Making his cold heart soft episode 47

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’πŸ’’Chapter 47πŸ’’πŸ’’


“Damien must have been searching for you. He’s calling me…” Caleb grumbled with difficulty. He was contemplating within himself what to do.

“Should I tell him that you’re with me?” He questioned Annabel who was just murmuring something incoherent to herself where she stood, across the room.

Annabel stopped murmuring and then threw a dagger look at Caleb, while he also stated defensively back at her.

Caleb was supposed to return Annabel to the mansion when he caught her trying to snitch away. But the reason why he didn’t do that was that Annabel wouldn’t agree to return easily.

He already had a very bad day at the office, and all he wanted to get back home and do was to charge in and speak some useful words into Damien’s hearing.

Entering the estate where many of the mansion that was built in it did not look any different from the other, aside from Damien’s apartment which was twice bigger and well structured than the remaining building.

He thought that it was a silly thought in his head when he saw a girl of the same as Annabel’s appearance walking anxiously away, in her own.

Caleb stared at the girl whose hair was packed into a ponytail, just like the one Annabel always have on her hair.

Annabel was still moving and failed to notice Caleb staring from the front car view screen, as he was sitting in the front seat, with the driver.

“Pull over,” Caleb immediately grumbled to the driver when his doubts were cleared and Annabel’s face was visible enough for him to dictate.

No doubt about it, Annabel is the one coming. Her staring gullibly around and then biting on her lips as she walked, already showed Caleb the question he asked himself if Annabel could be outside alone.

He doesn’t know how she came out of the mansion, but the truth remains that she snitched out of the mansion. No sane worker would allow her to come out of the mansion after Damien had ordered them strictly.

The driver didn’t react in a way that would upset Caleb. He pulled over carefully without the car movement making the mistake of hurting Annabel who was going her way, without bothering about them stopping.

She had no idea that it was Caleb’s car which just stopped. Although the driver noticed her after he parked, and was shocked, he didn’t make a move on his own.

Rather he waited for Caleb to make the move, as it was already clear to him, the reason why he was asked to stop the car.

Caleb came down from the car and then turned around through the back side of the car to speak with her.

“Where on Earth are you going!?” Caleb spoke worriedly as all flashes of the dangers that are outside flashed behind his troubled mind.

When Annabel heard his voice she was shocked, and she had no choice but to stand by and watch him glare at her.

It has happened again, her celebration has been ruined. Was it after walking through miles and dictating her movement on the city’s street, about enjoying the wonderful view of everything, that Caleb showed now to ruin everything for her?

She was really upset with him. Why does he have to come now? She would have hidden somewhere if she knows that Caleb was the one in the car.

The excitement within her blinded her cautious self, and then she stopped caring about any other world aside from the one that she wants to explore. She even forgot to think aboutbher safety.

“I said where are you going to, Annabel?” Caleb questioned again. The stress from the office already gave him a hard day, and now seeing Annabel roaming carelessly around gave him several frights.

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Does she even know what awaits her presence outside the mansion? And those guards… How could they have allowed her to vacate the mansion without any suspicion of where she would go to?

Annabell looked at everything, but not Caleb’s face. She remained quiet, and just as Caleb was about to speak again, she started walking away.

Caleb hissed viciously, as he grabbed her arm before she could elope from his presence.

Annabel was forced to stop going, and couldn’t even take another step from where she stood because Caleb’s grip was too tight on her arm.

“Let go of my arm,” she managed to say while struggling to free it from him.

“Then I would watch you go into danger? Do you know what you’re doing?” Caleb yelled at her but didn’t leave her arm.

“I’m not going into danger! I just want to go out by myself. You and Damien don’t expect me to feed on the walls when you both left me alone!” She shirked at Caleb stubbornly.

Caleb was taken in a little awe by what she said. Where did Damien go to? He didn’t come to the office.

“Stop being childish Annabel. You could have stayed with Disguise,” Caleb managed to say.

“Damien went with him. I was sleeping and woke up to nothing less. They’ve both gone out.” She recited stubbornly.

Now Caleb’s hand that grabbed her arm dropped, as he was forced to think about what is going on. Damien going out with the Butler, and to where?

Annabel hissed, folded her arms below her breast level, the moment Caleb released them.

She kept her face straight as she stared into the tense atmosphere. Feeling all sort of disappointment within her.

“You should have called me. Also, staying without any of us will not harm you.” Caleb counted on his words.

“Going out to view something new wouldn’t do anything evil to either you, none Damien,” Annabel answered back boldly.

Both of them remained quiet for minutes until Caleb smartly tricked Annabel into allowing him to take her out, seeing the broad smile on Annabel’s face after he said that gave him a positive answer.

They both resumed inside the car, and then the driver stormed off.

They’ve gotten to the company’s premises before Annabel knew it that Caleb has not taken her to a place that she wants to visit, but he has taken her to where he wanted.

“Why did you bring me here!? I want to go out.” Annabel protested behind him as he stepped into the elevator.

She was so interested in what she was arguing about that she didn’t know when she stepped into the elevator with him.

It was after the door closed that she knew how foolish she was. Caleb laughed heartily, as he wondered how Annabel’s little brain works.

Since the elevator has taken her to where she had no idea of how to go back and the fact that she wants to enjoy seeing her brother’s company too, she stopped nagging.

All the workers that they came across greeted Caleb, and even Annabel respectfully.

There was no need of asking one another about whom she is, everyone knows that Damien has a sister, and this is his sister.

All eyes stared at the lucky girl. And the female staff wished to be in her shoe. She’s really lucky to be a close relative to somebody like Damien.

After walking for a while, with Annabel neglecting all the states from everyone, they finally got into Caleb’s office.

She stepped in right after him, but immediately she entered, just like Caleb was waiting for her, he walked back and locked the door.

Swinging the keys in the air as he smiled smartly at Annabel who was glaring dangerously at him.

Now here they are, they’ve been in this place for the past one hour, with Caleb just doing his work on the laptop, while Annabel didn’t stop murmuring since she got in here, but he ignores everyone of her words.


The first call from Damien hung because Caleb was speaking to Annabel, who was still provoked by what Caleb said to her earlier.

It isn’t up to a minute when another one came in, and before Caleb could even pick up the phone from where he dropped it on his desk, Annabel walked fastly and took it from there.

“Hello, Annabel is missing,” Damien spoke quickly after the call was picked up, and those words were said directly to Annabel’s hearing, herself.

She felt her heart become heavy after she realized the worried voice of her brother. She shouldn’t have done this in the first place. Caleb just told her the truth but in a callous way.

“I’m not missing Damien, I’m with Caleb,” she spoke confidently and she guessed the shocked expression that must have been on his face after hearing her speak.

“Annabel!” Damien called immediately in surprise.

“Yes I’m here, I’m with Caleb.” She answered him back while glaring at Caleb who acted like he was the only one present in the room.


“Don’t you ever do that to me again!” Damien warned strictly as he cradled Annabel up in his embrace.

“I would have ki*lled them all if anything happens to you,” he added dangerously where they were both sitting in the backspace.

“I’m sorry… It wasn’t their fault,” Annabel protested as she leaned her head against his shoulder. Closing her eyes tiredly as she felt guilty for stressing her lovely brother.

It was true. She should have thought about everything before she left the house. She couldn’t have expected Damien to smile at the workers when she has gone missing.

“It was their carelessness. Why didn’t you stay in your room?” Damien parted her hair as he freed her from the embrace, but his right hand hugged her back.

“I was bored, you shouldn’t have taken Disguise with you,” Annabel answered back. Her innocent eyes stared at Damien and knowing she was unharmed gave him some peace.

One or two times, his mind has tried to think about Brown’s threat but Damien chooses to place it aside until he is ready to think about it.

“I’m sorry. Don’t scare me like that next time. What if Caleb didn’t find you!? Anywhere else aside from this mansion isn’t safe for you. Please don’t go anywhere without my approval again, okay?” Damien cautioned in a light tone.

“Okay.” Annabel shook her head obediently at him.

She watched him smile hard, as he examined her body, Incase of ut there was any scratch on it, even though he knew that it was not possible.

“I’m fine Damien. Caleb saw me before I could leave the estate premises.” Annabel tried to calm her overprotective brother down.

Damien nodded his head, as he was satisfied with her well-being.

“How did you know that I was with Caleb?” Annabel curiously asked.

Damien pulled her closer to him, and then he replied gently, “Disguise urged me to call Caleb and ask.”

Annabel smiled heartily, realizing the butler’s smartness. But when Damien saw her smiling and felt suspicious so he asked, “You like him that much?”

Annabel smiled briefly before replying, “He’s a sweet soul. Sometimes I wished that he is a woman. His nature is very sweet, which would have separated him from all women, and make him special,” She answered back boldly.

“I wouldn’t have come out here if he was to be around, in the mansion. Disguise always keep my company, when you and Caleb failed to,” she started speaking.

Even in her lengthy words, she still isn’t satisfied with the praises she has given to Vera yet. She feels like the Butler deserves more.

In all what Annabel had said, Damien noticed her disappointment about the Butler being a man, and seeing how Annabel is so interested in womankind gave his heart some sensible thinking.

He was hard, and so was his heart. Maybe he has neglected every thoughts about women, and also crossed his heart about them, but this view didn’t also stop him from observing all Annabel has said about the Butler.

Now he has found himself in a broad-thinking state. Would he have allowed the Butler into his life if he was a woman?

Comprises of the butler’s sweet nature, and how he has managed to get Annabel into liking him, and obviously he would do anything for Annabel. Even if it includes him allowing a woman which Annabel liked around him.

It wasn’t in his diary to give a worker any special treatment, although he has never treated any of his workers badly in the past.

But the tender acts of the Butler towards his beloved sister have secretly opened a soft door in him.

If it is possible to change the butler’s gender just as Annabel desire, Damien wouldn’t entirely mind it.

Truthfully, the butler’s nature is too sweet and likewise tender to be a man. And it has managed to create a soft spot in Damien for womankind if possible, despite his hardness.

To Be Continued…

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