Mara - The Lesbian

Mara the l£sblan – episode 10

Episode 10 (for everybody)
 Uncle Jonah POV.
“i will make mara to kill her aunty” he thought as he was crossing the road going to the hair saloon.
  The saloon name is called Jen’s saloon the best saloon in the city where only rich people were found there plaiting and buying weaves.
“hello girls..” said uncle jonah while emerging in,side.
 the fat girl who was busy cutting the nail fingers quietly shifted leaving the space for uncle jonah to settle.
“thank yöu…” said uncle jonah while sitting down on the bench.
the fat girl looked at him.
and also other girls stared at him
“hey……yöu look smart” girls chorused between smiles.
 uncle jonah looked at them
“thank yöu..” thanked uncle jonah.
  there was one girl with chocolate skin,medium size ass looking beautiful in grey mini-skirt,darling wa-ist and new growing b-obs.she was plaiting the hair facing the mirror.
uncle jonah looked at the mirror and saw the charming round face rudly.
“please am here to buy brazilian hair..” said uncle jonah.
 the fat girl next to him turned to him
“are yöu married?” she asked.
uncle jonah smiled
“no….” he replied.
 then the chocolate girl smiled for the first time.
“so whom do you want to buy brazilian hair for?” the girl who was busy beautifying another woman asked.
 everyone laughed.
but his mind was carried away by chocolate girl’s bottom.
“hey…..” the fat girl waved the hand towards jonah’s face trying to stop him from long staring the chocolate girl.
 He looked at her.
“ha ha..”he laughed,then winked to the fat girl.
the fat girl broke a wide smile
“i will give yöu a call..” said the fat girl.
 He smiled.
“ok…then give me the brazilian hair on credit” He said.
 The fat girl pulled the brazilian hair.
“alright…” she gave him the brazilian hair.
he received.
“girls see yöu…” he said while leaving the saloon.
 “thank yöu….” girls replied.
 After he left,the chocolate girl couldn’t stop smiling cos she knew who the man was.
“these men…” chocolate girl thought.

uncle jonah was busy watching wrestling with wh0le mind of waiting the call from fat girl.
 his eyes were fixed on TV but his mind was not there
“that girl…but can she be more sweet than mara…” he thought.
 He pulled the phone from the table,clicked to videos and there he started watching the recording videos of him f-cking me.
“no…mara is hot…wow i can’t forget this…let me pulse” he pulsed the video to notice how easy his d*ck was been ins**ted without making my p*ssy w-t,”but how possible was my d*ck been ripped easily… was mara truly a V-rgin?” he asked himself.
His d*ck was already up.
then the phone rang
“hello” started the caller.
“hello” he said.
“sup?” asked the caller
“i want that girl” said uncle jonah
“how much?” she asked.
” i dont have…

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