Making his cold heart soft episode 49

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’πŸ’’ Chapter 49πŸ’’πŸ’’


The time goes by quickly, and it was evening already. Not only was it the late hour of the day, but the period for Caleb to finally take a break from all the work he has been attending to and find a resting space, for himself.

Just like Caleb had thought that he would, he tried talking with Damien earlier when he came to get Annabel from him, but Damien never gave him a listening ear.

Throughout his stay there, his concentration was only on Annabel. He even failed to answer Caleb’s question of where he went to, which made Annabel leave this house.

Also, he wants to know the reason why he went out with the Butler, even when he knows that the Butler is closest person to Annabel in the mansion, aside from him and Damien.

His head was filled to the brim with all sorts of thoughts. Even his straightforward mind couldn’t overcome the bunch of worries that lay itself, with different layers in him.

Caleb thinks that before vacating the company, he needs to visit somewhere to soothe his brain.

It is not a regular feeling but once again, he’s thinking about his biological parents, after a long time.

Becoming a part of the family of STEWART’S, since childhood doesn’t make him a member of their family totally. The same blood doesn’t run down their veins.

Although no one ever bothered him with the question, he couldn’t resist the hollow space in his heart, which crave the attention of both of his parents.

Years have passed by already, but doesn’t one always have childhood memories?

How come he forgot about all of his own!? Not even a picture of what his mother resembles, neither is an image of his father’s face.

Not even a glance of memories from when he was born, to the remembrance of the faces, which belongs to his biological parents ever appears to him.

He has grown. He is already an adult. But how do they make a painful thought vacate the thinking of a confused person!? Caleb needs a way out, to approach this.

Caleb needs to sort himself out. Maybe just by going to somewhere else, aside from where noise stays.

Getting some views about the other side of the world. Or maybe seeing beautiful things from a high mountain.

Some worries can be battled with, by just giving your mind the chance to lead you, directly to where it’s interested in soothing itself out…

Unlike Damien who neglects most thoughts from his inner self, Caleb listened carefully to what his heart wanted, and he trailed after it.


Walking calmly up the stairs and before he reached the last stair, at the top of the building…

Caleb turned around and waved lazily at the guard who followed him behind closely to ensure his safety, just in case the media is out here to investigate again.

By the signal of his palm, the guards lowered his head respectfully, then he stopped following him.

Caleb didn’t look back to check whether he has stopped following or not, he was sure of it that he wouldn’t dare follow him anymore.

And with that been done, he walked alone to the top of the building, where the mind-blowing secret of the beautiful country is being kept.

His feet stood still in a few steps to the brim part of it, and his two hands kept themselves safe in his warm pocket.

His grey eyes stared closely at a far distance relentlessly.

The breeze that was silently blowing in the calm environment fell in love with his hair, and it started ruffling it on his behalf.

In the next minutes, his hair lost it’s temporary strength to the breeze and allowed it to caress it, like it wants.

If Caleb was to be an animal, his eyes presently would represent the cat’s eyes that are known to shine, brighter and can vividly view everything in the dark.

Even his appearance looks more like a dangerous thing to encounter, with the way his eyes presented it, but his heart was too weak that, it didn’t mind the breeze strength, from getting his eyes teary.

He once came here with the woman that he thought he could spend the rest of his life with…

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Maybe he should have brought his worst enemy here instead of Tiana, because the hill didn’t grace their well-being after they came here.

After then, he swore never to bring anyone special to him here again.

Things might stop working again, just like it happened between him and Tiana, and he isn’t ready to lose another loved one to this high hills power.

However, as he was thinking, what he didn’t know was that the universe plans things sometimes against human wishes.

Right there, where he was trying to give his mind some comfort, soft whimpers graced his ears, and since it happened consistently, he was forced to take his eyes away from the country buildings.

He felt suspicious when the whimpering became harder, and louder… Too loud to the extent of giving him concern.

The whimpering sound belongs to someone else, because only his eyes were wet, he didn’t speak any word, or neither any whimper, even with the pain that is buried inside of him.

Caleb turned around fiercely and reacted on what side of the top hill, the whimpering was coming from.

When he finally realized it, by the spacious part of his right side, where he was graced with the presence, of the one who owns the tears and the loud whimper.

His eyes watched how her lips were shivering when he finally, caught her in the free space on the ground crying heartily…

He doesn’t know who she was, or why she was crying, but sympathy overtook him instantly after seeing how broken her state was.

So much concern for her, that he forgets about his own problems.

She already noticed his steps, but she didn’t stop letting out her pain, by shedding more tears.

She cried harder, and when she tolerate someone seeing her being devastated, she said, “P-P-please, go away,” she stuttered to him, while she raised her head calmly to say, to him.

Caleb caught the sight of her swollen eyes quickly, and even a hint of her appearance.

He watched her closely as she resumed back to whimpering while hugging her thighs tighter than before. She cradled herself weakly where she was sitting.

Caleb instinct reminded him. He knows who she is.

He has seen her multiple times, and even if he has never met her, no one would be deprived of knowing her identity.

Why will he not recognize her? She is one of the identical twins, that was birth by the king.

One of the king’s survival is out here crying her heart out by this time of the night, with no one there with her.

What’s making the princess cry so much, in such a place like this alone!? And why now, when he’s actually there to pour out his pain, to the high hills deaf ears!?


“You’re not a man!” Andromeda half screamed as she distanced herself away from Vera.

Vera was shocked by the statement that came out of her mouth, but she could put things in order before it would get worse.

“N-No Annabel. How can I not be a man? I’m just saying that I’m not just a man, but your best friend like you always call me,” she reprimanded quickly and then watched as Annabel’s raised brows relaxed slowly.

“I’m not just a man. I’m also your friend, and master Damien wouldn’t shout at me,” she faked a smile after saying.

“Oh! I’m okay you’re not, but also disappointed,” Annabel blurted out as she went closer to Vera’s arms again.

Then they both take the lead into the mansion, with Annabel interlocking their palms together.

Vera didn’t mind it. She believed it that she could save herself from the mess, in which her slip of tongue could have landed her.

“Why are you disappointed by it?” She asked curiously, when she remembered Annabel stating that, after she declined not being a man.

“I want you to be a woman, even though I know that it isn’t possible,” Annabel simply replied, as she leaned her head against Vera’s shoulder since Vera is taller.

No hard feelings attached, she just needs a comforter, who is going to make her feel comfortable about everything. And Vera is the only one who can do that presently.

Vera stared at her head that was placed on her shoulder innocently as they climbed up the stairs, while she ignored the stares from her fellow workers who were shocked about how Damien walked away earlier without yelling at the butler for touching his sister.

‘Annabel wants me to be a woman!?’ Vera worried about it but never said it out.

“We will talk about that later. Why were you crying earlier?” She asked instead.

She doesn’t want to lie to Annabel. Neither does she want to start a drama that she wouldn’t be able to end immediately. Her gender is a talk, for another day.
But presently, she wants to know about what happened between the siblings.

“I’m going to tell you everything after resting. But please can you get me to my room, I’m exhausted.” Annabel silently said, with her weak eyes battling with sleep.


“Because Crystal is a sinner doesn’t make her lookalike sinners!” it echoed again in his head.

”If Crystal is evil, is everyone also evil?” Annabel’s voice echoed more.

Damien twisted the switch of the shower, into that like of a heavy rain, while he kept his body to stand still under it’s heavy flow without moving.

He stubbornly kept his eyes open and didn’t bother about the water trespassing into his blue eyes.

If only his eyes could change it’s colour to what his mood wants, they would have been clouded with red color instead.

Too many thoughts and definitely, an absolutely bad feeling.

Everything Annabel said made his heart roamed around, more than usual.

“None of the women is at fault!!!” the water yanked Annabel’s words into his ears again.

He couldn’t take it anymore, so he lost it.

The rushing of the water on his head was too much. Too much to the extent that his stiffed body couldn’t resist the shivering that suddenly overpowered his whole being.

Damien’s breathing started seizing, since his strength already had enough of him resisting the intake of the oxygen, which could have given him a new life.

Before his hands could switch the shower off, his breathing threatened to hitch yet, he still had the energy to suddenly yell, and he did yell.

He screamed vigorously to the extent of almost losing his voice to the noise of it.

The pain was just too much for him to bear.

Maybe sacrificing his voice to the pain wouldn’t be a bad idea… So he didn’t step down from screaming once again, and in a louder way.


Vera was caressing the head of the sleeping Annabel.

Since Damien had asked her to look after Annabel, Vera sat beside her sleeping body, on the bed, as she tried to make her feel better, even in her sleep.

Alone with her thoughts, and was too worried about everything that happened during the day.

She was concerned about the two siblings. Presently, she’s equally concerned about both Damien and Annabel.

As she’s worried about Annabel that is within her reach, she is also worried about Damien who was not where she could read through his emotion.

She was restless and out of curiosity, together with her love for him, she decided to check on Damien.

She caressed Annabel’s hair, once again before she walked out of the room without a loud sound.

Annabel’s room is only a few steps away from Damien’s. She only walked a few steps before she met herself standing in front of Damien’s restroom door.

With how things are, Vera knew that she would soon land herself in trouble, but she couldn’t resist the urge to walk closer to the trouble.

Like most times, Damien didn’t reply to her, even after knocking on the door many times.

She wasn’t supposed to barge in but she did.

He wouldn’t do the worst thing to her than he has done in the past. And if at all things didn’t go well after entering, she would escape his wrath by talking about Annabel to him.

With that thought on her mind, Vera twisted the doorknob and entered the room. She was expecting Damien’s cold stare to grace her entrance, but that didn’t happen.

Damien isn’t in the room. She twitched her mouth tiredly, as she walked quietly in to the room.

Thinking about his where about, when the sudden scream came. It was a loud scream, that almost scare her.

She was immediately alerted. Looking towards the sound, and she realized it coming directly from the bathroom.

Damien is in there, and the painful scream must have been from him. She was startled and worried, by merely thinking about him being in trouble, but she couldn’t take a step from where she was standing.

Not until another scream came, did she move closer to the bathroom, and in an insane mind, she pushed open the door just to ensure his safety.

However, what she saw when she barged into the bathroom crashed her confidence, and rather replaced it with fear.

Her feet became firm on the ground, when she bumped into Damien lying down weakly in the bathtub without any clothes on.

Damien was completely naked, and his eyes didn’t welcome her presence well, because he glared terribly at her.

To Be Continued…

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