Making His Cold Heart Soft

Making his cold heart soft episode 37

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise) πŸ‘€
Written ✍️by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’ Chapter 37πŸ’’


Damien dashed into the room furiously, his eyes blinking dangerously at the sight of light his eyes were getting from the chandelier hung up there, in the room.

Packing his hair entirely in between his palm, then again, he waved it off his palm harshly.

He hissed painfully out loud, as he tried to overlook things but it was not just possible to do.

Each time he remembers everything said in there, he realizes he was hurt and pained at the same time. The thought of Annabel’s state of mind might be hurting him deeply too.

He still can’t believe that after all that has happened in the past five years, especially all that his two parents did concerning their lives, Annabel still had the gut to think about them.

How could she have missed them? How could she have missed what was a threat to their lives?

Was she not aware of everything that took place? Did she lose her senses suddenly and couldn’t remember all they did?

If Annabel was missing only Smith, he could try understanding that alone, but her missing Joy? That was never meant to happen.

If she could miss Joy, when won’t she inform him soon that she’s missing Crystal? That’s like the beginning of already occurring evil in their lives and he won’t permit it.

Anger was all that could describe his terrifying state currently, as he poured some drink into the glass, for himself to drink, and maybe quench the thirst of the anger in him.

He was still pouring the drink when his thirst unexpectedly quenched, and he felt broken instead.

“Damien! Please open the door,” In a shaky voice, he could hear Annabel pleading while banging on the door which was already locked behind him after he entered.

As he heard her speaking, the anger that he compelled to stay at peace sprang out once again, and then, instead of taking the tumbler which contains the drink into his mouth, he crashed it with his palm instead.

Purposely, he folded his fingers around it tightly and then gazed at the spot on the ground where his blood consistently dripped on.

He felt some peace as he watched the blood dripping on the ground.

Deep down in his gut, he felt some strength.

A strength of when you are making a huge sacrifice with your blood.

This same palm was the one who held Crystal’s neck years ago, but couldn’t strangle it because he was being a coward.

The cowardly blood that ran through it those years is still running in him.

He gave them the privilege to feast in his vein after they betrayed his nerve but not anymore, he would drain them all at once.

The more he remembered what Annabel told him, the more his anger increased, he couldn’t even keep it on hold for a minute. He folded his palm tightly against the broken glasses which was seized in his palm.

Allowing the sharp objects to penetrate deeply into the deep cut on his palm. He felt no pain. Not even a flinch or concern about the terrible pain from it.

The more Damien squeezed his palm, the more blood dripped on the ground. Even the spot which it was dropping on had gathered enough blood, to the extent that it was ready to create a flood of it in the room.

Opened his palm while allowing the remaining pieces of the broken glass in his hand to throw on the ground after a while, even though some tiny pieces still stuck to his palm.

Damien shut his eyes painfully where he stood still, beside the door he walked up to.

He had already walked away from the spot where he created the mess, and when he couldn’t battle with himself anymore, slowly and consistently, he crashed little by little down to the floor.

Placing his wounded hand against the tiled floor, which messed up instantly with the blood on it.

For the first time after the cut, he winced slightly in pain as his palm made contact with the cold floor. The pain sent some sensation down his spine and presently, he was more angered than earlier.

“Go away, Annabel,” he spoke out in a timid voice.

Opened his shut eyes, and then stared closely at the deep hole which he has created on his palm with different cuts alongside it.

“I’m sorry,!” She timidly begged amidst tears.

Taking a sit on the ground while running her hands around the closed door.

“After all they did, you still had the gut to miss them,” Damien coldly let out.

Wincing his eyes together as the pain got into him, he felt some weakness also in him. The weakness must have been because of the loss of blood. The blood that dripped out wasn’t a small one.

“I couldn’t help it. They are my parents!” Annabel’s voice trembled as she replied to him.

Damien shook his head vigorously. Biting his lower lip and almost created an injury on it before he stopped biting it in anger.

“Go to your room. I can’t speak with you now,” he stated calmly.

“I won’t…” The appearance of the one whom she never thought would appear made her pause her words.

She stared at him with her teary eyes. He also looked at her with concern in his eyes.

Annabel threw her gaze away from him and was about replying Damien who wasn’t uttering back when he said,

“Why are you by the door? Damien! What are you doing?” Caleb questioned as he stood beside Annabel who was on the ground with his brows furrowed together in confusion.

Damien who was about to worry when Annabel suddenly stopped speaking felt some peace of mind in him.

Hearing Caleb speaking gave him little of not much peace.

“Take Annabel to her room, and make sure that she’s fine,” he instructed instead of considering his question from inside.

“But…” Caleb was about to protest when he got cut off icily.

“Shut up and do what I say!” Damien yelled sternly.

Annabel who was listening to their conversation while battling with the huge frequent aches she was feeling, blinked her teary eyes.

She tightened her lips together in a thin line.

Before Caleb could speak to her, she stood up from the ground and walked back to Vera’s room instead.

“Why are you going there? It should be your room!” Caleb wondered as he walked fastly after her but she already got in.


When Annabel entered the room, her eyes fell on Vera who was still sleeping on the bed.

She approached the bed silently while ignoring whatever words Caleb was saying to her from behind.

“You are going to wake him up with your talks,” she told to him quietly when she got closer enough to the bed.

“I don’t care. What do you want? Let’s go to your room,” Caleb insisted without lessening the rate of loudness in his voice.

“I want to stay here.” She speaks as she sat down on the bed, the other side, from where Vera lays.

“Why should you stay here? Stop!” Caleb yelled when she laid her back on the bed, and then covered her body with the same blanket as Vera’s.

“I’m sleeping here. And please, can you not yell? It will disturb my remaining peace. After all, Damien already disturbed it.” She strictly warned.

Caleb was surprised at how she speaks vibrantly, it was unlike her to be serious like this.

Words left his mouth and he battled with what to say, but he said,

“You can’t share a bed with him,” He managed to say.

Annabel furrowed her brows before saying,

“Why can’t I? He’s my close friend, and I’m safe with him.”

“That’s not it. You don’t know the nature of his sickness and…” The words trailed off but Annabel was able to start from where he stopped.

“He’s a worker here? Or probably because Damien will be upset about it? What is it!?” She almost yelled while ranting.

She doesn’t like how Caleb was questioning her. She’s trying so hard to keep her anger on hold. It wasn’t easy to bear the pain in her presence.

Her family is ruined. How could her brother become fierce just by the mere mention of their parents? Is she not permitted to miss them?

“He’s a man. Different gender from you. Are you in your right senses? Do you think that I would allow you to spend a night here?” Caleb almost yelled.

Annabel looked towards Vera who was still sleeping peacefully. Although she moved her body a little when Caleb was speaking, the noise couldn’t wake her up.

Seems there’s a sleeping pill among the drugs that she was given. She’s been sleeping for hours.

“I don’t mind you sleeping on the bed too if you still want to stay. Three of us can share the bed.” She started speaking.

“You can also make use of the couch if you are so determined on staying here with me.” Annabel gibbered in excess.

Caleb was angered by her reply and he wanted to leech at her, but when he saw her suddenly whimpering before tears started dripping from her eyes, he had no choice but to keep mute immediately.

Speaking with her is useless. None is asking her the reason for her crying fruitful. He already knows and was sure it was because of Damien.

What he doesn’t understand was what happened suddenly. What happened between the two siblings?

Not a hint of the idea came through his thoughts or his wandering mind even after thinking so much. He already battled with the thought of whatever happens, but not even a glance of an answer.

Going up to speak with Damien is the last option that he has left.

“Stop crying, else you will get a headache. I will be back soon.” He stated grumpily before going out of the room and then twisting the doorknob behind him.

Annabel’s breath hitched as she finally let out her tears. Sniffing in the tears as she gets broken and saddened while staring at the closed door.

While she rubbed the tears off her eyes, unexpectedly, a hand wiped the tear off her eyes for her instead.

She was stunned, and when she turned to the direction in which the hand came from, her eyes met with Vera’s, who was staring pitifully at her.

To Be Continued…

Damien is back with his werey coldness πŸ˜«πŸ’”

Sorry Annabel πŸ₯ΊπŸ’–

I hope Vera won’t goan misbehave now o😏😯

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