Mara - The Lesbian 2

Mara the l£sblan 2 – episode 3

Season Two

Episode 3

Hey guys, i missed you all..hope you missed me too? But don’t worry, am here now with season two so that i revenge. I can’t let uncle jonah use me and do evil things to my aunt.
But wait, hope this news am hearing that jonah is back is fake..!! I can’t wait to see that man and take him to police station.
   I will make him pay for what he did!!
   I will make him s-ck my assh*le!!
That evil man…..!!! Let me rush home and find out if my aunt is aware about jonah.
I quickly brought back my imaginations to reality.
I opened my eyes and found out that i was in saloon plaiting my hair.
“Mara you’re scaring me…!” The hair dresser shouted as i vibrated.
 I stood up, to my left there was a woman who was telling a friend about jonah.
She didn’t know that i know jonah and am looking for him like no man’s business.
“Wait…you mean the jonah that is in brown complexion?” I asked the woman.
The woman paused a bit, sighted me from toes to the head,
“Does it concern you..?” The woman responded h-rder while w¡dening her eyes.
 I took a breath, scratched my head while facing the woman.
“He was my boyfriend?” I said.
“What…” She laughed once, “you dating Jonah? She stood up, ” over my dead body stop lying cheap girl” she stood closer.
 The saloon owner quickly stood between and departed us.
“There is no time to fight over a man” the saloon owner told us.
“Never mind, i can’t fight with this lizard” i said while picking up my handbag from the chair.
“Me liz-” the same woman stretched her hand to slap me but the saloon owner quickly blocked her.
“Bye” i said and left the saloon.

On my way going home, My boss called me. I quickly pulled the phone from the handbag and placed it to my ear,
“Hello boss…” I started.
“Mara how are you?”
“Am ok sir and you?”
“Am not fine…”
“Why sir?”
“My wife left house around 06:00hrs morning time but until now she is not seen”
“Have you seen her?”
“No sir….”
And i could hear the sobbing breath of the boss through the ear piece.
“Sir are you still there?” I asked.
 And towards me, i saw my aunty coming.
 When she saw me too, she turned to the right trying to ignore him but i quickly called her.
“Wait boss..” I removed the phone from ear, “aunt wait…” I started running to my aunt.
“Aunt this walking style of yours hope all is well?” I asked my aunt.
“Am rushing to the new pastor ” he cheated.
“Aunt the doctor said that you should avoid walking too much in direct sun light” i reminded her.
“I know dear but i have an appointment to catch up with” she replied.
“No aunt please lets go home”
“No. I will find u” she said while running to the downfall road.

 I don’t know what has come over my aunt.
Something must be wrong somewhere.
I must find out as soon as possible.
Should i go home or i follow her? I asked myself.

“Any way let me go home” i said at the end.
 So i started walking going home while singing
Bless O lord my soul
O my soul
This song used to inspire me lots.
I loved the song @100%.

As i was approaching home, I met one man. As a cool girl i became scared
“Hello sister” he said to me.
I turned to him.
“Where on earth can a beautiful girl like you walking like that in street?” A sweet talk.
“Just tell me why you called me”
I saw his eyes resting on my curves and my chest.
Then i noticed his throat moving up and down.
“You’re beau-“.
” hold it there” good day man.
I walked out of him.
 Behind, the man started blowing a soft whistle as sign of admiring my ass how they shake, move and bounce.


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