Mara The L£sb!an- episode 1

[rom-ntic & educative story]

Complete story: life of a p-rn star 

Episode 1
Hello my name is mara the only daughter in my family.
I lost my parents long time ago in the road accident.
I grew up with my aunt who is a medical doctor and honestly she is was and still taking care of me like her own daughter.
My aunt is 26 years of age, engaged to a very handsome man by the name of Jonah.
Before knowing uncle jonah, One day he came home around 2pm to see my aunt.
He ranged twice the door bell and that moment i was going to take shower so i quickly rushed to open the door with bathing towel only wrapping my wa-ist and b-obs.
I pulled the bathing towel little bit up covering my b-obs then opened the door.
“Hello sir…” I said while opening the door with one hand folding the bathing towel on the chest to avoid it from falling.
However, his eyes rested on my thighs and i quickly lowered the towel little bit.
“Hello dear….this is the first time to see you here….what is your name?” He asked while leaning against the door flame.
I also leaned my curves on the other flame.
“Am not new…..i live here with my aunt…and what has brought you here?” I replied in question form with my tongue rolling on the lower lip trying to make it wet cos am used to apply lip sticks.
He still looked my curves with split cute smile.
“Any way……i have come to visit your aunt jonah the husband to be….” He said while folding hands on the chest.
Upon hearing his name, i cupped my mouth with my palms
“Oh… aunt has been talking about you for a long time and i was looking foward to see you uncle jonah..” I said while smiling.
“Is your aunt in…?”
“No…..she is still at work”
“Can i wait for her?”
“Yes please get in”
“Thank you”
He then entered into the house and settled on the arm choir with his eyes glued to my booty and am sure my big ass made his c*ck to jump.
After closing the door, i stood at the middle of sitting room and said, “uncle i will join you…..let me go and take the shower first”
I was speaking with my hands on the chest just to avoid the towel from falling.
“Ok” he replied.
And i started walking going to the bath room.then i saw him staring my back busy admiring my ass on how they were bouncing and shaking through sideways while entering the bathroom.
When i got into the bathroom, i smiled as i was hanging the towel on the nailed nail.
Then i shook my ass little bit while thinking that, “wow my ass have finally grown…am happy….”
After playing with my ass, i stood straight to the shower, turned on the taptoe and then the first drops of water splashed on my shoulders.
And some drops rolled at my back going down between my two ass and as it reached to my ass*ho, i vibrated due to its coldness.
And some passed inside my front hair and reached my p*ssy then it became wet.
After all that, i decided to shower the wh0le body with soap.
Behind me was the man peeping me through the keyh0le.
“This girl is hot……” The man said while touching his c*ck and am sure he was wet already for watching my big barely curves.
So without knowing that someone was watching me, i knelt down, took the soap, rub it along and across my p*ssy and then started washing it or cleaning it using the soft white clothe by dipping it inside and out.
And also passing the cloth along my ass*h0le trying to clean it for some reasons.
Behind me, i was killing the man.
The man felt good and puzzled for seeing my brown ass and everything that made his c*ck inside the trouser to misbehave.
“I will enter….” His mind was telling him just to enter and rape me.
He took a deep breath and as he was about to open the door, he heard the car engine outside and he rushed to the sitting room.
“O shit…..” He grimaced while sitting on the arm chair with cushion on the laps.
Five minutes past, i was done bathing and i went to my bedroom.
In the bedroom, i sat on bed without the towel thrown on the floor, ran my hair backwards, pulled the lotion and applied some lotion allover my body including to my shaved narrow p*ssy.
After applying lotion, i opened the bag, pulled one p-nt, wore it, got the pink mini skirt, dressed it then i wore the black top and stood before the dressing mirror.
Wow, i turned around to check or see how my ass fitted in the mini skirt and gosh i was looking super.
“Mara……” Aunt called.
I rushed to the sitting room while positioning my skirt.
“Yes aunt….” I said
My aunt who was lying her head on jona’s laps quickly sat upright after seeing me.
“Do you know him?” Aunt asked me.
I looked into uncle jonah’s eyes and wow his eyes were red.
“Yes…he told me his name already” i replied while sitting on the sofa.
To be continued

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