Making His Cold Heart Soft

Making his cold heart soft episode 52

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise) πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’πŸ’’Chapter 52πŸ’’πŸ’’


It’s a new day to accomplish many unfinished tasks.

Vera left Damien’s room after she woke up, as while she was sleeping, some noise crept closer to her earing, the voice was too loud for her to maintain her sleeping state, opening her eyes and there she saw that it was Damien speaking on a phone call with someone.

Her first glance at his face, while he was speaking, gave her some rest. He looks better than last night.

Vera cracked her head properly as she was remembering all that has happened last night.

All the remembrance gave her some peace aside from the one of her almost seeing Damien naked.

The sweetest of the thought was when Damien opened up to her and shared a lot of his problems with her.

Even if she doesn’t go in there and reduce the pain that he was feeling inside of him, it was obvious that his opening up to her helped him relieve part of the pain that was in him.

All these days and when she hadn’t been here, she had thought that Damien is some sort of crazy human being. Maybe a cold wizard too. A lot of criticism about him and much of it is not the truth.

Who would have known that Damien has been through so much, and his reasons for loathing women is as a result of what he went through?

Anyone in his shoe might have done the same. Every brother would feel terrible if their beloved siblings ever get a reason to weep because of them.

Damien had torn his heart apart last night, and he has forgotten the coldness in it. He poured out all of his worries and slept off while mourning his own mistakes.

Vera woke up to see him speaking with someone, without the same pained voice he had yesterday. Also, he sounded more like himself now. At least something has changed about him.

“Okay, I will do something about it,” Damien finally said before ending the phone call. He dropped his phone on a close-by surface then he looked in the direction where the Butler has been sleeping. It seems he was aware of the Butler gawking at him.

Damien had thought of helping the Butler sleep on the bed but the thought is awkward and difficult for him to listen to.

He knows that the Butler has helped him without being reluctant, but presently, the cold Damien is only at rest, it has not gone tonally.

“Good morning, Master Damien.” Vera yawned lightly while immediately gathering herself, then rising from the spot she passed the night.

“You have a sweet nature, thanks for being there last night,” Damien answered instead with a faint smile after staring at her for a long time, then he watched as the Butler lost the right word to say.

It isn’t a regular act of his to do. But it isn’t what he cannot do. It’s just like this… Damien had many sides of him, but he gives ways to the callous part of himself to control him most times.

Damien was such a sweet child while growing up. It’s a saying that old habits never die easily. His sweet nature is still perfectly in existence.


Vera smiled sheepishly as she remembered Damien’s words to her before she left the room.

Does all Damien has said earlier mean that he has stopped hating women? No, she can’t conclude that yet.

Vera wanted to think about all that has happened, but she can’t forget about her family’s well-being too.

Everything that took place yesterday was an unbelievable adventure. If she didn’t witness it and anyone has told it to her as a story, she wouldn’t believe any bit of it.

Right from following Damien to his company, then they went in search of someone she never knew. Damien defends her in the presence of those fans that thought of Vera as a nobody.

Running under the rain and then searching for the missing Annabel. Finding Annabel and then having to help the two troubled siblings get over their pains.

All those moments happened on the same day and she was involved in everything all through.

Her reason for coming here isn’t because of all that has happened, but because she needed to win over her love.

What people always think is getting a task done, but they always neglect the stages that could help in developing the task properly. This princess here is battling with a lot because of the one she loves.

She never knew it would be difficult like this. Getting another life from the other side of the world for herself. Building up relationships with people she never imagined ever meeting.

Damien hasn’t even been able to recognize her identity yet, but he already wished that she was a woman.

Things are going as she wanted them to go, but she’s failing to keep her loved ones like she’s keeping the ones over here with her.

Her parents and twin sister should come first above everything. It’s not all needed for her to be selfish.


Vera scrunched her nose together in irritation as she removed the coat that she was wearing. She doesn’t like the body scent coming from it. It’s a mixture of hers and the stranger’s scent.

The same coat she had worn from yesterday because of the rain. The one which she got from Brown’s house.

The moment she removed everything from her body, intense freedom gripped hold of her. She felt free and very comfortable. Her breast fell out of the breast pad as she rolled it out of it.

Disguising and putting on fake clothes that would match her identity hasn’t been easy on her. It’s more stressful than it seems.

Making use of the breast pad to tie up her big boobs and then having to fake her voice while speaking. Everything is very difficult.


Vera went into the bathroom and had a quick shower. She needs to hurry up with everything before anybody comes here to search for her, but a soothing bath would help her sanity a lot.

When she resumed back to the room, she caught a glance of her figure in the mirror and a gasp escaped her lips.

Why is she looking so pale? Is she about to fall sick again!? And her nipples hurting while she was bathing, could only mean something. And it’s something bigger for her. Something that shouldn’t happen as of this moment.

She rubbed her body with the body lotion. Grabbed a scissor and then quickly trimmed off her hair since the length started becoming too obvious again. Why can’t it just stop growing for now!?

It was when she had the length of her hair reduced that the thought of her sister hit her hard.

Now she remembers everything clearly, she didn’t take her phone out with her yesterday and she never came back into the room.

Oh hell! Vera left where she was about to apply lotion on her body fastly then she went to get her phone from where she kept it safe.

Just like she had thought of it, there are many missed calls from Andromeda. Vera already guessed that this would happen, and she never wasted another minute dialing her number, while thinking about the number of scolds she would get from Andromeda.

Vera hopes to hear her sister speaking, but instead of that happening, it was a hanged-up tone that jolted her out of her thoughts. Annabel didn’t pick up the call.

Vera called again, and again, but she never picked any of it. What’s going on? Andromeda is never like this!.

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“Hey! I thought that you didn’t come back home last night,” Damien attempted as he walked freely into the free space, in the room.

“I did,” Caleb answered simply, then he continued what he was typing.

“Okay. What are you doing with that early in the morning?” Damien pointed a finger at the laptop in his presence.

“You gave me so much work to do, and yet you ask me what I’m doing…really?” Caleb questioned without even looking at Damien.

Caleb saying that to Damien only brought back some of the words Annabel told him yesterday to his mind.

Annabel had said it yesterday, he had given Caleb work without asking if he ever wanted to do it. Damien is feeling utterly sad.

“Caleb, see…I’m sorry,” Damien managed to say as he watched his best friend pinning his fingers harder on the keypads.

“Have you spoken with him?” Caleb asked instead. Damien didn’t need to ask, he already knows whom Caleb was talking about.

“He called me, we didn’t discuss much, but I had an agreement to meet with him later in the day,” he answered.

“I hope you’ve thought of how to clean up your mess and tell the world the reason why you’ve hidden?” Caleb said.

Damien rubbed the back of his head, then he sat down next to Caleb, on the bed.

“Are you angry with me, Caleb?”


“You should stop crying so much or shedding tears for who didn’t think twice before hurting you,” Vera scolded painfully.

She had seen it coming, and she warned Andromeda about it. She never listened to her words. Vera stopped trying to talk her out of the relationship when she realized Andromeda’s determination.

Watching the both of them express their love later made her stop doubting Brian, but she never trusted him. She only thought that he might have fallen in love truly with her sister.

It isn’t one of the news that she ever want to hear that just came to her. That goatish Brian just broke up a relationship that has lasted for three years without any remorse.

Brian! She had known all this while that he isn’t different from a devil. If only, if only Andromeda put him where he belonged a long time ago.

“I-I- I am trying… It just hurts,” Andromeda sobbed as she told Vera.

“Try harder. You must have been weeping since yesterday. I warned you to stay away from him. I would have punched his eyes if I was there when everything happened,” Vera lamented.

“You can just come home and let’s do it together. I miss you, Vera. Why ain’t you returning home?” Andromeda asked.

“Meda, you know that…” She wasn’t allowed to complete her statement when Andromeda started speaking again.

“I know that you are still resting, but you can have more rest within three days and come back,”

Vera gasped when she heard that, “I can’t come home now, Annabel.”

“Then I should come to England?? We would both be there together, and I would be healing from this pain,” Andromeda replied stubbornly.

“No, you can’t do that! Just stay over there and I would be back soon. Stop being stubborn,”

“I won’t stay. I can’t stay here alone anymore. Promise me you’re coming back home in three days or I should travel down to England in three days?” She insisted.

Vera’s hand shook and she battled with the right words to say, “Don’t do that. I said I would be back when I’m ready, and very soon I will,”

“Does that mean you don’t care about me? Even if something happens to me??” She muttered, but Vera could hear her.

“No Meda, don’t think of that, I care about you,” Vera stated.

“Then come back, promise me that you’re going to come back. You’ve been away for such a long time.”

Vera bit her lips helplessly. What sort of situation is this? How could she leave when she hasn’t even achieved what she’s here to achieve? What decision would she make now that would perfect both sides!?

“Vera, are you there?” Andromeda’s voice jolted her out of her thoughts.

“Yes, I’m listening. Can you be patient with me? I will be back soon once I’m done here,” she was still being persistent.

“Your reply means that I can come to England. I would start preparing then,” Andromeda answered back.

“Don’t do that. Okay, I would do something,” Vera forcefully said.

“A promise that you will be back in three days, or I should travel down there,” Andromeda insisted.

“Okay, I promise. I would be back in three days to come.” Vera eventually promised.

To Be Continued…
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