Mara - The Lesbian

Mara The L£sb!an- episode 5


    In this episode we have new words just for us to remain safe. Check below
    Key👉 D.I.C.K is now hot pipe
                P.U.S.S.Y is now hot pot.
So take note and enjoy the story✔

When i was done checking the videos of uncle jonah, i dropped the phone on the laps and lied down straight with my eyes fixed on phone waiting for it to ring again.
    My mind was confused and puzzled at the same time with what i watchso
     I couldn’t believe that i saw uncle jonah’s hot pipe swinging as he was bathing.
       Seeing his cute rounded balls made me to think deep.
       And as i was waiting the call, i decided to watch the videos again and this time around i was creating some pictures of me bathing with him and also helping him to apply soap to the balls then car-ss them softly with my fingers.
    As i he was about to apply soap to my hot pot, the phone ringtone brought me back to the reality.
 I sighed.
“You have watched them?” He asked.
     I placed the phone to my left eye
“Yes…but why?” I asked after answering him.
   He laughed.
“Why are you laughing?” I asked again in caring voice
  I heard the sound of spoon falling on the floor.
“Any way….you’re not a child or a kid” he said.
  I thought in second.
“Hope is not what i think?” I asked in shocking voice.
  He laughed.
“Is not mara… But the point is that you must meet me today or else…” He said in hærd voice.
 My hand started shaking.
So i put the phone on the bed.
“Else what..” I said.
 He clapped his hands.
“I will tell your aunty that you have seen my hot pipe” he promised.
  I couched on the mouthpiece.
“Why doing this uncle…. You want to chop two pots right?” I asked.
 I remained quiet
“Hello..” I said.
 “Am listening mara” he replied.
   I sat upright with phone on my laps.
“Am not interest…. Hear me out and better delete my line” i threaten
  He laughed.
“Mara…haha small girl…haha listen my dear i want to meet you not to chop your cute pot but to have fan with you” he opened up.
 I took a deep breath.
“No…” I said in soft voice.
“Come on mara…i know that you also have feelings for me…i saw it in your eyes” he said seriously
  I looked up and down again while squeezing my head.
“Where ok?” I forced my l-ips to voice out.
 “Meet me at john’s bar around 8pm” he said.
 I stood up on bed with phone on left palm.
“Hey… know that am a Christian and i don’t go in bars or even go out during nights. ” i said while leaning against the wall.
  He sneezed
“Tell your aunty that you’re going to attend the overnight service..” He said.
  I squeezed my head while hitting my left leg on bed.
“Any way i will try…..if it will make you happy” i said in low voice while stepping down from bed to the floor going to the window.
I opened the window to get some flesh air.
“Ok….have beautiful day hot mara” he wished me a good day.
  I grabbed the window panel and smiled
“Same” wow i couldn’t believe that i said this word in soft voice “same”. I don’t know what came over me.
  So after he ended the call, i broke a wide smile as i was looking outside through the widow watching birds flapping.
” aunty am sorry…i can’t hide the love towards uncle jonah…..” I said to myself as i was moving my hand up and down the panel.
  “I think i must clean myself in case uncle jonah loses control…who am i to deny that big cute hot pipe..” I said to myself while going to the dressing mirror.
  I stood before it, knelt down and twerk my curves as a practice moment and i loved the way my curves were bouncing up and down like that of nick minaj.
  After twerking, i stood up, started modelling just to have a nice step to attract uncle jonah.
  And i came up with a very nice step that can make curves shake and my also pulled my new growing tits for them to create V-shape on top leaving the man with nothing but hærd swallow.
  However, i washed my one week old clothes(skirt and top) and also bathed twice within four hours just to look more beautiful.
  And i shaved my armpits, brushed my teeth every hour just to have a nice breath for the benefit of exchanging l-ips.
 I cleaned my nails and also soften my l-ips for them to be soft and sweet.
What i did is that, i took a toothbrush, and mixed vasilin with sugar then applied to toothbrush and began to soften my l-ips using it just to have a nice thin lip skin texture.

Five hours later, it was around 7pm so i started ironing my clothes in my bedroom. After ironing, i took a bath and dressed smartly like never before.
 1 hour past, i quited waiting my aunty to come home so i just left the house without locking the front door.
   [In John’s bar]
I reached at john’s bar for about 30 minutes and called uncle jonah to come outside the bar.
“Am outside…” I said immediately he picked up the call.
And i ended the call.
Within some minutes, uncle jonah came out and found leaning on gate wall.
“Am here” i said after seeing him looking around.
He turned to me.
“O…mara i can’t believe that it’s you..lets go in,side” he said while holding my left hand.
 I started walking.
He opened the gate, stood aside
“Enter mara..” He said while motioning his hand.
I entered.
He closed it.
Then i went in,side the bar.
in,side, there were women dancing in scarlet attires that some showed their hot pots while dancing to attract men.
  “To your seat” said uncle jonah.
I seated why feeling shy.
“I don’t feel happy here” i said
He touched my hands on the table
“Then lets go to the hotel..”
“Lets leave here noe then” he said while holding my hand going to the hotel next to the bar.
  When i opened the hotel gate, we saw my aunt’s car
“That my must my aunt’s car” i said walking.
 Uncle jonah looked at it
“Yes it is but never mind…i know your aunty very well..this is why am trying to date have what i want” he said while entering the hotel.
He bought the room and they gave us room no.21 in second flat.
  We entered in the room and we both sat on one arm chair.
“How do i start?” Uncle jonah asked himself.
“He can’t even start touching me” i said to myself.
 He stood up,
“Come here” he told me.
I stood closer.
He wrapped my head with his palms and pulled me closer to his head.
My heart began to pump faster that my l-ips were shaking
“Close your eyes”
I closed.
“Umwaa” he planted a k-ss on lower lip

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To be continued

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