Mara - The Lesbian 2

Mara the l£sblan 2 – episode 7

.season 2
.Episode 7
  The evil woman continued sleeping with the husband and the short evil man continued sleeping with the wife too.
(The short man is the husband to the evil woman and the lady which jonah slept with is the wife to the husband that the evil woman is claiming now)
  So one day, The same woman who was busy bathing felt something coming up the throat or moving up the throat going to the mouth.
 She quickly bowed down and vomited yellowish substances.
 The vomiting sound reached the husband who was busy play piano in the bedroom.
 “What…!” The husband shouted upon hearing the vomiting sound coming from the bathroom.
 He quickly rushed to check out and there, he found his wife sitting on the 🕊 floor helpless.
 “Harriet what is going on…are you okay?” The husband asked the wife.
 The wife looked up to the husband,
“No….. I think something is wrong” Harriet answered.
 “Can i call the doctor?” The husband said while kneeling down closer to his wife.
 Harriet leaned the left elbow on the husband’s right shoulder.
 “It will be better…please do it fast cos am not feeling okay” harriet allowed the husband.
 “Get up..lets go to the bedroom” The husband said while helping harriet to get up.
 As she was standing, the bathing towel fell off from the wa-ist and the husband got attracted to see the beauty lies down the bottom.
 He just swallowed hærd as he helped the wife to wrap the towel back to the wa-ist.

In the bedroom, the husband called the doctor on the phone,
“Hello doctor..” Him started.
“Yes mr Tyson…” The doctor.
“Doctor…my wife is badly sick” Tyson.
“What…am coming!!” Doctor said.
“Please do it fast” Tyson.
And the call ended.

As Tyson was busy entertaining the wife(harriet), There came the bell sound.
“Oh i think the doctor is here?” Tyson said as he dashed out of the bedroom.
  He rushed to the door, opened it and wow it was the Doctor.
“Come in doctor” said Tyson.
The doctor entered.
“Please up there..” Tyson motioned his head indicating that harried is in the bedroom.
“Take me there” the doctor said to Tyson.
“Okay” Tyson lead up the way to the bedroom.

Surely, the doctor examined the wife(harriet) in the eyes and when he saw what he was looking for, he broke a smile.
 But no one noticed it.
So he decided to do blood test and within 10 minutes the minutes, the results were read.
“Wow i have good news” the doctor said while sitting on the piano chair.
 Tyson w¡den the eye lids waiting the good news.
“Tell us doctor” Tyson said.
“Your wife is pregnant” the doctor said.
“What……!” Tyson while looking the wife.
“Wow thank you Jesus…i thought i was the one having womb problem” Harriet shouted forgetting that the doctor was still there.
“What…are…you saying madam” Doctor asked madam harriet.
“No…never mind..” Tyson replied on behalf of the wife who was just smiling.
“Anyway……i have to be on my way now” the doctor said while getting up from the chair.
“Let me take you downstairs..” Said Tyson.
“Bye Doctor..” Harriet waved the doctor.
“Take care..” Doctor said to harriet while emerging out of the room.

Three days later, mr Tyson had no peace to his wife.
 The wife started insulted him, cursing him and also wished to sign the divorce certificate cos the man failed to give her the child yet the evil short man managed to shoot the womb.
“Look at you, all you know is to watch TV and going to the toilet lazy man…” Said harriet to the husband who was busy watching TV.
And Tyson couldn’t shout back due to issues that harriet was not his wife that much in terms of bedroom issues.
“Weak man……Huuu..Huuu” Harriet said while going to the kitchen.

One day, the short man visited harriet who was in bsthroom.
“Baby…” Short man said while standing behind harriet without her noticing.
“Eh…” Harriet vibrated when short man poked on her two ass.
“It’s me….” Said the short man while opening the arms.
“You scared me darling..”  Said Harriet while kneeling down to receive the hug.
“Sorry baby…” Short man said while holding her back.
“How is my baby” the short man.
“He is fine”
“He is kicking right?”
“Okay lie down and let me feed the baby”
“Okay come….”
“Open your legs”
“Mmm like this?”
“Do it with care…don’t hurt my baby”
“Oh yes…you love it?”
“Yes and ins**t it little bit dip”
“Like this?”
“Yeah…oh i like it”

After some minutes, they done and the short man disappeared.

Mr tyson gave up in sleeping with the evil woman and the evil woman felt pity to see how Harriet treated the hubby. The evil woman removed the evil spirit out of Tyson and allowed him to decide whether to continue with Harriet or to go to another woman.


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