Mara - The Lesbian

Mara the L£sb!an- episode 11

Episode 11
Still on uncle jonah’s pov
“I don’t have money” said uncle jonah.
  The caller couched.
“Really….” The caller pulsed, “see that girl is a new girl… I picked her from the village and as far as village concerns she is still a V-rgin” said the caller.
 Uncle jonah upon hearing the word V-rgin, he removed the phone from his ear, took a look at the caller’s name to see if it was truly the same friend.
“Is this Bridget..?” Uncle jonah asked the caller.
 “Yes…..sup jonah?” Bridget asked.
Jonah stoop up, went to the kitchen to drink the glass of water to cool down his d*ck which was hærd when talking to Bridget.
  As Bridget mentioned the name “V-rgin” uncle jonah’s mind went beyond his thinking/imaginations.
  He took two glasses of water and went back to the sitting-room.
“Do you mean it?” Uncle jonah asked Bridget.
 “Am not joking….and it will cost you huge money to open the legs of that girl…are you ready?” Said Bridget.
  Uncle jonah thought for about 30 seconds.
“I don’t have money but i will pay you later….please just one night… Bring that girl home now… I promise you” uncle jonah sounded seriously.
“I promise..”
“Alright…get ready…will be there in next few minutes” Bridget said.
 Uncle jonah broke a wide smile as the call was ending.
“Wow…let me start preparing…..” He stood up going upstairs to his room, “yeah here we go..” He said while spraying perfume allover the bedroom.
 After done spraying perfume, he started doing some s€× styles on the bed trying to choose one best style.
  Within some minutes, he chose the style.
  Then he went to the store-room, there he got the cotton, applied some drugs to it and he rubbed it round the d*ck.
   “I will show her the taste of salt” he said to himself while going downstairs.

After the conversation with jonah, she went to the room 6.
  Honestly, bridget has two businesses
2=s€× working.
So she had 26 girls living in one hotel named “bri-night hotel”
 As boss, she has been into the business for too long and she has countless customers.
 But non of customer touch the new girl that uncle jonah admired in the previous episode.
“Hello there…” Said bridget while knocking at the door.
 The girl who was busy reading the bible quickly stood up, hidden the bible under the bed for it was against the law of the hotel to read the bible.
 “Yes aunt…” She said while rushing to open the door.
  She opened.
“You love long dresses why?” Bridget asked after taking one look of the loose dress.
 “Am used to such aunt…..” Replied the girl.
 “You are here for business…. Not village things… And every night you must have at least three customers” bridget said.
 The girl looked down upon herself.
“Aunt…men are after girls with big ass and light skin… Am afraid if i can find one this night” the girl said.
  “Get dressed… taking you somewhere” bridget said while turning right.
  The girl closed the door, sat on bed and she started remembering what the parents said to her before they died.
 Tears rolled down the cheeks as she recalled the beautiful memories of her parents giving her higher love.
“Mama and papa please you have to cone back to life….i can’t continue living this kind of life…” Tears allover her face, she rubbed off the tears from entering her mouth, she then looked up and had heart prayer.
“Are you done..!” Bridget’s voice came from the dinning room.
 And the girl cuts the prayer, opened her luggage, brought out the transparent short dress and after wearing it she looked her backside to see how attractive ass suited in the dress.
 She didn’t bother to wear b-ra cos her b-obs were looking beautiful with and without b-ra.

“Hope they are the ones” he said after the rays of car lights swept across the room.
He stood up, went to the window and peeped out.
“They are here…….” He said after seen bridget opening the door.
 Shortly the chocolate girl also get off of the car looking extra beautiful in short dress.
    As they were coming to the house, jonah rushed back to the arm choir.
  The door bell rang.
“Am coming” said uncle jonah while standing with louder yawn.
 “Wow you’re already here” said jonah after opening the door.
 “Thank you…can we get in?” Said bridget after shaking hands.
 Jonah moved backwards leaving enough space for them pass by.
  The girl was walking slowly with arms folded across her b-obs.
Uncle jonah took a quick look at the girl’s back and there he saw no pattern of a knicker/p-nt in,side.
“Does it mean she has nothing in,side there” thought uncle jonah while locking the door.

After done discussing, bridget left and drove back home.
 However, jonah was sitting next to the girl and he there was completely silence after bridget left.
Jonah was waiting the girl to say something and the girl was also waiting jonah to start.
“Ahaaaaa..” Jonah did a fake yawn.
 But the girl didn’t even bother to smile nor facing him.
 Suddenly a man will remain a man no matter what.
Jonah took a deep breath, got rid of fears and he faced the girl.
“You seem to love Zeeworld?” Jonah started.
The girl blinked
“Yeah…..i do” replied the girl.

Watch out for next episode (TBC)

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