Making his cold heart soft episode 7

💫(The Princess👸 In Disguise)👀
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi ❤️💎

💢Chapter 7💢


“She’s a royalty! You expected her to dress like a maid?” Caleb questioned in disbelief.

“Does her sister look like a maid? Don’t be too wanted, Caleb.” Damien answered harshly.

“You’ve gone nut!” Caleb muttered after wiping off his mouth with a tissue. He doesn’t see anything wrong with how the princess dress. Aside from Damien’s problem with women, he doubts if there’s another problem that leads to his weird mentality.
Even the guests present took several glimpses at Vera. Caleb gulped nothing down his throat after her beauty came to his sight. They are identical twins but one is prettier and that’s Vera.

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“Ain’t you supposed to realize how far my patience can go? I have the right to say what I want!” Damien shrieked suddenly startling Caleb a little bit.

“You can’t speak to me like that, and not to the princess either! She’s royalty!” Caleb replied almost immediately. He had to lower his voice to avoid unwanted attention.
Must Damien always find fault in every single thing once it has to do with womankind!? Only one woman has a chance in his life.
And that’s.. that’s the one which he doesn’t find fault in anything that she does.

“Do I look like the one who cared about them?” He coldly asked but Called didn’t reply afterward.
Damien closed his cold eyes abruptly and then opened them to the calm ones.
Caleb is really upset with what Damien did but here isn’t the right place to discuss it. Even if he was angry, he shouldn’t have spoken badly of someone like that. To even think that nothing has been done to offend him made Caleb upset.
Damien isn’t normal!

“I’m sorry! Next time, also watch what you will tell me!” Damien grumbled after he realized his mistakes a little. The mistake which he realized speaking to Caleb rudely doesn’t worth it, but whatever it is that he talked about the princess, he doesn’t regret any bit of it.

Caleb nodded his head slightly then they both set to listen to the King.
Only Caleb was interested in the King’s speech. Damien does not find any reason for the party in the first place.
This dinner party must have been an excuse for the king to feed his eyes with influential people’s presence.
If only he didn’t involve Damien by requesting his presence.
If only this didn’t happen on a day when Annabel came back to life after five years. And if Annabel didn’t ask him to attend, Damien sure doesn’t want to be with this gluttony human.


“How blessed I feel to have everyone present here tonight,” the King started speaking.
Everyone listened Keenly aside, Damien who took his time to admire his wristwatch.
Nothing wanted to make way into his skull from what the King had to say; so he decided to admire his wristwatch. After all, Caleb’s concentration is on the King and he doesn’t want to nag anymore.
Damien wondered if what the king would talk about and the purpose of this meeting is any way helpful for Caleb.
He’s too concentrated for Damien’s liking.
After listening to the King for a few minutes he stopped listening. The King is speaking about the community and calling out the names of everyone present.
They will honor the King by coming out whenever their names are been summoned on. The princesses and the queen will bow their heads in greetings and that’s how it has been going on until…

If Damien isn’t mistaken, his eyes had run into her severally. His eyes ran into that disgusting princess several times.
No reason to look at her. He never looked at her but since she was sitting closer to her father, each time he takes his eyes to the King his eyes end up meeting hers.

‘Take your eyes away disgusting witch!’ Damien thought coldly in his mind.
A glare replaced his soft eyes. His stomach grumbled in irritation and the next time his eyes ran into him she was still staring deeply at him.
Seriously! He needs to get out of here because barking at royalty or what did Caleb call her earlier?

“I’m thinking the princess has read your mind.. she’s been staring at you non-stop after you spoke ill about her,” Caleb said.
“Should we leave? I won’t be happy to see you being punished in my presence,” Caleb teased.

Instead of laughing, Damien took his eyes to her directly.
Still the same, she was still staring at him and didn’t even bother about anyone noticing.
“You should better teach her not to serve her disgusting self to me again!” Damien muttered to Caleb.
Caleb on hearing that chuckled softly, he knows Damien isn’t mad enough to create problems for himself in the King’s presence.
Although on second thought… Damien can sometimes be ridiculous.


Her heart continues to skip beats. Having been staring at him the whole time.
Admiring the marvelous sight of him in her presence.
Their various seat ain’t far from each other. She had lost herself in his eyes. She doesn’t know why among all things, his eyes are the only ones that she wanted to create a special moment with now.

When she started staring the eyes were calm but she did not get about how they changed rapidly after his eyes met hers.
She became breathless while forcing her eyes to continue. All she wanted is for him to notice her! Just a quick notice that she exists.
“You will irritate him if you keep on looking at him like that,” Andromeda said beside her.
And Andromeda is still recovering her mind from what happened in the morning.
Damien had bumped into her, that was strange, but she believed when he apologized. Even though it came out awkward that he helped her to stand, he still apologized.

But if what her maid said later was real… Why will Damien secretly get her to snap with him? Something isn’t right but she can’t even ask him. Neither can she speak about it with Vera now.

She will just leave it till everything ends… Maybe Damien wouldn’t even know that he snapped with her since Vera has the same replica as her. But who is she kidding? She’s still perfectly dressed in the same dress he saw her with.

“I want him to notice me!” Vera took her eyes away from him to answer her.
“He’s not a fool! I’m sure he already noticed you staring at him!” Andromeda grumbled in irritation. Vera is annoying with her obsession!

“He just looks at me!!” Vera exclaimed and when Andromeda looked at Damien, he was indeed staring at Vera blankly.

“Gosh! He noticed me!” Vera rejoiced underneath. She doesn’t want the Queen to know what’s going on.

She was enjoying the stare he gave her, but one thing took a toll on another when Damien spoke to her with his facial expressions.

She saw it! She saw him! He glared at her with his eyes!.
She wanted him to stare at her lovingly too but he only glared at her in anger.


“What have you done to the princess?” Caleb asked and seriously the question irritated Damien more.
“Her head lost? Get out, Caleb!” Damien suddenly snapped.
Caleb only wanted to joke with him, but he forgot how Damien has limitations to plays. He must have gotten more irritated now.

“She stopped staring at you!” He still said and now! Damien hit his forehead lazily without him saying anything.
“Let’s leave!” He announced and was just about to leave when the King called out his name.

Swiftly he walked up to the King just like everyone has done. “You are not planning to be handsome more than the King! Are you?” The King teased after Damien stood in his presence.

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His words aren’t funny to Damien but he considered it funny when everyone else presents aside from him chuckled loudly.
“I have a place to get to presently, King,” Damien told to him.

This isn’t the first time of having had words with the King.
As the most famous_ model in the country, Damien has met with him severally. Where he hasn’t met him before was the palace and he wondered why the King invited them all for dinner suddenly. Just to eat?

“I will let you go after you’ve met my children, your princesses,” the King played, and before he turned to the princesses, they’ve stood up.
The Queen was smiling from the moon back to the sun. She admired Damien’s charming look.
Other guests were also smiling aside some goat in a sheep cloth and refused to share in the joy.
What’s the need for all this? Up until now, the King didn’t introduce his daughters to any of the guests. Even the ones drooling hard on seeing their appearance haven’t gotten a chance to hear from them. Why introduce them to Damien especially?
“You may not recognize them because my children are identical but I recognize them properly,” The King told to Damien who forced a faint smile out on his lips.
“Who else should have? Ain’t you their father!?” Damien thought randomly but he dare not say it out.

“How beautiful do you think my daughters are?” The King asked and Damien lost it.
“Common, King. None of your daughters is beautiful!” Damien wondered.


“I wasn’t going to stay any longer but you could have stayed by a little bit,” Caleb talked behind him.
“I didn’t come here to see those. Annabel should be waiting for me by now.” Damien answered.

“She knows about you coming here,” Caleb reminded.
“I have no more business since I already took the picture,” He snapped.
“The pictures which you never bothered checking out,” Caleb chuckled.

“I don’t even want to look at it… Call those guards and tell them to start the car already!” He instructed.
“Take a look at your back.. they are all coming behind us,” Caleb said to him. Damien was surprised when he turned around then saw his guards walking just behind them.

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“I told them not to come with us inside!” He said.
“I told them to come inside… After all, the masses wouldn’t disturb anymore.” Caleb lied.

It was just an excuse for Damien. The main purpose of calling the guards in was to protect them, especially Damien… Many evil eyes looked at him and since Damien doesn’t attend public occasions like this… Who knows if they will try to do something stupid or create problems for Damien!?

Damien wanted to reply. He wanted to yell at Caleb for going against him, but when he saw her coming closer to him. His annoyance got replaced by irritation.
Her standing in his presence disgusted him more!


“Hurry up, let’s go… Don’t allow him to leave without speaking with him,” Andromeda hissed at how Vera could not increase her steps because of her heels.
“I can’t walk properly in them, my feet hurt!” She replied painfully but she kept on walking.
“Who told you to wear what you don’t enjoy wearing? You are such an amazing idiot!” Andromeda grumbled in irritation.

“What if he has gone out of the house? I’m scared, Andromeda!” Vera clung her arm around Andromeda’s shoulder.

“Then assume yourself doomed!” She replied without a second thought.
They kept on going together and when they sighted Damien coming together with Caleb and guards behind them: Andromeda knew it was time to leave and so.. she left Vera alone to speak with him.


After Andromeda turned back to leave. Vera exchanged eyes with the ground before she continued going to avoid embarrassment.
She can’t walk faster because of her heels, so she just walked according to how she can before tripping in his presence.
Getting closer to him before standing in his presence like the princess that she is, with her eyes full of love and Adoration for him.
Her heart skipped beats when he abruptly stopped in her presence because she was standing in front of him.
“Hello, Damien.”

To Be Continued…

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