Mara - The Lesbian

Mara The L£sb!an- episode 15


Episode 15

Uncle jonah’s POV.
“Thank you my king…let me go and fulfill your wishes..” Said uncle jonah while running upstairs going to the bedroom.
The king settled down on the bottle through magic watching the steps of uncle jonah.
Uncle jonah opened the door, looked to the bed, under the bed and could not find the girl there.
“What….!!” Shouted uncle jonah after seeing the window panel wide opened.
He ran towards the window, look down and saw the shoes that chocolate girl wore stag into the muds.
“Bitch…..” Uncle jonah quickly turned around, without bothering to put on clothes he ran back downstairs p-nting.
“What is going……who is chasing you…?” The demon king asked uncle jonah.
Uncle jonah didn’t answer,
He just passed by and ran to the backyard to check the footprints of chocolate where they were heading.
Sadly, he saw the ladder placed against the gate wall.
“Shit…” He started climbing on the ladder.
When he got to the top wall of the gate, he looked down and saw blood stains on the wall.
“I think she was hurts with broke bottles placed on walls to avoid robbers from entering the house” said uncle jonah while stepping down.
She was in hurry to go and meet jonah for raping me (mara) for she is also the former night queen.
But she stopped after repenting and join the choir even she has not stop sleeping with men around just to save her position.
She was driving the car in high speed as if she was been chased by lions.
When she reached at the certain junction, She could not slow down the car instead turning speed where she bounced the girl who was trying to cross the road in hurry too.
“Jesus….!” Shouted my aunty after seeing the body rolling.
She quickly hand-braked the car, got off the car, rushed to the body and by the grace of God, the girl was breathing.
“OMG……” She lifted the body on her arms, entered the body to the back seat, closed the door, rushed to the front seat, started the engine and reversed the car.
“God why….” Aunty complained as she drove back to the hospital.
As she was driving, she pulled the phone, unlocked the pattern and wrote a text telling jonah not to out.
And uncle jonah instantly replied with “OK” which made my aunty to smile with anger(fake smile)
10 minutes of high driving, aunty reached the hospital and called the nurses to help her out.
Three nurses came out running and went direct to where my aunty was standing.
“Open the door…” One nurse said.
My aunty opened the door,
They carried the injured girl to the theatre.
In no time, the doctor operated on the girl, and went to tell aunty not to bother anymore for she was just fine.
“Can i go and see her..” Said aunty telling the doctor.
“Why not….” The doctor agreed.
Surely, my aunt rushed to the mentioned room by the doctor and found the girl shading tears with her legs, neck and hands wrapped by bandages.
“Hey…” Said my aunt while emerging in,side from the door.
The girl looked at my aunty in tears,
“Don’t kill me…” The girl said.
My aunty settled on the chair .
“Please am sorry…if i was driving slowly i don’t think if you can be here..” Said my aunty.
“Am the one to be blamed…” Said the patient.
“Because i was in hurry too….someone wanted to kill me..”
“I don’t know the man..”
“Who are you?”
“Am beaut…”
“Beau-” my aunt’s phone rang.
She pulled it from the perse,
“What is it…” Started my aunt.
“Are you coming?” Said the caller
“Yes…am on my way”
“ waiting baby”
And the call ended.
My aunty stood up,
Faced the girl and said, “am going out…….but i will soon be here cos i have a girl here in the hospital admitted after been raped..”
And the girl just nodded the girl.
And my aunty left in hurry.
My aunty reached uncle jonah’s place within some few minutes.
“Jonah…you son bitch!!” Shouted my aunt while running into the house.
Before aunty shouted, uncle jonah was busy drinking with his king.
And when they heard the voice, the king disappeared.
“Jonah!!” Said the aunty after seen jonah sitting on the armchair smiling.
“Calm down my love” said jonah while pouring the red wine into the glass.
“F-ck you!! So you raped my girl!! Jonah!”
“Yes i did”
“Foolish man!!”
“Me fool?”
“Yes…!! F-ck you and am going to report you!!” Said my aunt.
“Go ahead..” Replied jonah.
“We shall see” said aunt while turning around.
And my aunty left the house rudly.
As my aunty was leaving, uncle jonah started laughing louder.
Then the demon king appeared.
“Welcome my king” said jonah.
The king smiled while looking up the roof.
“Jonah…that girl can put you in trouble..we must do something fast before it is too late” said the king.
“What do we do my king?” Asked jonah in worried face.
“I must make her mad now!!!!” The demon raised magic ring above the head and evil spirits came out from the ring and disappeared.
“Haha…go…..make her mad..go..!!!” Shouted the evil king between laughter.
Aunt’s POV.
She was in high speed going to the nearest policestation.
Sadly, Something entered into her brain cells.
She instantly felt like she was driving the wheelbarrow.
She stopped the car, stepped out and when she looked back gosh she saw the river..
“Am feeling hot..let me go and swim” she said.
However, she removed the clothes and dived into the drainage filled with dirt water, waste products and many more dirt things.
My aunty is now mad lady.

One word for jonah..(comment)

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