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Mara The L£sb!an- episode 4

Episode 4

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“Ok lets go….” Said the gate man.
 Aunty started walking.
The gate man followed my aunty while admiring our my aunt’s ass were shaking.
“They are mine…..” The gate man said to himself referring the ass.
He couldn’t believe that he was going to touch those ass he was seeing shaking.
  They went to where the car was(under the mango tree) and my aunty first leaned her back to the car boot
“Can we do it here…” Said my aunty while pulling the gate man closer.
 The gate man stood tight to the aunt.
“Mmm maybe you should and and switch off the bulb 💡” said the gate man.
 My aunty sat on the car boot with her legs opened.
“Don’t be shy…come here” my aunty pulled the gate man closer between her thighs.
  And the gate man’s hands were allover my aunt’s back giving her the best lust feelings by moving the finger up and down following the backbone.
“O……i like that..” scre-med my aunty after the gate man k-ssed the n-pples.
 The gate man pulled her tight to him, planted the soft lip on her l-ips while the hands were rubbing the upper bottom but he couldn’t touch the ass cos my aunty was sitting on the car booty.
“Ummwaaaaaaa….” The gate man k-ssed lastly and bowed the head on aunt’s chest, opened his l-ips and licked the left n-pple while giving it a softly bite with the tongue playing with it in,side.
 The soft bites made my aunty to wrap gate man’s head and chested out just to make the gate man s-ck the n-pple h-rder.
  Then, my aunty entered the toes in,side the gate man’s boxer and started playing with the d*ck which was hærd already. She was gripping the d*ck using the toes to pull and push the d*ck foreskin giving the gate man nothing but soft mo-n.
  Surely, the gate man began to rotate the wa-ist cos my aunty was playing with d*ck as if it was between her two big ass trying to enter the assh-le.
“Please wait…….” My aunt stopped the gate man from pulling her down to start the game.
 The gate man stopped s-cking b-obs.
“Lets start bby…am w-t already” said the gate while rubbing the the finger across on the p*ssy position trying to check if she was w-t too.
My aunty stepped down and her ass shook.
“Let go and get the protection….” Said aunt.
“But why ?” Asked the gate man.
“Nothing..” Replied aunty.
The gate man grabbed her wa-ist and pulled her.
“You don’t trust me?” Asked the gate man.
“I trust you” replied aunt.
The gate man k-ssed her neck.
“Wow..” Vibrated my aunt.
The gate man therefore forced himself to enter the hand in,side my aunt’s p-nt.
in,side the p-nt, he directed one finger to touch the bean, poked it and my aunty still vibrated. But the more she was vibrating, is the more the gate man enjoyed it cos the big ass were rubbing or hitting or bouncing on his d*ck which was at 90° though in boxer. So it was pointing to the assh-le but couldn’t enter cos of the boxer.
“Oh…Noo…” mo-ned my aunty as the gate man now was busy entering the two fingers in,side the w-t warm p*ssy.
He entered the fingers dip enough and out again, entered them for the second chance and out again..
The fingers were vanished with white texture p*ssy cream.
“Lets go to the tree brach” said the gate man..
My aunt was voiceless cos of higher lust feelings.
When they got to the tree, the gate man said, “baby…bend forward and touch the tree brach…” My aunty did exactly and even more better.
 She touched the tree or grabbed the tree with both hands, bent the wa-ist, w¡den the legs and the p*ssy was w¡der shown including the assh-le though the gate man didn’t see the p*ssy due to the darkness but still he liked how the ass were opened.
  The gate mam stood behind, lowered the boxer, grabbed his big d*ck and before ins**ting it into the p*ssy, he w¡den the p*ssy covers using two fingers and then pointed the big d*ck direct to the p*ssy h0le.
“Oo….” Aunty mo-ned as gate man was forcing the d*ck to enter.
  Due to the small p*ssy size, the gate man decided to take it easy so he first entered 1 inch and when the p*ssy was more flexible he entered 4 inches and wow in less few minutes the d*ck was nowhere to be seen.
“O yes……o baby give it to me… my p*ssy…..o shit….i like that….f-ck my p*ssy h-rder..” Aunty was mo-ning little bit louder.
 The balls were busy hitting the front view of the p*ssy and so my aunty crossed the left hand between the thighs and started rubbing her p*ssy(the bean) as the d*ck was digging in,side faster.
When the balls hitted her hand, she grabbed them and started car-ssing them following the f-cking speed.
Her b-obs were flapping also following the speed of d*ck while digging the p*ssy.
  5minutes of dancing, the gate changed the speed to higher while slapping the curves and in no time, he shot in,side the p*ssy..
“Mphooooo” sounded the d*ck as it was coming out(pop sound)
 My aunty turned round, knelt down, grabbed the weak d*ck with hands, opened her mouth and started s-cking the d*ck while car-ssing the balls.
When she was done, she sat down, opened her thighs and said, “s-ck my p*ssy too”
And the gate man knelt down, bent over and started licking the p*ssy using the l-ips and his tongue was the one dipping in,side the still warm p*ssy.when he brought out the tongue, there were some things hanging on the tongue like okra soup.
“Get up” said the gate man.
Aunty stood up, helped the driver to wear the boxer while poking the d*ck.
“You keep on getting more sweet..” Aunty joked while poking the d*ck.
Gate man smiled while bending the wa-ist too.
“Here is your p-nt” said gate man.
My aunty entered the both legs and gate man pulled the p-nt. At the end, he k-ssed the curves and poked the ass too.

After all that, my aunty esc-rted the gate man and they departed.
  Back in,side my bedroom, as i was snoring i was dreaming that uncle jonah was mine.
It was sweety dream cos in the dream, i managed to s-ck uncle jonah’s d*ck and give him the best wall style while shaking my ass.
No need for me to shake the wa-ist he was just standing watching how the d*ck was swimming in and out of my p*ssy by just shaking my ass were controlling the d*ck not to come out or misbehave.
  Now it was around 07am(morning time)
I woke up, yelled while still on bed, stretched myself and climbed down from bed to the floor.
 I went to my luggage, pulled black, wore it and then dressed the grey jin trouser.
 I got the b-ra hangwire, wore it together with the black top and sneaked out of the room.
“Aunt….” I called.
But no respond.
I checked the bathroom and she was not there only the washed p-nt hanging on the wall.
“O i think she woke up early today…” I said while closing the door.
I rushed outside to check the car but to my surprise, the was not there.
 So i went to the back to get the Ixp to sweep the surrounding.
I went to start from the big tree.there, i saw some shoe prints.
“What was going on here?” I asked myself while trying to recognise the shoe prints.
 As i was looking the prints, i saw some white thighs on the ground.
“What this?” I said while smelling some white things.
But i minded off cos i was still V-rgin.

After done sweeping, i went back to room.
Then my phone rang.
I pulled my phone.
And checked the caller
“Hello….” Caller started.
“Hi” i said on mouth piece.
“You know my voice right..?” Caller asked.
“No…” I answered.
“Ok i have sent you my videos through whatsapp..check”
And he ended the call.
I opened data and clicked to the new messages on whatsapp.
 And when i opened videos, it was uncle jonah bathing..showing me his hot body and d*ck.

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