Making His Cold Heart Soft

Making his cold heart soft episode 53

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’πŸ’’ Chapter 53πŸ’’πŸ’’


Vera could feel her head slamming and the imagination of the room started spinning right in front of her eyes, immediately she dropped the phone.

Once again, she made a decision in a hurry, without even knowing how to go about it. Why did she promise Andromeda to return back home soon? Is it even possible for her to leave at the moment?

Everything isn’t going smoothly like it should over here and her aim has not been achieved yet.

That Bryant! She warned Andromeda strictly about him already. She knew him to be useless, she just never knew how low he could stoop to show himself to everyone.

Bryant didn’t only ruin himself, he also made life difficult for her as well. How could she be entirely alright, knowing her sister isn’t doing well at the moment?

Andromeda must have cried a lot… She wouldn’t tell their parents about it, but who knows how many silly thoughts that would cross her mind.

Vera needs to be there for Andromeda, but she needs to be with Damien as well. She already promised Andromeda, but how is she doing to do everything within three days?

She has been with Damien for months, but just recently can she assure herself that she is becoming successful in whatever she planned.

Even if she’s going to leave, what will she tell Damien is the reason why? And Annabel, how could leave Annabel in such a complicated period like this!?


“Can you help to fix the tie properly, please?” He demanded kindly. Gave the tie to her, and then raised his chin, while Vera tied it up for him.

Since his eyes were up, along with his face, Vera took advantage of the moment to steal a few glances at his handsome face.

A heavy pain in her heart as many thoughts of what was bothering her stressed her mind. This was what she always wanted, to be close to Damien.

Not only to be close to him, but also to make him stare admirably back at her whenever she does to him.

How could faith decide to do her like this? Is love meant to be difficult to have?

“Thanks,” Damien appreciated as he stepped away from her when she was done with it.

Her moody state didn’t allow her to reallg notice how Damien is being so unusual of him since morning. He’s acting more kind and less arrogant than he used to be.

“I went to check on Annabel earlier and she was asking me about her bird, have you both been there in a while? I don’t know anything about it’s well-being, but I told her the bird is safe,” Damien discussed.

Picking the last thing that would complete his dress up and then wearing it for himself, while Vera answered his question.

Unlike the regular days, the Butler isn’t acting like he used to be. Damien noticed but he choose not to bother him by asking about it.

The Butler is a man after all, and recently everyone has one or two things to worry about, but he knows the Butler to be strong enough to handle whatever comes his way.

While thinking of that was when Damien remembered again, what he had seen on the butler’s body yesterday while he was bathing… Could it be the reason for the butler’s state?

“Yesterday I saw a lump under your arm when you were bathing, how did you get that?” Damien asked to her surprise.

Vera who was just standing while waiting for his order grimaced, she was surprised. But then instantly, she remembered when she had caught the sight of him while bathing yesterday.

She could remember thinking that she was safe as Damien didn’t talk about it, but she never knew that he already saw her body.

Not until this moment, she didn’t remember anything from the moment since yesterday, so, how come, Damien remembered now and he’s questioning her? What should she say?

“I hope you didn’t get it through domestic work at home and, is it hurting very much?” Damien stopped whatever he was doing and concentrated on her.

All that he had said and asked were all done in sincerity. He cares and he just wants to know what changed the mood of the ever lively Butler.

“It’s not very painful anymore, Master Damien. I’m already taking care of it and I feel better,” Vera answered and she wondered how she managed not to stammer while explaining.

Probably because what she was going through at the moment already took away her sanity and she just wanted to say something, to escape from answering any further questions.

“Okay. But if it becomes serious, let me know so you will see a doctor. It looks big and must be painful, don’t be less concerned about taking care of it,” Damien still insisted.

After a long time of living with Damien, this moment is the first time he has shown true concern about her.

Damien even stopped for a moment to speak with her instead of wrapping himself up for his outing.

“Thank you, Master Damien,” Vera lowered her head as she said.

Damien nodded his head quietly afterward.

“Please look after Annabel, I’m going out with Caleb. I’m sure she wouldn’t do anything funny since you’re here with her,” Damien informed with a bright smile.

After his words, he gave a kind smile that shows how happy he was with Vera’s presence. Him telling this to her also insinuate that he trusts his sister’s safety with the Butler.

Vera smiled briefly as she lowered her head again, then she stalked his footsteps behind him while he rushed out of the room.

“Master Damien,” Vera called as she was moving towards him. Damien looked behind him to hear what she has to say.

“Your hair is ruffled,” she forced herself to say as she didn’t know if that was the right way for her to say it or not.

“Oh!” Damien muttered. Realizing that he forgot to take care of it while dressing.

“I’m going to an important meeting, hurriedly get a comb for me and the hair oil. I will wait in the car,” Damien collected his briefcase from her after saying.


“Why didn’t you take care of your hair before stepping out?” Caleb questioned as the car took off to their destination.

“I forgot to get it done while I was hurrying,” he simply answered, looking out through the window.

Damien and Caleb had a whole lot of discussion last night. They settled their differences and once again, Caleb is happy with Damien.

Caleb already stated that he wouldn’t come with Damien to solve any problems he caused his company. But after their dispute has been solved, Caleb knew that he couldn’t do it alone, so he decided to come with Damien.

“It’s strange that you allow him to do that for you. I’ve never seen you do that, aside it requires him massaging your hair,” Caleb stated in his observation.

Damien stared into space for a minute. He was also thinking about what has changed or is changing about him.

“I think I like Disguise better,” he admitted to Caleb.

“Really? Are you becoming gay now?” Caleb taunted playfully.

Damien scrunched his nose in irritation. He felt like he has just heard a forbidden word from Caleb. “Why would you say that? I’m not a gay you know? Or have I tried kissing you before?” He joked.

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“It’s not too late to try that. Obviously, to me it seems your head needs new bruises,” Caleb answered back and they both laughed heartily.

“Only one thing surprises me about the Butler,” Caleb pointed out.

“What’s that?” Damien turned to Caleb and asked.

“How did Annabel become attached to him? He is the only worker I’ve always noticed Annabel being around and she never complained,” he shared his thoughts.

Upon hearing that, Damien likewise thought about the numerous times that he has also thought about the same thing.

“Honestly, I’ve also been thinking about it and I’m surprised as well,” he acknowledged.

“That’s not a bad one. At least he is helping in keeping her safe, because she listens to him,” Caleb admitted, while Damien just nodded his head.

Both of them stopped talking afterward as they just stared at the space. Damien on the other hand didn’t let the discussion end his thoughts and doubts about the Butler.

He knows better how to take care of everything. He manages his duties properly and also knows how to maintain a perfect relationship with everyone.

The more Damien was thinking about Vera, the harder he was feeling guilty about all the bad things he had done to Vera in the past, when she just started working with him.

Tracing it back to the day that he made her consume hot coffee, only because Vera prepared it for him without being asked, and now the Butler is the one preparing his coffee for him whenever he needs it.

Another thought about the number of times he has shouted at Vera and yet, the Butler was the one who listened and bared out of his pain last night.

If it’s true that people change, Damien is on the move to change and rectify all of his mistakes and become a better person for himself and especially, for Annabel.


“I didn’t know crying so much can make my headaches,” Annabel complained as they walked back to the mansion.

“Hmmm…” Vera hummed in reply to what she said instead of talking about it. She’s presently grieving in her own thoughts and everything that Annabel was saying isn’t interesting to her.

“My bird is looking more attractive. I feel like I haven’t seen it in months,” Annabel stated again. When she heard Vera humming again, she raised her brows and then stopped walking.

Vera didn’t know Annabel has stopped coming with her, and when she finally noticed, Annabel had fumed up in sadness.

Vera hit her forehead furiously and then walked back to meet her, “why did you stop coming with me?” She asked while grabbing hold of her wrist.

“I was chatting with you, but it seems you are not interested in me or my talk,” she complained to her.

The thing is, before Vera asked, she already knows the reason why Annabel was upset.

“I’m sorry. You can tell me everything now, I will listen to you,” she patted her hair as she said. Vera doesn’t even care about the guards that were watching the two of them, instead of minding their business.

It’s not a special sight to her, because they always do that whenever Vera and Annabel are together. Their wonder must have been how the Butler became lucky with everything in the house instead of them.

Annabel whose face was covered in sadness because she felt rejected moved up to Vera and wrapped her hands around the butler’s body.

Vera isn’t very tall, but whenever Annabel stands beside her or hug Vera, she actually looks average beside her.

“I noticed that you’ve been moody since morning. It’s not usual of you not to pay attention to whatever I have to say, and I don’t like you being like this,” Annabel expressed with her hands still wrapped around Vera’s body.

Vera wasn’t sure about how she felt presently, but she was sure that her heart would have increased it’s best out of nervousness.

“If anything is bothering you, you can always share it with me. I always share every one of my problems with you and you’ve always helped me with it,”

“You said I’m like your sister, so why are you hiding your problems to yourself alone? Are you not supposed to share words with your sister?” Annabel felt emotional as she speaks.

She never knew that aside from Damien and Caleb, she could create a special bond with anyone else. But this Butler is just everything recommended to be a good brother.

Words ran out of Vera’s mouth. She never knew that Annabel has grown to think highly of her like that. Vera has truthfully always seen Annabel as her little sister, but she didn’t know that Annabel thinks the same of her.

Vera lifted her hands that were by her sides to embrace Annabel too. She rubbed her back carefully then said, “I’m sorry for doing that, let’s go upstairs and I will tell you everything that is bothering me,”

“Really? You’re going to share it with me?” A bright smile on Annabel’s face as she released herself from the embrace happily.

“Yes, I will,” Vera smiled sweetly back at her.

“I promise to try my best to make you lively again, and I will find solutions to anything that is bothering you,” Annabel happily announced.

Vera smiled again, and her smile extended when Annabel grabbed one of her hands and started climbing the stairs with it.

Vera heaved a deep sigh, her eyes looked around and met with many guard’s eyes, before it now laid on Smart.

Vera missed him. She missed his sweet attitude and all the moments they used to engage in different arguments before Smart found out about her. They were sweet memories.

Her free hand raised and waved at Smart, who stood not far from the stairs too. It seems Smart also was watching Vera and Annabel earlier.

Vera smiled briefly as she waved at him, but then instead of Smart waving back, he lowered his head respectfully at her.

To avoid suspicion as she was sure that guard’s eyes were still on them, she also lowered her head back at him with a faint smile, before eventually taking her eyes off him.

What everyone else was seeing is a Butler who is a man, walking up the stairs. But what Smart saw was royalty, a royal princess climbing the stairs with adoration around her.

To Be Continued…

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