Making his cold heart soft episode 40

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’πŸ’’Chapter 40πŸ’’πŸ’’


Disappointment, she dropped the phone disappointedly on the bed, she fumed her face together tiredly, as she murmured something incoherent to herself.

“Babe, how is it?” He asked when he saw her clutching her arms on her chest with her face all furrowed together, and he was concerned about her.

“Four more times of trying, yet she isn’t picking up!” She ranted in abundance.

Brian listened to her and when she finished speaking, he grabbed her two hands that were hanging on her chest.

“You don’t have to worry, she might be busy having fun.” He said to make her feel less worried.

“Then I would kill her together with that fun! She’s making me feel worried.” She still complained. Seeing Brian gesturing for her to embrace him.

She glanced helplessly at him, and then when she got carried away with his handsome face, she fell her head on his shoulder, and instantly, he started rubbing it lovingly for her.

“The fun might be a lover… I’m sure you won’t want to kill two lovers babe,” Brian teased, and Andromeda scoffed.

“Vera would have told me if she found a lover. Moreover, that fowl doesn’t look like who’s searching for love. She’s only obsessed with Damien.” She blabbed frustratedly then withdrew her head from his embrace.

He laughed until his eyes were teary, her reaction and ways of speaking were cute and at the same time funny to him.

“Try one more time and let’s see. Seems you have something urgent to tell her…” He stated calmly as he relaxed his back against the sofa, which they were sitting on.

“She won’t pick. I wanted to inform her about visiting England next week and I will be staying with her. Now that she doesn’t want to pick up my calls, I will make it a surprise visit.” Andromeda explained fastly as she was strongly frustrated.

Brian’s expression changed as soon as he heard that, and he didn’t bother hiding the sadness on his face while staring closely at her face.

When Andromeda finished ranting and she concentrated her attention back on him, she worried about the worries written all over his face. What happened?

“Brian…” She emphasized as she tapped his lap gently.

“What’s wrong with you?” She asked in a go when she got his attention.

“Why are you leaving for England?” He asked quietly.

On hearing that, Andromeda smiled briefly, teased his beard by rubbing it seductively, then stood up from the sofa.

“I should have known better not to say that in your presence yet.” She tapped her jaw playfully.

“Brian, I’m missing Vera a lot. She’s my sister and I think the bond is doing some more foolish work on me than it has ever done to her!” She took her time to stroll freely around the room as she speaks.

“She’s a witch without feelings. I’m an angel with feelings, so I will have to search for the witch.” She finally stopped speaking.

Making her feet stand firmly in his presence then she played with the beads laced on her dress.

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“How long are you going to stay over there?” He asked with a sore stare after a minute of being mute.

“A week, two weeks, or a month. It should be according to how Vera wants me to stay, but don’t worry my love, I won’t keep you waiting.” She spoke elegantly and when she finished speaking, a seductive wink was thrown at Brian, but when he tried grabbing her hands after standing up too since he felt emotional, Andromeda pushed him backward and smartly walked away…

“I’m not in a bright mood. No kiss today.”


Two weeks have passed already with Damien being Damien. He doesn’t leave the mansion, just a little stroll to Annabel’s bird space and then he’s gone back to his room.

Since Damien refused to leave the house or give modeling contracts a thought, Caleb has stopped being around.

Sometimes he goes on different trips, or sometimes he nagged severally with Damien to visit the company, but just like usual thing, Damien would slide the conversation away easily without allowing the nagging acts to stress his peace.

With each passing minute, he keeps Annabel and Vera by his sight. Yes, things have gone beyond how they were, as he’s always at home, and aside from Annabel, the Butler is the only one he gives half of his attention to speak with.

Scott who thought he was the apple of Damien’s eye among the workers already got tired of Vera taking over his space.

He even tried to make her lose her job, but then suddenly one day, a call came through from the woman who paid him before Vera was given the job.

The phone conversation didn’t take much time, but the warning he was given was enough to suppress his pride.

Annabel’s feelings for Vera died down along the way. They talk often, and do everything together, she even confided in Vera so much that the attraction she had for him slowly faded away until she couldn’t find it anymore.

The Butler is better off as a brother, even though they are not related. When she told Damien about it, he shrugged his shoulder like he already saw it coming and that gave her enough peace.

Vera has seen, just as much as she has learned. If there’s a thing she knows to have achieved so far, it is making Damien attracted to her touch.

Any night she fails to visit his room for his head massage, Damien would go over to her room and then request it.

The first day it happens, she was busy with Annabel, when she finished with her, all she could think of was to rest, but then her heart skipped a beat when a knock came on her door suddenly before Damien came into view.

It was a week after he got upset with Annabel. Vera doesn’t know what he thought of but as she rubbed those heads for him, he communicated part of what he was feeling with her.

Damien even told her that he craved comfort. That was a weak tone coming from Damien for the first time.


“I don’t know what your hand is made off, he neglects my care and then calls solemnly for yours!” Annabel complained as she poured some amount of cooking oil into a frying pan.

Vera chuckled, but dare not laugh even though she wanted to. “Maybe he wanted to tease you…” She shrugged her shoulder after she finished saying.

“He was just being silly. He wants baby care from someone else aside from me,” Annabel pointed out.

“Why would he want that? Master Damien is an adult,” Vera defended effortlessly.

“He wanted it. He knew I would refer to him as that, so he would not allow me to do it. I’m only telling you this because you both are making me feel jealous,” Annabel blabbed uncontrollably.

She stretched her hand and Vera gave her the already mixed flour, the one which Annabel wants to prepare pancakes with.

“Gossiping about me in my presence?” Damien said from the doorstep and then walked in when they both caught his gaze.

Vera already saw him there, she was only pretending to keep the discussion because Damien signaled for her not to let Annabel find out about him yet.

Annabel was taken aback by his presence as she doesn’t know if what she had said earlier was bad, but when she noticed the teasing smile on his face, she quit being taken aback by his presence.

“Eavesdropping on people’s conversation?” She asked him back instead of answering.

“Oh!” Damien exclaimed while shaking his head constantly like he was thinking about what to say.

“We don’t have a cat, I would have said that it suddenly cut off your tongue. Since I have a bird, I’m sure my bird must have fed on it.” Annabel joked.

Vera chuckled softly, as she stared at Damien who was staring into space. What he wanted to do took a turn around on him.

“Well I was only coming in to get Disguise, I didn’t know my sister was gossiping about me!” He replied childishly.

“Whatever… Disguise won’t be leaving because he’s my master, and he needs to see what I’m making.” She answered back firmly. Rolled her eyes before resuming back to continue with her pancake.

“I failed to notice that when your hands were hung in the air. So you are going to burn my breathtaking mansion today,” Damien strolled past Vera to Annabel’s side.

“Once my bird is safe, then I’m okay. Everything else can burn.” Annabel fired back too.

“Oh please ma’am, don’t burn my house.” Damien pleaded when he got tired of kidding around with her.

“My sweet brother, I’m sure you don’t also know how to make this. Stay over here and watch me making it, but don’t beg me to teach you.” Annabel walked up to him and then crossed one of his hands which has flour on it around his neck.

“Also, you won’t even get a bite from it.” She likewise added.

Vera stood in her space while watching their dramas. She seriously wanted to laugh out loud but no! She would create another drama as she did two days ago.

“I watched you grow. I didn’t know you would be a pest. What sort of thing have I done to deserve this!” Damien teased and playfully lamented.

Annabel withdrew her hand away from him and then hit his back strongly with the flour, on her palm.

“Ouch!” Damien whined playfully.

“Caleb already taught you how to taunt me!” Annabel hit him one more time before walking up to Vera.

“You saw what he said to me, right? Please stay here with me and don’t go with him. I’m your best friend, right?” Annabel pleaded then placed her two palms on Vera’s shoulder, staining her dress too.

Because Annabel wants to make some pancakes, everyone in this kitchen has gotten a stained dress. She rubbed her palm over all of their dresses, including hers.

After Annabel finished speaking, Vera wanted to talk back when Damien interrupted her words.

“I’m your boss, right? Please go with me and don’t listen to my crying sister. I will treat you better than her.” Damien charged forward also while pleading, with his eyes on Annabel’s hard glare.

Vera didn’t fail to notice that. Damien just begged her to do something for him. She couldn’t have said no to the love of her life.

But what about Annabel? Even though they are not siblings, she sees Annabel as her sister. Also, Annabel just referred to her as a beat friend.

Ops!! How would she say ‘NO’ to Annabel? Who should she say ‘NO’ to among the two siblings? Who should she agree with?

Cold Damien? Or sweet Annabel?

To Be Continued…

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