Making his cold heart soft episode 54

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise) πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’πŸ’’Chapter 54πŸ’’πŸ’’


“I locked the door, so no one would knock and interrupt you, okay!?” Annabel announced happily.

Excitement could be seen all over her expression. Vera had tried severally to understand the reason why she was suddenly excited, but she couldn’t lay her finger on any point. It’s just weird and that’s all.

Right from when they left downstairs and now that they are in there, in Disguise’s room as she has asked Annabel for it, her face was still glowing in excitement.

“You didn’t have to do that, no one would come in anyway,” Vera reprimanded as she gestured for Annabel to have a sit, on the bed.

Annabel walked carefree to where Vera had pointed at and simply sat down.

“Okay, but I’ve done it already. I’m curious to hear what you want to tell me,” she confessed.

“Oh!” Vera exclaimed. She’s feeling all nervous and restless. She had thought about doing this earlier when she was thinking about her problems. She only decided to tell Annabel today because she doesn’t want to lie to her.

How else would she ever get to sort this out? She needs to leave soon, because she can’t break her promise to Andromeda even if she wants to.

Damien has only started liking her for being a man, but he hasn’t fallen in love with her yet. He even liked her because of Annabel’s influence.

If she would have to stay and keep on trying to win Damien over, it can’t just be done within three days.

In the mansion, aside from Smart who knows her real identity; she has been able to smartly keep it unknown and no one else found out about it.

If she leaves now, she can’t even predict if she would ever get to come back there. Neither Andromeda nor her parents would allow her to leave any time soon. As things are now, she would have to tell Andromeda the truth about herself soon.

She has already hidden so much from Andromeda, and she doesn’t want to hide anything from her again.

If she’s going to be leaving here and waiting for what almighty has in store for the accomplishment of her love life, Annabel and Andromeda doesn’t deserve to be kept in the dark.

Vera is aware that revealing the truth to Annabel has a lot of damages to be done to her identity, but when won’t they eventually find out?

If she’s leaving Annabel and wouldn’t come back anytime soon, she should tell her the reason why she’s leaving. Annabel should be able to understand her situation better. So that she wouldn’t feel guilty after leaving. She’s already pained for being helpless.

The poor girl has even been seeing Vera like a sibling, to the extent that she’s hurting just because she felt ignored by Vera.

So, what if she tells Annabel and she exposes her to everyone, at least she would be happy with herself.

Annabel should be able to accept what love made her to do. And the risks she took just to be with her brother. It’s not at all easy chasing after love.

“You’ve been thinking, don’t you want to tell me again? I’m listening,” Annabel patted her arm and she was jolted out of her thoughts.

Vera forced a sheepish smile out of her lips, as she patted Annabel by her hair.

“I will tell you everything but I’m going to tell you a story first, then I would tell you what exactly it is, okay?” She stated and watched as Annabel nodded her head obediently.

“Okay. So, there’s a particular princess of a big city. Her father is a great king of the city, with a beautiful queen. The king’s beautiful queen gave birth to identical twin daughters,” Vera started narrating.

“The princesses were growing up perfectly, and one day, one of the princesses fell in love with a man,” she tried her best to keep her anxiety at hand and narrate this to her possible best.

They said a story that is comprised of yourself problem shouldn’t be difficult to share. But this story that Vera is trapped in is not only difficult to say, but it’s also too huge to imagine as a fairytale.

“The princess fell in love with a cold-hearted man. A man that doesn’t want any woman in his life and he has never had one,” Vera’s heart thumbed beats as she noticed Annabel getting more interested than she was at first.

“She had tried everything she can to be with him. But the man is just someone that no woman can get to be around. He drives them away and doesn’t resist showing his hatred towards them,”

“The princess always feels terrible for not being able to have a private encounter with the man after her heart, because she loves him dearly. So one day, she finally got the opportunity to show him some love, but he bluntly drifted her away,” she said and watched Annabel furrowed her brows in pity.

“She cried about it later and felt helpless because even though she’s a princess, she’s in a vulnerable state where she couldn’t control her pains of being heartbroken,” she paused for a moment and observed how sincere Annabel’s expression was, for the princess.

“After that happened, the princesses still didn’t stop trying to win the man’s love. She kept on findings many means to be with him, but the man is just too cold to allow any woman around him,” Vera said.

“Can’t the princess just stay away from him? he seems dangerous to me,” Annabel commented sharply.

Vera’s lips twitched into a laughter, then she said, “Love isn’t a choice, to begin with. Don’t forget that she loves him unconditionally and she couldn’t even see the danger that looms around him just because of her love for him,”

“Oh!” Annabel mouthed then she nodded her head in acceptance.

“So when the princess ran out of ideas about what to do, she eventually subsided for the idea which seems to help her, just to get through to him, do you know what she did?” Vera asked, she knew she was close to revealing everything now.

“Maybe she told her father, and the king to asked the man to marry her,” Annabel suggested.

“Maybe she should have done that, had it been she knew. But she didn’t do it, she rather went for something more dangerous like the man she loves,” Vera replied.

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“The princess made up her mind to approach him in disguise and try her best to win him over. Who knows, luck might be on that side. So she dressed up as a man and went to live with him,” Vera finally stopped speaking.

Annabel went quiet. She was trying to fathom everything happening and what the Butler was telling her. Why is the Butler telling her the story about the princess? And such an emotional story at this moment.

“Did the princess’s plan work?” She asked solemnly, because she wanted to know what happened later to the princess.

“Nah… She wasn’t allowed to make it successful because she needs to leave for the sake of her twin sister who needs her. She’s an identical twins, remember?,” she replied.

“Sad…” Annabel murmured and Vera nodded.

“Is the princess your friend? She told you about this and that’s why you are feeling sad for her, Disguise?” Annabel asked her.

Vera eyed Annabel briefly. She was surprised that she still couldn’t realize that story was about her. Couldn’t she realize that the man’s act is like that of her brother? And she’s here to live with them in disguise.

“You see Annabel… The princess isn’t my friend, to begin with,” Vera replied as she stood up, facing Annabel.

“So how did you know about this? Is it a fairytale story? It makes me feel emotional,” Annabel shared truthfully, while she fiddled her fingers together.

“I know about this because the princess is me, and I am likewise the princess,” she replied and still kept her face straight.

She already started this, so she shouldn’t be scared or step back now. Only two things will happen; and It’s either good or bad.

“You said that you wanted to know what’s wrong with me? And you can help me solve my problem…. that’s my problem, Annabel.” Vera added.

Annabel’s mouth dropped as expected, but she hasn’t started shouting or reacting the way any one who would hear of such unexpected story would react.

Probably because she was trying to remember the story very well in other to get the information very well.

“You__ you’re the princess? How can a man be a princess? Or…” Annabel exclaimed and quickly covered her mouth with her palm while staring surprisingly at Vera.

Vera watched her closely. Explaining all over again isn’t want she wants to do presently. After all, what can prove the truth without her saying or doing anything is here, in her presence.

Vera knew Annabel was contemplating what to believe, and she doesn’t want to make the matter more difficult than it is for Annabel to bear. So to help her with that, she started undressing herself. Annabel would see the truth clearly by herself.

First, she took off the artificial mustache beneath her nose, then she started unbuttoning her shirt.

“No, don’t do that! I’m not supposed to see you naked,” Annabel almost screamed in fright of seeing the Butler naked.

Vera ignored what she said and how she had covered her face. She removed her shirt and unwrapped the breast pad away from her breast.

Vera removed the band that held her hair which she had packed into a messy bun downward her neck, and the hair balanced itself around her neck.

“Look at me now Annabel. You can see me like this, I only removed my shirt and not entirely naked,” she said to Annabel who was almost shivering in discomfort.

“You know I wouldn’t do what will hurt you. Open your eyes and look at me, or else you will fail your promise of helping me to solve my problem,” she repeated and moved closer to Annabel.

Annabel bit her lips rapidly, and finally, she took her palm off her face, then her eyes made contact with the butler’s transformation in her presence.

First, she eyed her face to realize that she has always had a fake mustache on, and then her hair, it revealed the facial expression of her too.

When she looked down at her chest, the one which Vera purposely left open without bothering about it, Vera’s big and freshly looking breast welcomed her eyes to the reality, which Vera’s big shirt had covered earlier.

Everything happened so fast and so is this revelation that she has just heard about. The Butler whom they’ve thought all this while is a man isn’t a man! And also, a princess at that, and she came here just only to win Damien’s love!? A princess in disguise?

Annabel was dumbfounded. She doesn’t have the right word to say aside from sighing and looking into Vera’s tensed face.

How could she be a woman and Annabel never realized? How she managed to fake the way she speaks too. And everything she had done is all because she loves her brother! Really?

“Are you not going to say anything to me? Are you disappointed in me” Vera forcefully said when she got tired of waiting for her to speak. Now Annabel could finally realize the feminine sound from her voice.

“I_ I don’t know what to say. How can you be a woman in Disguise? We all thought that you’re a man,” Annabel managed to say in a shivering tone.

“Didn’t you understand the story of the princess? You know she faked her identity because of the man that she loves, right?” Vera made mention of it, and Annabel’s mouth dropped again.

“Why didn’t you tell me since you’re a princess?” Annabel asked silently after.

Vera left where she was standing in front of her, and went to sit directly beside Annabel.

“I didn’t mean to deceive you too. When I made my plans, I never knew that Damien has a sister, and I didn’t know that I would be leaving him soon without even get what I want,” Vera discussed while she wiped the tear that was about dropping from her eyes away.

“You’re leaving soon?” Annabel asked in confusion.

“Yes, my parents are missing me and my sister wants me to be back home in three days,” she answered quietly.


Damien walked casually into the company’s hall where the meeting is meant to hold.

Caleb was walking right beside Damien, and the both of them observed the premises as they matched towards where the one who called for the meeting could be seen discussing with the guest present.

“I don’t like doing this,” Damien said quietly only to Caleb.

“Well you’ve gotten here, and you would do what you’re here to do,” he stated to Damien whose face seems stressed out already.

“I know right? Why is John smiling?” He asked, after observing.

“He must be happy that he can bring you out of your comfort zone without having to do so much before that happens. When was the last time you were in public?” Caleb shrugged his shoulder in maybe.

“I won’t spend more than twenty minutes here. I have a lot of things to attend to,” Damien replied irritatedly, then he walked up to John who was staring gracefully at him.

Damien thought about it within himself before he finally said it out for himself to hear.

“Now let’s get this done, right away.”

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