Mara - The Lesbian 2

Mara the l£sblan 2 – episode 6

Season 2
Episode 6
“Jonah i want to sleep with the girl who is downstairs” said the evil king.
“No my king….we can’t harm her in the second time..” Jonah begged while kneeling down.
The king faced to opposite direction(to the window)
“Jonah….you know our aim and the target…she is the reason why we were burnt..” Said the evil king while facing the head of jonah.
 Jonah looked up to the king,
“I know…so what do we do because the way you look, she can’t let you open her legs for you” jonah said.
 The evil king broke a smile
“Jonah….you worry too much, stand up and let me whisper to you” the king helped jonah to stand up.
  And there, the evil king whispered to jonah and jonah broke a wide smile while nodding the head.
“Yes my king…this is why i will continue worsh¡ping you..” Jonah praised the king.
“Haha my son don’t worry just go there and i will find you” the king said.
“Okay my king” agreed jonah.

So jonah went downstairs with a glass of wine.
“Hey baby you’re napping..” Said jonah while walking to the sofa.
 My aunt whose eyes were closed, she opened them and saw jonah sitting next to her.
“Yeah…cos you took time to do things” my aunt said while leaning the head on Jonah’s shoulder.
“Here is your wine…” Jonah gave the glass to my aunt.
“Thank you baby” my aunt accepted.
Surely, as my aunt was taking the first sip, the bell rang.
“Oh am coming…” Jonah answered and she went to see the visitor.
My aunt fixed eyes to the door too expecting to see the bell ringer.
 “Hey…..what are you doing?” Jonah asked the visitor after opening the door.
 My aunt paid attention to hear the voice.
“Jonah……your wife to be knows me and am here to meet her” the female voice came out.
“Similar voice” my aunt said upon hearing the voice.
“How did you know that we are here?” Jonah asked the visitor.
“Jonah please let me enter first..” And the visitor entered.
 Immediately my aunt saw the visitor, she smiled and said, “Chocolate girl….welcome and please come and sit next to me” said my aunt.
 The chocolate girl with beautiful face quietly went over to my aunt, shook hands and they both settled.
 Jonah went to the other sofa watching how two beautiful sisters were welcoming each other.
“Am just coming from the airport…” Said the chocolate girl.
“Mmm so how did you know am here?” My aunt asked the chocolate girl.
“I called mara and she told me….” Chocolate girl replied while smiling.
“You know what, ” my aunt faced jonah, ” baby please bring more wine….” My aunt told jonah.
 And jonah obeyed.

3 minutes past, jonah brought the bottles of wine to the sitting room, placed them on the table and they all started drinking while cracking jokes.
“Jonah loves you…ah…smile for him..” Chocolate girl joked to my aunt.
 And my aunt stood up, moved to jonah, sat on the laps and they k-ssed each other.
“Wow…haha that beautiful…” Chocolate girl said while clapping hands.
 They all got drunk but not much to jonah.
 30 minutes past, My aunt couldn’t see properly. She couldn’t speak..she couldn’t move her body.
 So jonah carried her on the arms and starting going up to the bedroom.
 Behold, the chocolate girl also started following them to the bedroom.
Jonah couldn’t bother to ask the chocolate girl why she was following.
Jonah dropped my aunt on the bed and my aunt was too weak to see nor to move the body.
“Here we go my king…” Jonah said.
 “Good..” The chocolate girl started transforming to the evil king, “you see….now let me satisfy my pressure” the evil king said while removing clothes.
“Do it with care my king……” Jonah requested.
“Watch……..” The evil king replied while opening the thighs of my aunt.
“Mmmmm” jonah voiced out in low voice admiring how the evil king was shifting the knicker to the left butt.
 In less than some seconds, The evil king found the place where to enter his manh-od and when he ins**ted it, he begun to dance his wa-ist on top of my aunt.
“Please care for it my king…” Jonah said upon seeing how the evil king was dancing and rotating his wa-ist just to feel the in,side of my aunt.

17 minutes of dancing on top of my aunt, the evil king c-m in,side my aunt and he removed the manh-od.
  And when he removed it, the white things started coming out from my aunt’s p*ssy and so jonah took the white cloth, cleaned my aunt’s p*ssy smartly that it became dry again.
“Wow am feeling better now…” The evil king said while watching jonah cleaning my aunt’s p*ssy.
“That good my king…so what next?” Jonah asked the king.
“Take her back to the sitting room” The king suggested.
“Wow i like your ideas..” Said jonah, “Mmmmmm” voiced jonah while lifting my aunt from bed to his arms.
Jonah dropped back my aunt to the same sofa.
“But my king….what if the real Chocolate girl comes back from UK” Jonah asked the evil king.
“That will be late…and before she returned from UK, you must also sleep with mara the same way i have done it…”
“But how my king?”
“You have powers to make yourself look like the Chocolate girl”
“Mmm hope mara will spare me this time around”
“Don’t worry…it is your time to shine and sleep with her as many times as you want”
“Thank you my king”
“Bye my soon…i will visit you tonight”
As the king was about to leave, something came to jonah’s mind.
“Wait my king”
“Yes jonah”
“But what about her?” He pointed my aunt, “will she not ask about the chocolate girl when she awake?”
“As i said jonah, To her i will be the chocolate girl and you be the chocolate girl to mara”
“Okay my king”


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