Making his cold heart soft episode 44

💫(The Princess 👸 In Disguise)👀
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi ❤️💎

💢💢Chapter 44💢💢


If this was a reverie she needed to jolt out of it. Why would she expose herself freely like this without asking God for some hope?

Still standing close to him, her legs together her body was trembling with fear, and she could feel balls of sweat trickling down her forehead, even when she was feeling cold, from the inside of her body.

A minute passed, and before another one could, Damien left where he was sitting and pranced towards the window to check on the paparazzi that are outside.

His back was facing her now, it gave her a few seconds to think of a way out of the situation. The problem was that no idea or any solution came to her imagination

After a few seconds lost in thought, she was still lost in thought like a minute ago, she sighed out loud and then attempted to take off her clothes.

She didn’t want him to remind her because it would surely come with an insult or hurtful word that she won’t happily bear with.

She’s prepared for the worse now. If this happens, then the almighty must have been tired of backing her up with the keeping, of her secret.

Almighty has even tried for her. He has helped her in keeping her secret for almost two months. That’s enough favor done to a girl who’s after the getting of her love but chased after it dangerously.

She has suchhhhcessfully unbuttoned the shirt but her hands still clutched onto her shirt without the strength to pull it over her head.

Damien stared outside through the window glasses, where he was standing.

Brown must have been an evildoer, why else would he keep transparent glasses as windows almost everywhere in his house?

Since he didn’t get to meet with Brown at his company because he has also left with the crowd, just like what one of the security men said when he asked if they saw him.

No other idea of what to do crossed his mind aside from coming over to his house just to get him.

Unlucky for him, it started raining, and where he was recklessly driving at a full speed, the car abruptly stopped going further.

In anger and irritation, Damien stepped into the rain to check what was going on with the car. Why did it stops suddenly at a time like this!?

“Get me the bottled of water,” he then said.

“Master Damien!?” Vera called out to him with a questionable gaze. Damien didn’t have time to look at her, so he just repeated his word, as he wiped his face harshly.

Vera came back with the water, she watched how he filled the calibrator with it, and when he was done, a voice from a distance reached out to them on the not-too-crowded freeway, hitting their ears hard, especially Damien’s.

“Oh my! I can’t believe that Damien is here!” The two ladies whom they didn’t notice them packing their cars earlier sprang closer to them, to Damien precisely.

One of them moved too fast, and she wanted to touch him, despite the grumpy gaze on his cold face. Their presence irritates him.

However before she could touch his shirt, Vera stepped into his presence and fastly pushed the strange lady backward.

“LET ME TOUCH DAMIEN! DAMIEN YOU ARE MY IDOL!!” The young lady who should be in her late twenties shouted at the top of her voice, as she tried to touch him again but Vera didn’t allow her.

She didn’t know where it suddenly came from, but the frown and dangerous gaze on Vera’s face kind of confused the other lady where she stood beside her friend, as she preferred to nourish herself into the feeling of watching Damien standing in her presence live.

Damien watching how his Butler prevented the irritating lady from touching him patted Vera on her shoulder lightly. It’s like his way of saying ‘thank you’ to her for keeping what he hates around him far away from him.

Nevertheless, everyone who was minding their business and was trying to escape through the rain stopped by to watch the commotion that was taking place. No one else aside from those two females knows that it was Damien, standing not far from them. They didn’t expect him to be in a place like this.

“If you don’t allow me to touch him, I will shout and let everyone know that Damien is outside,” she threatened Vera angrily.

Squeezing the car keys in between her palm. Her friend stepped forward and wanted to drag Vera aside.

It seems she was tired of the drama and only wanted to do something about this bad man who was stopping them from touching their favorite celebrity, when the opportunity seems free.

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“STEP ASIDE!” The second lady yelled and dashed forward to push Vera away from her view regardless of the evil glare that Damien showed.

Things didn’t go as she thought that they would easily go, before she could aggressively pull Vera away, Damien stepped forward and keep Vera behind his back.

The Butler was already keeping himself in thought since morning. He was even questioning him about what the problem was before Brown’s figure was noticed amidst the crowd.

No one would stress him or neither Disguise himself, not even these unwanted fans whose presence irritates his own presence.

“Go inside the car quickly!” Damien said to her while avoiding the sheepish smile on their faces for seeing him clearly.

He has always been a handsome idol each time in all his fan’s eyes. Dressed up in a black three cutter shorts with a brown t-shirt, which matched his body perfectly.

He has gold earrings attached to both of his ears. His appearance holds a lot of charming sights. The silver chain with its diamond palm-like pendant was shining brightly where it relaxed on his neck.

Damien has such a rare but beautiful sight to behold for addictive crushers like these two ladies standing in his presence now .

Vera listened what he said and went into the car reluctantly. A part of her doesn’t want to leave him with those two ladies. She hates their sight and their sneaky actions with Damien.

She knows that Damien would take care of them, but she still wants to be there with him.

“Step aside!” Damien insisted when the first lady stood in his presence with her palm covering her mouth shamelessly in astonishment.

“DON’T TOUCH ME!!!” Damien roared when the second lady moved to front and she touched his hair. Yeah, another thing to admire in him should his darkened and ever-shining short hair.

They were both scared, seeing him roaring like that and then glaring dangerously at the two of them.

They didn’t step back, and since the rain wasn’t much in the first instance, it didn’t affect any of them. Even if it does, they don’t resemble who cares.

Maybe the rain chooses to be wicked and not help him get closer to destroying his enemy’s existence. Why should luck always run out of his hands?

“I like you, Damien. My name is Cherish, I’m your greatest fan of all time. I love to…” Damien cursed in a few words they didn’t understand as the lady was just speaking, then he swiftly walked away from their presence.

The one who was quiet while just watching him, grabbed his arm before he could leave totally, but the energy he used in yanking his hand away from her is a such a deal for the lady, so she staggered backward.

“DAMIEN! DAMIEN PLEASE STOP! I’M YOUR FAN AND I LOVE YOU!” One of them spoke again and was hitting his car window, but he already entered the car and was ready to drive off, since he solved the car’s problem already.

The crowds on the busy road were suspicious earlier of his presence, but because of the rain, they couldn’t believe that it was Damien who was standing there a moment ago.

It was like they wanted something to answer their questions before taking action, because the moment they heard the lady’s scream, they darted forward, and few were able to see his face clearly before he started driving recklessly away.

“I’m going on a full speed, use your seatbelt!” He said in a quick tone to Vera who was looking behind at the crowd that was waving and screaming his name.

Celebrity lifestyle is such a fragile life. You cannot freely hide yourself from the world; neither can you walk freely around as you pleased.

Vera can’t believe that the obsessed lady who promised to reveal his identity to the public did, now she has created a mess for him.


He drove for a while before they got to where he was heading to.

Brown’s house is located in a fierce area. He should have known that his agenda wasn’t pure from when he followed Caleb here to get a document from him then.

What human lives at a place where human is scarce, while animals are present? It’s Brown.

Damien doesn’t want anything else presently aside to lay his eyes on Brown and give him the punishment that he deserves, after getting information about Crystal’s whereabouts from him.

The house is without an entrance gate, so he just parked his car at a distance not far from the building.

“We’re going inside!” He managed to say to Vera as he took the lead, while she trailed behind him with the worries that the paparazzi and the crowd who knew Damien is outside would soon trail them here.

What will happen if that happens? What is Damien even searching for?

Damien was surprised when he grabbed the doorknob and then it opened without a key inserted in it.

Something assured him that Brown is inside since the door isn’t locked, but why would he not lock his door? Is this another setup?

Well, he entered along with Vera, but just like Vera had imagined, the crowds came not long after they entered and started creating a scene by shouting and begging for him to come out of his hidden place.

Damien already locked the door behind them. Not only because of the crowd but also because he doesn’t want Brown to escape.

Not until he searched the whole house and couldn’t find Brown, then he knew he has been tricked into haunting rubbish again. Because Brown isn’t there.

However, he can’t say that he wasn’t concerned about the problem those two witches have created for him. How would he address all these problems?

The house was seemingly quiet and not amusing to Damien. Does he even have time to check if Brown chose a good place for himself to stay!?

Where he stood, while planning how to go through with everything, his cold dress started to irritate him.

He needed to change into something else, and the only available alternative, is going through Brown’s closet.

He looked through it and finally settled on the one which he thinks would serve him for a while before he would remove it.

His irritation knew no limit after he wore it, knowing he was putting on his enemy’s dress but he doesn’t have another choice.

When he finished dressing, he looked for a shirt and trousers which he thought were better for the Butler too, handed it over to him then told him to change, so they would find their ways out of here.

After observing the crowd till he got tired of seeing them, he scrunched his nose together in annoyance, before he turned around.

Their eyes met, but with the kind of cold glare she received from him, vera wished the world should come to end.

“Do you expect me to turn around because you want to dress up, huh?” He said in a vicious voice, causing her body to quiver out of fear.

“But… ” When she finally managed to utter a word, Damien shot her a surly grimace.

“The bathroom is over there.” he pointed angrily at the other side of the room.

Without wasting another second, she dashed to the bathroom in a pleased state of mind. Now she believes miracles do happen, just like this one that has happened to her now.

Damien sighed out his exasperation. ‘What would he be thinking?’ He thought.

He didn’t want disguise to think he was interested in a man when he asked her to dress up.

Moreover, one thing isn’t certain about the kind of irritation he was feeling, he didn’t know what caused it.

Was it because of Vera who thought he was interested in his nakedness, or because of Brown, who he loathed so much!?


After some minutes, she hasn’t come out. He grunted. “I’m surely going to fire him,” he grumbled before he headed to the bathroom.

Vera was unwrapping the breast pad while staring at the mirror, which faced her in the bathroom. What she was observing was her pale face.

“Aren’t you done yet?” He snapped. He wasn’t fully inside as he was standing next to the door without looking at her.

Although part of him wants to go in there as he desires, he didn’t.

Hearing his voice she was shocked. She looked toward the door and saw his back, before looking at the breast pad on the floor.

She quickly picked up her shirt and used it on her body, even if she was already caught she didn’t want him to see her like that. See doesn’t want him to see her nakedness.

Damien didn’t notice her reaction earlier, but he was reluctant the moment when he tried looking at her, but then he caught the sight of her back which was all he could see.

Something caught little of his attention later before he could take his eyes away, and it made him confused, what he saw was something like a small bump, slightly revealing itself by the upper side of the Butler’s arm.

‘Hold on, what was that!??’ Damien grimaced.

To Be Continued….

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