Mara - The Lesbian

Mara The L£sb!an- episode 2

[rom-ntic story]

“Yes he already told me his name” i said while sitting on the sofa with my legs closed just to avoid uncle jonah from sighting my brown thighs.
 My aunt pulled the hand bag from the coffee table, reached her hand into it, brought out the money
“Mara go to the market and buy me airtime….” Aunt told me.
I stood up and stretched my hand while bending my wa-ist.
“Okay aunty…” I received the money..
Then i saw the eyes of uncle jonah staring on my chest and i hope he was admiring my new growing up b-obs.
 And i quickly walked out of the house smiling.

Aunt’s POV.
“Hey baby….she is out now so what next? Uncle jonah asked my aunty.
  My aunty dropped the bag on the floor and sat on the laps of uncle jonah while wrapping his neck.
” i can see your eyes are already red…..” She k-ssed his one eye “so…..i leave everything in your hands” she said while moving her wa-ist closer to the wa-ist of uncle jonah.
  Then uncle jonah grabbed my aunt’s curves, pulled her little bit while squeezing the both ass..
“I can’t wait to swim…….” Uncle jonah said while k-ssing the pink l-ips of my aunt with both hands busy squeezing the ass.
 In no time, uncle jonah lifted my aunt while k-ssing and carried her to the bedroom.
  in,side the bedroom, he dropped my aunt on the bed and my aunt’s skirt lifted up on her wa-ist leaving the black knicker exposed to uncle jonah who was busy lowering the trouser.
“Wow…..” My aunt scre-med as she was watching uncle jonah climbing on top of her while opening
 her thighs.
“Ooo……” Uncle jonah grimaced as he was bowing the head down on the bottom of my aunt with left hand rubbing on the p-nt surface trying to make my aunty w-t.
  And my aunt was also busy rubbing the back of uncle jonah while k-ssing his chest.
“Wait…….” Uncle jonah stopped my aunt from reaching in,side the boxer.
 Uncle jonah knelt down.
“Oh………shit………….” My aunty mo-ned as my uncle was busy shifting the p-nt with the tongue trying to lick the p*ssy.
 My aunty loved what uncle jonah was doing so she wrapped his head between her thighs.
“Cute……..” Uncle jonah voiced out in low voice as he took the first view of the p*ssy.
“Yes….i shaved it last night..”
“Beautiful…….. Look at it….” Uncle jonah said while opening the p*ssy with two fingers.
After opening it, he s-cked it twice and the p*ssy started producing some white milk cream.
As cream was coming out, my aunty was busy moving her head left to right while rolling the tongue on the lower lip.
Then she placed both palms on the chest and started squeezing her tits.
    “Please…. Turn round……” Uncle jonah told my aunty to turn down(like cow style) with hands on bed.
 Then uncle jonah lowered the boxer as he was slaping my aunt’s ass.
After lowered the boxer, he grabbed my aunt’s ass, open them a little bit and ran the 30cm big c*ck which was standing at exactly 90° between her brown ass.
“O yes…….” My aunty scre-med as uncle jonah was ins**ting 1cm of his c*ck into the ass*h0le.
My uncle slapped the ass while viewing the ass&the p*ssy watching the c*ck entering into the ass*h0le.
 1 minute past, the c*ck was dipped fully into the ass*h0le and my aunt’s b-obs were hitting on the bed as uncle jonah was giving her a back hærd f*ck.

Within some few minutes, i returned from the market rushing cos i was feeling happy noticing uncle jonah admiring my oversize ass.
 As i was about to open the door, i hears my aunt’s voice coming from her bedroom.
“Hope is not what i think……….” I said to myself as i was paying attention to hear the real cause of the mo-ning.
“O baby……o yes……..Wooo…..shiiiit…” This was my aunt’s voice.
So as a grown up girl, i knew what was happening even though i was not sure about it but i could tell through the kind of voice i was hearing.
So i decided to wait outside under the small tree shade.
 As i was waiting, the idea of creating fake picture poked me as i was hearing my aunt’s voice.
 I started imagining the style they were using, the c*ck size and many more.
While doing some imaginations, my p-nt became w-t so i reached my hand in,side the skirt and touched my p-nt then i realised that my p*ssy was w-t.
 “What must i do……..?” I asked myself whiles smelling the finger which reached my p-nt.
 I quickly stood up, ran to the tap and opened it then drunk water just to cool down my lust pressure.
 Within some minutes, i heard my aunt’s voice from the sitting room.
“They re done….” I said to myself while going to the veranda.
 Then i knocked.
“Come in……” My aunt answered.
I opened the door
Entered and
Closed it again.
“You’re hear already…” My aunt said.
I just gave her the card and went to my room without saying a word cos of jealous.
“She seem little bit angry….” Uncle jonah said.
“She don’t like seeing me with men…” My aunty said.
“Too bad ” uncle jonah said.

When i entered my room, i went direct on the bed, pulled my phone from the charger and clicked on google app then searched for hot videos..
I downloaded five videos, lie on the bed while facing up.
 Then, i went to videos, reduced the volume to zero before start playing the videos.
After done watching the first video, i decided to remove my p-nt, threw it on the floor, pulled the white clothe and then entered my two fingers into my shaved p*ssy.
 In the video, as the man was ins**ting his oiled c*ck into the indian girl’s ass*h0le, i quickly pulsed the video and began to admire the big c*ck while fingering my p*ssy.
 And when my p*ssy became badly w-t, i decided to use four fingers.
  As i was producing oil, i heard my aunty.
“Yes aunty” i responded.
“Am going out….i will be back home soon”
“Okay aunty..”
And so i rushed to the window to admire uncle jonah why busy rubbing my p*ssy.
“I will soon taste your c*ck too ” i said to myself while peeping uncle jonah entering the car.
  Deep down my heart i know that uncle jonah admired me too especially my big ass.
So we shall see in episode three.
I don’t care about my aunty.

To be continued

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