Making his cold heart soft episode 55

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise) πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’πŸ’’ Chapter 55πŸ’’πŸ’’

✍️ CHAPTER TITLE✍️: Damien Stop The Butler!

“I should have made arrangements for bigger merriment than this after you had told me that you would grace my invitation,” John acknowledged as he received a side hug from Damien, and then a quick hand wave from Caleb, who stood beside Damien.

“I told you already, about the reason why I came. Nothing comes for free; I’m sure you’re aware of that?” Damien replied while pocketing his hands proudly.

John nodded his head expectedly, then he summoned the presence of two workers, with his hand closer to himself.

“I knew you needed something from me, and what you needed must be quite huge. If not, why would you grace an invitation that you could have declined just by an eye roll,” John replied to Damien. Then he gave quick orders to the workers, while they immediately left.

“It’s to your fortune that you could read minds,” Damien complimented and eyed Caleb who was grinning hard by his side. Caleb was amazed at how the two of them were throwing words at each other.

Caleb knew all along that Damien isn’t here to grace John’s accomplishment as a successful detective, who had broken a lot of records and had put a lot of evildoers in the place where they belong, with his brilliant detective work.

During their discussion, Damien had asked John to make a request. In return for the task that he would perform for Damien. Therefore, the request John had asked for was for Damien to grace his invitation to celebrate his success.

Since Caleb was aware of what Damien wanted, he encouraged Damien last night to forget about his abstaining act from the public and get the matter done and finished.

Some things are better left undone, but this matter would cause harm if it’s left undone. An enemy is still out there, and she isn’t making anything easy for them to do.

It’s been two months since Annabel got back from the hospital. Her life which was paused due to the chaos that happened over five years back should be given the privilege to continue after she got her health back soundly.

Damien and Caleb wish for a successful future for her. Not only by looking up to them for everything she wants, but she also needs to source for good fortune in her lifetime.

To achieve all the goodness on earth for her; the devil who is bent on ruining their lives should be brought to her end, very soon.

“You can always say that again. I’m sure every article will bring it up that Damien Stewart came to my party. After being away for months,” John still blabbed over.

“I’ve fulfilled your demand of coming here. Are you ready to listen to my own request now? I’m going to be out of here in ten minutes,” Damien waved his excitement off and sai instead.

Instantly, the happy smile on John’s face faded slowly till his expression became casual like he never smiled in the first instance.

“The party hasn’t even started yet and you’re already talking about leaving. Is that some tricks on a smart detective?” John protested.

He already knew all along that this would happen. Not after reading Damien’s expression from the moment they started speaking, would he not know that he never came here to celebrate with him. Damien only came here for a selfish reason.

“I’m glad you know coming here was just a trick to get my task done,” Damien replied. He frowned afterward when he realized that his pictures were being taken from different angles. And that journalist present, they were all gawking at his mouth from afar like they wanted to bring something out of it.

“I know what could bring you here out of your comfort zone is something huge… But next time, don’t trick anyone into doing what you want,” John cautioned him harmlessly.

Caleb must commend John’s intelligence for realizing Damien’s cunny act more quickly than expected. He’s only here to see how everything would be done. He’s not interested in adding words to the matter on the ground.

He knew Damien could do it and he would do it. All he wanted to know was just how Damien will eventually open up to somebody else about his long-hidden secret.

“Your party is about to begin. I’m sure everyone needs you to be present for them all. Do you still want to hear me out presently?” Damien emphasized with a cease brow.

“If I don’t want to hear it, I would not stay with you for this long. By the way, I’m already processing what your task might be just by your expression. It must have been something difficult,” John made mention of.

He was elegantly boasting about his smartness to Damien’s face. He didn’t even bother about being a sharp tongue; Damien isn’t a soft tongue either.

“It would be sad for you if, after all these records and everything, you are not able to do anything concerning what I’ve brought for you to deal with,” Damien stated.

“Don’t bother about that. Now what do you want?” John pushed Damien’s doubt off and rather asked.

“My stepmother is after my sister’s life, I need you to locate her whereabouts for me, as soon as you can,” Damien stated in a row.


“My stepmother stabbed me on my stomach. Where I thought I was helping her to escape from Damien who had locked her in a room for days,” Annabel shared…

“I can’t even tell Damien after I regained my consciousness that I was the one who opened the door for Crystal, because I’m sure he would be upset with me,”

“I almost lost my life and was in coma for five years. When I got back from the hospital, Caleb explained to me properly how Crystal eloped after that and Damien searched everywhere for her, but he couldn’t find her,” She shared.

“It was due to my mom’s good heart that she allowed Crystal to be welcomed in her home, but she didn’t know she would destroy our home,”

“Dad failed to protect our family, and he fell into her trick and without knowing what led to it, but Mom committed suicide and we were left with Crystal and Dad alone,”

“All those while Damien was busy doing his modeling and didn’t notice everything going on until after mom’s death,” Annabel paused for a minute to catch a few breaths before she continued speaking.

“Disguise! Ops… I’m sorry, Princess,” Annabel corrected and Vera nodded her head in decline.

“Damien became this hard and cold-hearted as how Caleb told me, due to how bad my mom and Crystal made our lives. Truth me, Damien used to be the sweetest person on Earth,” Annabel finished and bursted into deep tears.

Sniffing in her tears while receiving a deep embrace from Vera who was also crying along with her.

Now Vera understood everything. The reason why Damien despises womankind and the reason why behind every chaos in his life.

Earlier, after which she had open up to Annabel, they had a few more discussions afterward, which led to Annabel explaining the reason behind every one of Damien’s cold acts to her.

Vera never knew they’d been through all of that. She had seen the mark on the side of Annabel’s stomach before. But remembering when she normally visits Annabel at the hospital and when they became close, she never asked about the cause of the scar.

Who would have known that a callous human who was wicked enough to hurt innocent people still exists in this part of the world.

A book should never be judged by its cover because what the cover says and what the book represented are different.

How can a stepmom be that wicked!? She even forced their two parents to kill themselves all in the name of owning everything that belongs to them.

Vera had her pain inside of her, but presently, she just wants to ease Annabel’s pain for her. It must have been difficult bearing the pain after enduring the sad incident.

“I’m sorry…” Vera whispered to her as she tried calming her down.

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Annabel relaxed a bit later and released herself from the embrace, then faced Vera. She wasn’t done speaking earlier. She just needed to pour those tears out of her eyes.

“If you go back to your family, will you be back soon?” Annabel asked amidst tears. It could be seen that her eyes were already gathering another set of tears, below her eyelids.

Vera hummed briefly… Then she looked intently at Annabel who seems like she would soon start crying again.

“I don’t know how things would be after returning Annabel. I’m sure my parents and Andromeda would never want me to leave anymore…” Vera helplessly answered.

“So… You’re giving up on my brother?” Annabel asked weakly.

“Don’t say that, Annabel. You know faith has different plans for everyone. I feel and believe if faith planned something good, it would take place,” Vera reprimanded.

“But there are some faith you can write by yourself. I’m sure you love Damien so much, and that is why you wrote the faith of coming here for him. Even after knowing how dangerous he is,” Annabel nagged seriously over.

“Yes I wrote it myself, but I forgot to think of how difficult the faith I wrote is,” Vera painfully answered.

All that she’s saying is even difficult for her to admit by herself. But she forcefully admitted it because things seems to be at the edge of everything.

Even if she fight her way and come back here later, all the vibe and action she had pulled up to this point would be reduced.

There’s even not much assurance that if Damien finds out about her identity; he would ever want to be with her. Never, not after everything Annabel had explained to her about what led to him despising women.

“Should I tell Damien about you then?? Everything will be fine if I do,” Annabel suggested.

“Please don’t do that. I don’t think I am ready to hear what he would say after finding out,” Vera immediately declined.

“But you want to leave! You want to go away and don’t know if you would come back. If I tell him, Damien wouldn’t be angry,” Annabel painfully yelled.

She drifted closer to Vera again, as she had put on her shirt earlier and hugged her tighter.

Tears rolled out of Vera’s eyes as she pulled her closer to herself while hugging her tightly then allowing all the memories of when they’d been together to display in her painful thoughts.

“Please don’t leave me here. I wouldn’t be fine if you leave,” Annabel begged while sobbing harder.

Vera was trying to contain her tears but couldn’t. The bond between them is so strong already and letting go of each other now hurts them both.

“I’m sorry. You’ll be fine I promise,” Vera managed to say when she was able to control her tears.

“I won’t! Just stay here and I would be,” Annabel stubbornly cried out to her, rendering Vera helpless, even when she couldn’t do anything about it. She eventually have to leave.


“Who am I staring at in my room? Hope this lizard isn’t here to eat me up!? Today was already a tiring day,” Caleb joked after Annabel entered the room without saying anything, while strangely being quite.

“If you’re here to force me on any outing, then I’m sorry, because every part of my body aches right now,” Caleb complained as he strolled freely to her side, where she was sitting down on the couch.

Annabel refused to answer. She just kept her sad face and didn’t even react to whatever he was saying.

When Caleb sat down beside her and was observing her state, she turned around and simply face him, ready to discuss what brought her there.

“Why didn’t Damien arrive with you?” She asked in a very low voice. Her voice sounded like someone who just finished crying. And truly, she had just finished crying.

“He has some work to deal with. What’s the matter?” Caleb asked worriedly since he was surprised seeing Annabel acting all calm and composed for the first time since she got back from the hospital.

“Nothing. I just want him to stop the Butler from leaving,” she simply replied.

Caleb furrowed his brows while trying to understand her properly. Why would the Butler leave?

“Why should Disguise be stopped from leaving? He isn’t going to leave anyway,” Caleb questioned.

“He’s leaving soon… He said that he would be leaving in three days.” She painfully let out.

To Be Continued…
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