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Mara The L£sb!an- episode 16

Episode 16 (18+)

Welcome to episode 16…enjoy

Gateman POV..
“Shhh are you not enjoying?” The boss’ wife admonished gateman while removing the d*ck from the boxer.
 But i wonder why gateman was behaving childish yet his d*ck was hard he wished to f-ck the boss’ wife after been employed.
  The boss’ wife knelt down between gateman’s legs, she waved back the long hair as she bowed towards the d*ck and then started s-cking it as if her life depends on it.
 Upon s-cking, the gateman wrapped his head with palms as he watched his madam s-cking the d*ck and also car-ssing the balls.
  In no time, the saliva was allover the d*ck and so the madam/boss’wife gently stood up, removed the towel which wrapped the wa-ist, thrown it on the floor, tied back the long hair and then shook the chest to make the b-obs bounce.
“Get up” the boss’ wife told the gateman while grabbing his hand.
 The gateman did exactly.
Then the boss’ wife wrapped the wa-ist of gateman, pulled him closer and started k-ssing each other.
 “Take me from behind…….” Said the boss’ wife after long moment of k-ssing.
She lied on the floor, lifted her bottom, widen the thighs and the gateman without wasting time also knelt closer to the big ass, placed the left hand on the left ass, squeezed it as he directed the long hard d*ck into the brown hair performed p*ssy, ins**ted the d*ckhead into the p*ssy and pulled it off.
He grabbed the wa-ist now with both hands, ins**ted the d*ck and started f-cking the boss’ wife from behind.
The chest of the boss’ wife touched the floor as gateman was giving her a hardcore.
“Mmmmm…mmm…” mo-ned the boss’ wife silently to avoid anyone not to know what was happening.
 Suddenly, the boss’ wife started shading tears as she tried to control herself from mo-ning yet the d*ck was sweet and also filling the wh0le space of her p*ssy.
 7 minutes later, the p*ssy started producing white cream.
 And the gateman f-cked non stop without taking a deep breath or to refresh himself.
Sweat was allover his body and within some next 7 minutes, he released inside.
“O….shit….” Said the gateman as he was removing the d*ck from cream p*ssy.
 The boss’ wife rubbed her palm on the p*ssy, entered three fingers into the p*ssy and then started removing out some semen.
“I love it……i wish my husband could have such big satisfying d*ck too….” Said the boss’ wife while getting the bathing towel from the floor.
She wrapped the wa-ist, looked the gateman and said
“Go and take a bath…don’t let anyone know about this….. You hear me?”
The gateman nodded while zipping up the trouser.
“Good….go to your position…and when you feel honey just send me the signal by raising three fingers anytime you feel like f-cking my p*ssy again….and i will make plans for it..” Boss’ wife was talking while touching the p*ssy.
“Ok madam….good day” said the gateman and he left.
“This boy has everything a woman needs…therefore i have to kill my husband then i will make him my next husband” thought the boss’ wife while watching the gateman walking out of the house.

The boss’ daughter after buying the goods she was been sent, she met the boyfriend at the junction on the coming home.
“Hey….my love” said the boyfriend while opening the arms.
The girl ignored the hug and stood aside.
“What is it….?” Asked the boyfriend.
“Nothing..” She replied while facing to another direction.
“Baby face me..”
“What is the problem?”
“I don’t know”
“I don’t like this” the boyfriend said while trying to touch her.
“Don’t dare touch..!!” She turned to him.
“What…are you avoiding me now?”
“I can do much better than that if you want…!! Infact am busy…am going” she started walking.
 The boyfriend started running towards her.
“Why are you blocking my way?” Said the boss’ daughter.
“What i have done?”
“Nothing just let me be….bye” she said and continued walking.
 This time around, she boyfriend didn’t bother to follow her nor talking.he just shaded tears cos he loved the girl so much.
It was first time for them to be upset for no good reason.
The boyfriend felt like going to the shop, buy doom and drink for he hated seeing the girl he loved walking out of him.
“Is it because am poor….or maybe someone has started dating her..” He said to himself as he looked the girl at far distance walking without looking back.
“Idiot..i wonder why i accepted you fool… you can’t even satisfy me…three years of dating no planting a seed in my womb…better i go for gateman” she thought as she turned left.

13 minutes past, she reached home.
Before going to the house, she decided to see the gateman who was busy singing p square song called bank alert.
“Hello…” She knocked.
The gateman stopped singing to hear again the voice.
“Hello…” She said while knocking.
Gateman quickly rushed to the door.
“It’s you….are you upset with me for what i did the day before?” Asked the gateman while leaning against the doorflame.
The girl looked left and right to see if the mum was anywhere closer
“Forget…..i understand…anyway i have bought you this” she gave him the plastic bag full of items.
The gateman received.
“All these for me…”
“Shhhhhh…go inside now….will talk later” she said.
The gateman went back to the room while smiling.
“Your mine now….i won’t allow you to go out with any girl…i can even kill my parents because of you so that we live in this big mansion…” Thought the daughter as she entered the mansion.

I was alone looking around the room.
 “Hope my aunt will teach that fool some manners…” I said to myself as i pulled the plate of rice from the table.
I sat on bed, leaned my back again the wall, put the plate on the laps and started eating.
 And the doctor came to my room smiling.
“Mara good morning…” The doctor greeted me.
“Morning doctor”
“Hope you’re enjoying yourself?”
“Yes doctor”
He settled on the chair.
“Your aunt brought the girl here..”
“Which girl?”
“She said that her name is beaut..”
“I don’t know her”
“I will bring her here tomorrow morning”
“Ok doctor..”
And the doctor left.
“Who is beaut…and what is she doing here?” I wondered.

Another episode will come tonight if there is comment.


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