance worsened the condition of everything.

“I won’t think twice before slitting your throat, I swear!” she threatened as she pointed the knife seriously at the hollow space on his neck from behind.

His whole body kept on shaking vigorously and for a moment, he wished she never held his family captive.

He has to run errands according to what she wants, and he’s been doing it for several years, just to protect them.

He was only chanced to see their pictures and how well they are doing during the passing years, he has never been allowed to see them.

Always a tool against his acceptance. His life is all messed up because of her.

“I’m sorry, please pardon me,” his voice shook as he begged to live.

“You will do as I say, can you hear me?” She spat out coldly, the bad breath of hers which cigarette has nourished filled his nostril instantly.

“You ain’t returning to the country anymore. Stay here, or you lose your life,” she took her knife away from his neck after that, hitting him from behind with her right knee, and then walked up to her bed, then ruffling her scatter hair together.

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“You are one of the princesses!” Smart exclaimed surprisingly, and in a long stare after Vera finished explaining things as much as she could to him.

Vera nodded her head briefly, and then looked down at the blanket below her feet. This is one of the toughest moments in her life.

She had tried putting everything in order and making sure nothing was going to leak her secret.

Just when she was about to rejoice fully, this happened and all she was trying to protect showcased itself outside.

She made a mistake by unwrapping her breast pad, and believing that the shirt which she had worn would have been better enough to hide everything from anyone’s eyes, for the day alone.

All she could hope for presently was for Smart to be understandable, else… Something terrible will happen.

“I’m princess Vera. I’m sure you are aware of me being an identical twin?” She stated after she fought her way out for words to say.

Smart shook his head in a difficult state.

Everything was too much for him to grab. A woman in Damien’s mansion, and also being a princess worsens the matter, what is going on? All this while he has thought of Disguise as a man.

“Please lock the door, I don’t want anyone to enter while we are discussing,” Vera pleaded after noticing the intense confusion on his face.

Without a word, Smart walked up to the door, twisted the key, and after confirming that it was well locked, he went back to where he was standing.

Vera ruffled her short hair together, she loses the band that was holding it together at the end of it, they fell and almost reached her neckline.

Her head still aches and battling with the pain isn’t a small to endure, but still, after that, she walked out of the bed to her wardrobe, got her phone from where she had kept it, and then resumed back to the bed.

“Me and my twin sister,” she pointed at her phone after swiping it back and fro.

Smart doesn’t know what to do or say, as she could easily grab the resemblance of Vera as female immediately after the band holding her hair together was removed. But why didn’t he notice all this while?


“Was there any information about her?” He asked again after not getting a response from the previous one he has asked.

“No. Where’s Annabel?” Damien replied icily then asked.

Standing closer to the steps as he wanted to head up to his room, to get some rest for his disturbed self, and a massage that would calm his nerves down.

“She’s sleeping. Please don’t bother about going to see her, she would start her overprotective self again,” Caleb rushed his words.

As those words came out of Caleb’s mouth, it drew Damien’s attention and in a loud voice he asked,

“What was that supposed to mean? Is she okay?”

“She’s fine. I was just saying…” Caleb forcefully emphasized as he doesn’t want any distraction from what he had to do.

“Please tell Scott to get Disguise for me. My head hurts,” Damien instructed as he climbed the stairs.
“He’s unwell,” Caleb told to him in forced words.

“What happened to him?” He asked after hearing.

“I can’t say…” Caleb nagged the discussion off.

Damien eyed him dramatically in anger as his reply sounded offensive to him.

He would come back to Caleb later, he needs to find out what happened to the Butler first.

Sparing Caleb the last glance before he continued heading up the stairs and most especially, to the Butler’s room where he should be.

To Be Continued….

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