Making his cold heart soft episode 4

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise) πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’Chapter 4πŸ’’


The overwhelming brightness coming from the sun shines dazzlingly into the room, the brightness which can only be witnessed during that early hour of the morning, the sunny sight from the sun upward where the creator told it to base on forever.

His eyes squinted sleepily, while he rolled his body erratically on the bed, his head hurts slightly but he doesn’t mind it.

After all, he can vividly remember what he did the night last before coming to bed last night.
No photoshoot today according to what he thinks, but if there happens to be one, he will tell Caleb to cancel it immediately without a second thought.
He craves enough rest and he won’t toy with that for anything else.
He needs to get a cup of coffee for himself! Crawling out of the king-size bed which he laid on, he could feel his head spinning lightly once his two bare feet stepped on the ground, his barefoot would have made contact with the cold ground if only it wasn’t covered with a rug.

Rubbing the back of his hand harshly across his face to avoid his head spinning further, he feels empty. Empty!

His flawless skin came in contact with the fierce part of the sun that managed to crawl in through the window as he contemplated what he should do next.
His contemplation would have gone a long way if only it wasn’t interrupted by that angry tone from his phone.

Someone is calling and whoever that person was, they are lucky enough not to disturb them, when he was still sleeping.
He was not interested in whatever the caller had to say and even though he could have gotten it where it was dropped on the drawer by this bed by taking two steps forward, he wouldn’t do that.
“Come inside!” He said in a hoarse voice, with his hand rubbing his forehead gently.
His expectations about whatever he said were weird because he was the only one present in the room with himself, so who could he be referring to?

Seconds after, Scott entered the room, taking three steps closer to him and another three steps away from him, bowing his head a little bit before him, and was about to wish him a better morning when he sharply cut him off.

“That phone has been irritating me, check who’s the caller,” he told to him and his unconcerned expression grew further unexplained after he gets up from the back.
His two legs dragged themselves at the same time with him into the bathroom even before Scott could tell him who called.
Since Damien had gone already Scott has no choice but to remain mute till he gets back, it’s early in the morning after all, and Damien doesn’t spare the morning weather a simple smile.

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“Was I to ask you before you will give me an answer?” His deep voice due to how he’s been sleeping grumbled coldly behind Scott, who didn’t even know that he was there.
He was forced to hold his breath for a minute before letting out a deep sigh. He has no idea that Damien has returned to the room!
“J.T.P.S, Sir,” Scott informed.
With Damien not speaking immediately, Scott knew there was something more to the name which he just called out. Aside from the caller’s name being weird, Damien’s expression turned serious after he finished letting out to him.

“Hand over!” He commanded hastily, the phone was given to him and he didn’t waste a minute before dialing the number back.
Scott stood there watching, he wouldn’t leave when Damien hasn’t asked him to, but he doesn’t feel right standing in his presence.
“You also know that I don’t care about those greetings. Why are you calling? You have progress?” Damien’s harsh voice spoke to the phone.
His brows knitted on themselves as he went mute for a minute and Scott didn’t miss the chance to see the restlessness in his expression as he listened to whatever the other person was saying.

His expression suddenly turned into an urgent one and just when Scott nearly spoke to his master, Damien blurted loudly.
“She opened her eyes!?”

“Is it needed for me to trim my hair a little bit! I think it’s covering half of my neck already, I don’t like it!.” Vera fiddled with the tip of her hair, with her fingertips, scrunching her face together in distaste as the hair wrapped a strand of it around her finger.

“Why don’t you trim it all off? Bit by bit till there’s no hair anymore?” Andromeda answered sarcastically, she smiled softly seeing Vera’s expression then continued smiling to her phone camera without bothering about the glare Vera rendered.
She needs to hang out with Bryant after dressing herself up and taking one or two pictures wouldn’t be a bad idea.

“I’m aware you’ve been jealous of my hair, I just never knew you would expect me to find out about your intension someday,” Vera’s expression turned sore, and her lips got themselves hanged beneath her mouth as she stopped playing with her hair.
“Nothing is interesting about your short hair, I forgot to tell you how it makes you look like a witch. No one will leave this long dark hair of mine for a distasteful hair like yours,” Andromeda poked fun at.
She has stopped taking pictures and now she wants to check them out.
“Smile often, nobody cares if you sulk yourself in a bad state all through the day,” Andromeda expanded.
“If anyone comes across you presently, they will think you are me,” Vera discussed.

“And that’s what I don’t want.” She shrieked.
” I won’t want Bryant to get close to you someday thinking of you like me, but I am thinking of something, I will do something before that happens.” Andromeda stopped whatever she was smiling at on the phone, swaying her blue flowery gown around the room before her eyes rested on Vera again.
“How about me dressing to kill for the party tonight? Do you know what I meant? Damien would come and he will be breath-taking because of my sight,”

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“He doesn’t even care about your existence, have you gone mad?” Vera after chuckling muttered.
“I will get into the party before you, after all, you’ve never been interested in an occasion like this, no one will know that it isn’t the first princess that entered because they can’t even differentiate between us correctly.”
“I will welcome Damien into the party as the Royal princess and I will successfully get him to notice me. What’s up with that?” She tendered her words.

“I’m interested in this and I won’t allow you to enter before me.” Vera angrily replied.
” Gosh! I want to exchange my face!” Vera gritted her teeth together in frustration and Andromeda laughed heartedly.
Why must she be born as an identical twin? And to be born with someone like Andromeda? She will take a risk for facial surgery one day! Surely before her existence become a risk.
“That will be suitable for me! After all, the only reason you want to attend the party is because of Damien.” She replied after she finished laughing.
“Whatever!” Vera hissed in discontent since she was tired of arguing. Her brown eyes examined Andromeda for a while, if this is what she looks like, then she’s also a beautiful creature because Andromeda is indeed beautiful.

What Vera didn’t know was that she was a beauty on her own. She might be an identical twin but shades of beauty are from where her realm came from. She’s exceptionally beautiful!
“You ain’t wearing any of those!” She heard her speaking behind her.

‘Thought she has stopped talking earlier?’
“Ain’t you late for your outing? I will wear whatever I want to wear! A simple dress is what I want to wear!” Vera hugged the wine color gown that was laced with beads around it against her body. Taking a few steps towards her dressing mirror, she pressed the dress to her body.

“I don’t know how you think, but sometimes allow your sanity to rule over you.” Andromeda clapped her hand lazily.
“I won’t say more than this; whom you want to impress doesn’t care about your existence, it’s your princess attire that will direct his attention towards you,” She shifted her gaze completely away from her phone to face Vera.

“I can’t wear the attire!” Vera mumbled.
“I lost—” she mumbled something incoherent which Andromeda couldn’t hear afterward.
“What did you lose?” And Andromeda glared at her with seriousness on her face.
Vera hasn’t uttered a word but with the frown on her face, she knew Vera is up to something.
“Tell me what did you lose?” She repeated.
“I didn’t lose it, but I can’t find my necklace!”

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It only took him an hour to hastily arrived, he came down from the car immediately after the car stopped.
Caleb that was sitting beside him in the car came down quietly, he didn’t seem tense like Damien.
While entering his eyes observed Damien who had already run inside and he sighed softly.
He also lost himself in thought until he heard the people around murmuring and gibbering whatever he doesn’t care about. After all the noises were only about Damien’s sight which they saw entering.
His rare sight!

The atmosphere in the room grew tense when his eyes laid on her. Observing her body where she lay as those bad memories flashed through his system, his arms trembled and he let them rest beside his body.
Bloody night! Gunshots! Mystery! Five years already passed!
His grey eyes almost grew darker as the darkest aura in the world replaced his existence currently. He didn’t even know when his palm closed against his fingers before it formed a tightened fist.

“D- Da- Damien!” She called out to him in a trembling voice immediately her eyes set on him.
Eagerness displayed itself in her teary eyes as she watched him from where she laid on. He’s here!
His instinct came back after hearing her voice which he hasn’t heard for a long time. Hurriedly! he dragged his feet to where she was laid on the bed.

The anger which built up in him made his grey eyes widely stare at her face, but his facial expressions already turned calm enough
He needs to take control over it even if it’s just a little bit. For his sake! For her existence!
“Annabel!” He called out her name softly; even his cold voice wouldn’t dare showcase itself.
“Annabel! Are you okay?” He asked silently as he rubbed her forehead slightly, scared if she would be harmed if he tried harder.

He choose to rest his butt on the little space left beside her on the bed, his eyes examined her as she forced a faint smile out of her lips.
She raised her hand from beside her without minding if the cannula attached to it will hurt her or mistakenly disconnect.
He could see how she struggled to place her hand on his face, and without wasting a minute, he leaned his face closer for her hand to reach.
The smile which has been lost for years crawled back on his lips after her hand touched his face.
She wanted to rub her hand across his face but she couldn’t, she winced in pain softly and Damien fearfully took hold of the hand that was still placed on his face.

He brought down the hand gently till it made contact with the soft foam.
She finally came around after such a long time. She’s been in this condition for the past five years. Battling with darkness and struggling to get what belongs to her. Her life! The life that was almost taken away!
“I’m fine, you came so quick,” she managed to say then got a simple nod from him.
Her lips formed into her sluggish but genuine smile, and her eyes laid on him while examining how much he has changed.

She woke up almost an hour, when her eyes witness the brightness in the world again the first thing she remembered to ask of was Damien.
“Since when have I been here Damien? You’ve changed a lot!” She silently asked when it crossed her mind.
“Five years!” He answered shortly then caressed her hair tenderly, he could see the sadness that flashed through her eyes after he heard that and the sadness in him didn’t miss a vein in his body as well.

“Where’s she? Where’s Crystal? You killed her?” She asked with hatred laced in her voice.
Damien’s fist that has opened earlier a little bit tightened back before answering.
“We will talk about her later, tell me how are you feeling now?”
Annabel’s eyes slowly left Damien’s face to look at Caleb who just joined them. She would have jumped on her feet to embrace him if she wasn’t in this condition. Her spider Man!
“Hey Annabel, glad you are back,” Caleb gladly exclaimed when he sets his eyes on her, he marched over to where she was lying tiredly on the bed, rubbing two of his fingers on her soft cheeks, then he smiled briefly at her before shifting back away from her.

“Caleb,” she wanted to say more than that but couldn’t because of the oxygen that covered her nose together with her mouth.
“Easy little lizard!” Caleb teased in a strict tone as she tried forcing herself to speak.
“Thanks for coming around,” Damien placed soft kisses on the back of her right palm.
“You can’t imagine how much I have missed you, Annabel,” he sadly told to her, and all she could do was to let out a faint smile.

Her breathing is somehow uneven which means that she still deserves a lot of rest and shouldn’t be allowed to speak too much.
Caleb excused himself to receive a call minutes later, while Damien was still caressing her head and then looking at his source of happiness lying down before him just when he thought he has lost her forever.
“It’s time for the dinner party Damien, you have to go,” Caleb said to him after he returned back to the room.
Damien didn’t act like he heard whatever he says, he didn’t even turn his back around.
“You have to go now.” Caleb repeated again.

“Annabel just opened her eyes after many years, I can’t leave her here to attend a dinner party which I don’t care about,” he put his coldness under control as he answered.
He doesn’t want Annabel to find out this new side of him which he grew after she passed out years ago!
“The king specially invited you. I will stay with Annabel,” Caleb pressurized further.
The silence in the room made Annabel who was listening to them turn her eyes to Damien, she could see how much he was holding himself not to speak.

Does he want to miss the party because of her? He wants to go against the king’s request?
“You can attend the party Damien, I will be fine over here,” Annabel pressed her palm against his skin.
“Caleb should attend the party, I won’t step out of here,” He answered and Caleb wondered how Damien managed to keep his voice deprived of coldness like usual.
“I want you to attend it. You can take that as a request from me,” Annabel insisted. Her voice was very low, but he could hear everything she was saying.

“If I leave who will stay with you? I don’t want to leave you,” Damien replied.
Caleb stood there watching the two of them, he knew Annabel can do something about this and that’s why he won’t bother intervening.
As much as he can remember, she won’t stay back on her words. Many things will be better now that she’s back!
“I want you to attend the party. Attend it and take pictures with the princesses, that will make my day and quicken my recovery,” She said to him.

Damien watched her in horror, not because of the party anymore but because she wants him to take pictures with the princesses.
How can he do that? Ladies around him? The hell!
Caleb chuckled softly where he stood, his eyes examined Damien for a minute. If only he agreed to go when he asked him to go.
He opened his mouth to say something and startlingly Annabel shut him up in low but a warning tone.
“Don’t say no! You are going together with Caleb and if I don’t see the pictures you take with them, I won’t allow you to come in here and see me!”

To Be Continued…

What necklace did Vera loss?

Who’s Annabel to Damien?

Will he go to the party? Will he take pictures?

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