Making his cold heart soft episode 50

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’πŸ’’Chapter 50πŸ’’πŸ’’

Damien stared shallowly at her, from his devastated state. He eyed her narrowly but didn’t communicate a word to her.
He already twitched the switch of the shower, so the water isn’t running anymore. Now he’s sitting down nakedly in the bathtub.

His hair is all wet, and the water on it continues trailing down his neckline. He could see his skin was cold, just like his heart.

All the pains he wanted the water to take away are still there for him to bear. Even after screaming, he couldn’t help relieve himself of those pains.

He felt ashamed of himself. Damien was mad at himself. Everything was unfolding before him, but he was too blind to see anything.

He wasn’t regretting hating those kinds, he just regretted him allowing their kind to ruin his family.

However, after all, that happened, Damien didn’t help himself to be strong like Caleb. Didn’t he lose his family too at a tender age? Yet he didn’t let the truth bury his well-being.

His mother left him, but he didn’t despise her kind entirely because of that. Even the first woman he gave his heart to also left him deranged.

With all that has happened to him, Caleb was still calm and well-composed. Not like he doesn’t have some dislikes towards them, but he didn’t allow it to cloud his heart like Damien allowed all the coldness to pierce his heart deeply.

Caleb was strong, and he choose the best decision for himself. The decision of abstaining from anything that would tamper with his mentality, and he’s going far in protecting himself against being cold-hearted.

Vera in her shocked state, couldn’t stop her heart from thumping faster than usual. She could even hear the fast beating rate of it, against her chest.

What has she come here to do? Was it all needed to barge in without a knock!? She should have known it better than Damien would be naked, it’s not like her ears were dumb at the sound of the running water earlier.

Hearing the running water sound means that he was showering, but she lost herself in her love for him, allowed fright to win over her thinking, and couldn’t bear another minute outside after hearing his scream.

She came in here to check if something bad has happened to him. That scream of his wasn’t just an ordinary one.

She had seen him yelling before but it was not as mighty, or terrified as this recent one that dragged her feet in here to witness danger.

Nevertheless of all her thoughts, she was still able to grip herself some peace, maybe because she didn’t see Damien’s rod, but only saw him without anything on. Since he was sitting down in the bathtub, his penis is well hidden from her eyesight.

Her eyes didn’t trail down there when she entered, she only made contact with his eyes and chest. And it was a normal realization that anyone would have known that he was naked.

Although the water in the bathtub has reduced, she didn’t dare to look towards his male sexual organ. No, her heart can’t bear that yet. She doesn’t even want to think about seeing it. Or even see it from where she was standing.

“I’m- I’m sorry, mas-master Damien…” She stuttered when she saw the glare that was given, she quickly turned around, then tried to leave.

“Get me the towel,” Damien requested calmly before she could take a step. His eyes weren’t on her, they were on the hung towels.

She could vividly hear his movement from behind her after that; meaning that he was getting off the bathtub already.

Vera heaved a deep sigh and stretched her neck to the bathroom hanger, where all the towels are hung. She was reluctant and uncomfortable for seeing him almost naked.

It’s a good thing that she didn’t look down to the in-between of his leg. She would have gone blind by now.

With her worries aside, she carefully picked a towel from the hanger.

Without her face being turned around to face him, Vera tiptoed back to him with her eyes half-closed, then she stretched the towel at him when she noticed that she was close enough to him.

Damien rolled his eyes lazily but didn’t raise his hand to receive the towel, rather he asked,

“You don’t want to see another naked man like you!? So, why did you enter without being called on?” he collected the towel from her after saying.

Vera whose eyes were closed didn’t know when she was forced to open them, and this time around Damien was almost done wrapping the towel around his waist, so his naked body had been wrapped up with something

She gulped stuff down her throat, and threw her eyes speechlessly on the ground before replying, “I-I heard you screaming, so I rushed in to see if you’re alright,”

After she said that, Damien didn’t bother speaking to her anymore, he looked at her face that wasn’t trying to give him any attention briefly.

When he finished tying the towel, he got another clean short towel. The one which he was rubbing on his hair, to dry it, then he walked past her, like she was never there.

Vera was still feeling nervous, maybe what she expected to happen isn’t what was happening.

Damien didn’t seem angry about her coming in here without him calling. Although he didn’t act like he wasn’t angry.

Neither does he look offended by her presence. She was the one who was feeling uncomfortable barging in here and almost seeing the naked body of him.

She was likewise the one feeling all worried about his silence. Damien’s silence is killing. Isn’t he supposed to have leached out anger on her yet?

Well, she hasn’t forgotten what led her to this place. It was Damien’s scream that made her enter.

If she came here because of that, she needs to look after that too, even when Damien’s eyes held no vivid emotion aside from being blank, and kind of worried.

“Master Damien, are you alright?” She asked in a very calm and delicate tone.

He stopped on his track after hearing her, having a second thoughts on whether he should reply to her or not.

“Can you do anything about it, even if I am to say that I’m not alright?” He asked sarcastically, with dry laughter, then he walked out, leaving only her to glare at the bathroom walls, while in deep thought.


“I just want to feel loved by him. I love him and I want him to return the love so that we will both have a good love story to tell,” she cried harder as she explained.

He watched her with tears at the corner of his eyes. His heart was breaking at witnessing this sight. He got distracted by the thought of her troubles and didn’t resume back to his own thoughts.

He couldn’t ask her to stop speaking. She needs to let out all that is disturbing her before she would find some peace in herself.

“You know my sister warned me about him. I was being stupid and thought that my sister couldn’t tolerate two people with mutual love feelings because the one she loved doesn’t even care about womankind,” she blurted out.

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This time, seeing her still whimpering and gulping down the urge to cry harder, he couldn’t resist the urge to adjust closer to her and allow his hand to give her some consolation rubs.

“I turned my sister’s words down just to be with him and now, he didn’t only trade my love, but he also rubbed it all over my face that it’s useless, by cheating on me, and didn’t care about how I would feel!” She almost yelled furiously.

The stranger’s hand that was rubbing her back calmly only made the urge to cry become harder on her.

“Brian has the heart to cheat on me after everything and was proud himself to call me all sorts of names in her presence,” says Andromeda’s trembling lips.

“He didn’t think about when he promised to be there for me while my sister is away. He forgot how we used to be best lovers. Oh! My heart can’t bear the pain!!” She eventually yelled painfully, pushing her knees closer to her chest while shivering terribly.

“Relax!!” Caleb forgot about his pain and was hurting about hers instead. Was it not a while ago that he was thinking about how his first love left him, and someone was on this hill to grieve over her pain too!?

“He doesn’t deserve your tears,” he said again while rubbing her back, and then looking at her face.

The king’s twins are truly identical and difficult to recognize. He has surely met the two of them before. But it was only on one occasion he got to notice them properly.

Annabel once asked for their pictures. What he couldn’t differentiate is if this princess crying before him was the one Damien spoke rudely to or the one that he forcefully took pictures with.

She could as well be the two or maybe isn’t the one.

“I thought we were perfect for each other until I caught him cheating on me,” after crying so much, her voice started becoming weak.

“It’s okay… You will be fine.” Caleb assured. With how she was shivering, he realized that just rubbing her back isn’t enough consolation.

He carefully sat down beside her, then he pulled her body slowly towards his shoulder and chest.

Caleb thought that she would refuse his gesture, but surprisingly, she didn’t. Rather she bursted into another tears, before burying her face in his chest.

Andromeda cried more, and Caleb didn’t stop her. He kept on assuring her that everything would be alright.

After they’d stayed that way for a while, Andromeda managed to grip some hold of herself. The comfort from the stranger at least helped her to get some peace.

The pain in her heart is still there, but it isn’t hurting like it was when she caught Brian with that girl in the eatery together.

She even tried to speak with him, but rather he yelled at her in a public place.

All that was on her mind was finding a private place to release her tears. That was why she came here alone, after sending the guards who were following her like a thief away.

“Are you here with your men?” Caleb asked. She doesn’t need to ask him what he meant. She knew he was referring to the men who are supposed to protect her.

“No,” she replied almost in a whisper.

“You are not supposed to be outside alone by this time, Princess. It’s very dangerous,” Caleb stated, with one of his arms still rubbing her back.

She didn’t answer him, she just released herself from his body and was about to stand up.

“I drove myself here. I can return home without them. I’m sorry for ruining that with my tears,” she said, and then eyed the spot on Caleb’s shirt that has been soaked with her tears.

Caleb looked down, and when he saw it, he just nodded his head, then smiled faintly at her.

“Can I drive you back home? it will be safe for you,” he asked, and after a few thoughts, she later accepted.


“You should be happy that one of your children is still alive. I wasn’t entirely wicked to you for being daft,” she said nonchalantly, about his next reaction.

“You wouldn’t do that. You said that my kids are well!!!” Brown yelled furiously in rage.

“Ops! Did I say that? Crystal, why on Earth would you tell him that!?” She dramatically asked no one in particular.

“Don’t mind Crystal, she lies a lot. Listen to only me, because I always say the truth. And the truth Crystal failed to tell you but which I would tell you is that, another one of your daughters was killed again yesterday by Crystal,” the grey eyes wicked woman played with the tip of her rough hair as she says.

“You wouldn’t dare. This witch you can’t do that to me!!” Brown tried forcing himself from their grip, but he couldn’t.

“I did everything that you asked me to do. I’m going to end you if you touch a hair on my children!” The angry father threatened painfully.

Who would be in his shoe and wouldn’t be in pain? How could she have told him that the reason why he became her errand toy had been harmed? He’s doing everything just to ensure their safety.

“I see you’ve gained some personality like mine. How do you ever gotten the gut to dare me? Well, you should have spoken up earlier, because I didn’t just touch a hair on them, I shaved everything off, and it wouldn’t grow again.” She proudly say.

Brown lost his patience, and seeing her disgusting face so close to him, he spat angrily at her evil face.

After that happened, she laughed dryly while cleaning the spit off her face, then she slapped him very hard that he would have lost his balance, if his body was free.

Crystal didn’t need to say another word, when the two men holding Brown pushed him to the ground and then pounced on him.

They punched him badly till his face was covered in blood and parts of his body already became numb.

Brown started losing his strength, as he spat blood out of his mouth severally.

Crystal was happy at this sight in front of her, so she started laughing heartily at his helpless body, on the ground, while he was covered in his own clot of blood.


When Vera finally left the bathroom and returned to the room, she met Damien sitting all devastated on the rug, in his room.

He has already changed into a comfortable wear, in comprises of a jogger and a grey singlet.

Vera knows that him not scolding her earlier doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t do it later. She was just surprised that instead of him strolling around the room while waiting to punish her, Damien was staring at space.

When he heard the bathroom door opening, he looked in that direction. Since she’s been in there, he thought that Vera was going to remain inside forever.

He doesn’t need to be surprised that a man is acting scared like a woman. The Butler is just trying his best to stay away from Damien’s punishment.

Not like he wasn’t upset that the Butler interrupted his private moment. He was indeed upset and would have done a lot if it’s on his usual days.

He’s still much invested in his thoughts.

Also, knowing the Butler came because she felt worried about him, relaxed the anger he would have felt in him.


Still, in the silent room without anyone saying anything or Vera speaking, Damien started sneezing because he had stood under the shower earlier, and that was not a good thing to do.

Vera noticed him sneezing, but when she saw that it wouldn’t stop, she rushed up to him, couldn’t touch him but kept on telling him ‘sorry’, even though he never answered her back.

The sneezing didn’t stop, and Damien’s cold face has become pale already. She looked at his face, then her eyes trailed up to his hair, which was wet.

Immediately, Vera went back to the bathroom, grabbed another towel then went back to the room.

It seems the coldness increased, because he’s sneezing harder than earlier. Without even asking him, she knelt beside him and started drying his hair with the towel.

Damien didn’t even try to stop her. He leaned closer to her body, so his head would be at the same height as her shoulder.

While standing, he’s much taller than her,and while he is sitting, his shoulder was still higher than hers, when she knelt beside him.

Damien appreciates the kindness of this Butler. He has gotten a lot of butlers before Vera came. The closest to him among the previous ones was Tony.

When Tony left, Damien thought things would be hard on him, even though he doesn’t always appreciate any closeness between him and someone.

This Butler came and made everything to have ease. Even his sister couldn’t stop talking about his kindness. And now when he thinks that he was too grieve in his pain, the Butler is here to help him sustain the outcome of his pain.

“You know I made my sister cry today? I’m a bad brother,” Damien muttered. Vera’s palm on his hair, shook lightly when she heard him suddenly speaking to her.

“I thought my parents were the worse, but I’m also the worse son for them,” he muttered again.

Vera pauses the movement of her hand on his hair, as she finds it difficult to understand what he was saying to her.

“Please don’t stop,” Damien sneezed after saying.

“Ain’t you the closest person to Annabel? She even speaks well of you each time she has the chance. Please care for me as you would for Annabel. I’m also lonely,” Damien tendered his weakness in the presence of the Butler.

“She said you’re a man, but with the sweetness of a woman. I don’t like women, but if I see one that is your replica, I would thank destiny,” he winced lightly after saying.

“Master Damien, I’m sorry for entering earlier,” Vera apologized as that was all she could manage to say.

Damien chuckled. His rare chuckles. “You only cared about me. Why should I be upset? I don’t deserve care from anyone actually,”

“My stepmother is the reason why my hatred for women grew a long time ago. I don’t dislike men. You seeing me naked, is like Caleb seeing me without clothes on,” he summarized, and Vera sighed loudly.

“Annabel’s words are killing me inside. And I’m angry at myself for making my sister cry so much,” he added.

Damien is confiding in Vera because she’s the only one who has shown care to him during this period.

Just what Damien didn’t notice was that as he speaks, Vera’s eyes were already teary. She pitied him. She pitied the man she loves.

She doesn’t even know why there were tears in her eyes, but they would soon start dropping on her knees. She had stopped drying his hair, and now she was sitting down, devastated beside him.

Damien’s sneezes have reduced and presently, he wants to be cradled up like a child.

Enough of him acting all mighty and cold. The inner him is weak and emotional.

He doesn’t even know what tempted him to lean his head against the Butler’s shoulder. Damien needs a comforter and the Butler is here to comfort him.

Vera rubbed the tears off her eyes before they could start dropping. She caress his hair, and he loved her touch so much that he slept off after a light yawn.

Vera was sad but proud of herself. She has not only taken care of Annabel or Damien. Rather, she has taken care of the two emotionally troubled siblings.

To Be Continued…

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