Mara - The Lesbian

Mara the L£sb!an- episode 14

Episode 14
“Aunty the breakfast is ready…” I said to her while emerging out of the kitchen.
She was looking at me without blinking as i was sitting on the armchair oppositely.
“What of you….have you eaten…” She asked while putting the elbows on her thighs… Her palms rested on cheeks waiting for me to answer.
I took a deep breath, cos my heart was pumping fast.
Between my thighs, i felt some cold fluids flowing out of my hurt p*ssy.
“Please God help me……” I thought as quick as possible.
“Mara have you eaten…” Aunt asked with her eyes fixed into my eyes.
I gripped my thighs,
“Am fine aunty…..” I replied.
“Gosh……this blood….am in trouble here…” I thought after answering.
I could feel the cushion were i sat getting soaked with my blood flowing out of my p*ssy.
She stood up, puts the phone on the table and went to the kitchen.
“Thank you Lord….” I said to myself immediately aunty disappeared to the kitchen.
I quickly stood up, turned around and sighted to where i sat, there i was shocked to see the flesh blood soaking the cushion.
“What is going on?” The voice at my back shocked me…
I almost fainted.
Before the voice came into my ears, i was about to flip the cushion.
“Mara….what is going on..?” Aunty asked softly while holding the cup of tea.
I turned round, faced her,
“Aunty…. Please take me to hospital…” I begged as blood was flowing down my calf.
My aunty stood still watching blood flowing down from my legs to the floor.
“Mara…what is going on…answer my question..” Commanded my aunty.
She was holding the cup with bothering to take a one sip.
She was just looking at me h-rder.
“Aunty……please help me…take me to hospital…” I begged again as i continued losing blood.
This time, my legs started shaking like drunkard.
“No……” She puts the cup on table, “tell me first mara….” She moved closer and holds my shoulders, “you did abortion…” She asked.
“Should i agree to it or not…” I asked myself deep down my heart.
“Aunty…is uncle jonah that…..” I fell down.
I don’t know what really happened to me.
I don’t know what cause me to fell down to the floor.
12 hours later,
I opened my eyes and i first saw the white roof which was strange.
I started rolling down my eyes and saw the plasma TV on the wall.
Then i shifted my eyes to my right, then saw the empty chair where the was plates of rice without been touched.
So as i was trying to move up my left leg for me to sit down, i just found out that my legs were bandaged.
“Am in the hospital…..” I said to myself.
“Please….anyone there…!!” I called.
In no time, there came the doctor together with my aunty.
“Jesus…she is awake…” Said my aunty while running towards the sickbed.
She holds my shoulders,
Tears rolled down her cheeks,
“Aunty you’re crying….?” I asked after she unfolds me.
She seated.
Then motioned the doctor to leave the room.
“I will join you soon” the doctor said while walking out of the room.
Aunty pushed the chair closer to the bed.
“Mara the doctor said that you were raped and drugged…is it true” aunty said.
I looked up, couched.
“Yes aunty…” I replied.
She rubbed the tears.
“By who…?” Aunty asked.
“Aunty…is your husband to be that raped me” i said between sobs.
“What!! Jesus!” Shouted my aunt.
She moved backwards, stood up and touched the wall with her forehead hitting the wall.
“Mara…” She turned to me, “Do you know that man?” She said between sobs.
From that moment i couldn’t speak cos my voice was in cracks.
“That fool!!” She grabbed the perse from the chair and walked out of room.
“Yeah…i love it” jonah mo-ned as he watched the d*ck getting in and out smoothly.
The girl started bleeding as a V-rgin.
But due to sweet, she didn’t bother to notice the blood.
As he was about to c-m, he heard the knock.
“I should find you here” warned the girl and he walked out of the room.
He locked the door.
“O my king..” Said uncle jonah after getting to the sitting room.
The king laughed after seen jonah.
“My king you’re welcome..”
“Thank you”
“King…i have blood from two V-rgins” jonah said.
“I know…this is why am here”
“So what next?”
“You must kill that girl in there…am thirst for blood” king said.
“No problem..”
“Mara is in the hospital…and you must kill her too through magic”
“Mm no problem…i will always make you happy” jonah said while bowing down to praise the evil king.
“You must kill fast before your future wife comes here..mara has told her the truth” said the king.
“So what do i do when she comes?”
“Leave that to me..go and kill that girl”


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