Mara – The L£sb!an- episode 7

Episode 7

“Go home and don’t waste time going to police station…” He said while sitting on bed.
  I got puzzled and voiceless.
“What have you done to me?!” I asked rudely while leaning my back against the tree.
 He smiled while looking his d*ck.
“Listen….as am talking to you right now…am looking the same d*ck which ins**ted into your beautiful p*ssy… I have not even take a bath not until i get tired staring it…” He said teasingly.
  I looked down the ground and fixed my eyes to a stone while thinking what to say.
“Hey mara…are you there…” He said and stood up.
  Then i felt cold flesh things dripping from my p*ssy going down my thighs.
“What this?” I asked myself and removed the phone from the ear.
  I looked left, right and no one was coming.
So i bent my wa-ist, hidden myself behind the tree and entered my hand inside the trouser, touched the p*ssy and hand off then gosh, it was blood coming from the p*ssy.
“What is going…” I said to myself while rubbing the blood off of my hand using the inner trouser to avoid someone look at me with blood.
  I quickly switched off my phone and started rushing home.
  But the more i was stretching my legs wider is more blood was flowing out of the p*ssy.
 At a certain point near the small bush, i decided to walk into the bush, took some tree fibres out of the tree and tied my end point of trouser to avoid blood flowing out to my shoes.
“Uncle jonah…….” I said to myself while walking out of the bush with tears falling down my cheeks.
 I turned left going home while hiding from people.

“That girl is foolish….so she wants to report me to police station as if i kidnapped her….but wait……is what i did right? Mmmm any way i will still make it up to her…after all she is more sweet than the aunty..” Uncle jonah said to himself while lying her back on the bed.
His d*ck swung on the stomach pointing his chin.
He grabbed it, stood it and smiled when saw some white stains round the foreskin.
“That girl has tank of cream….imagine the way her p*ssy was producing milk cream…” He said to himself while putting back the d*ck back to boxer.
He stood up, walked to the table, removed the clothes, wrapped the wa-ist with bathing towel ,grabbed the bar of soap and rushed to the bathroom.
 Inside the bathroom, he removed the towel, thrown it on the tiles next to the bathing-tab 🛀, stepped into the tab, opened the shower and settled while cleaning his d*ck first gently using a soft cloth to clean up the top soft skin part of the hard d*ck.
 After cleaning his d*ck, he washed up his wh0le body using soap.
 When done, he got out of the tab, stepped to his slippers, pulled the towel and wrapped his wa-ist.
His big muscles were relaxing and the 6 packs were badly contracted with veins going down his d*ck as if he was from the gym.
  After getting back to his room, he applied lotion allover his body.
Combed the hair.
Dressed up a leather black jacket with red long-sleeve shirt inside, black tie, golden wrist watch and black pointed shoes.
“Wow this is hot…” He said to himself while glooming in the dressing.
  He got the bangle of keys from the table and started sneaking out of the house.
 As he was opening the back door, there came a car.
“This bitch is here again….” He said while waiting the person to come out of the car.
 “O baby ……” The woman said while banging the door.
 Jonah broke a fake smile.
“Oh baby…’re here at this early of the hour” said uncle jonah while opening his arms.
They hugged tight.
“Wow where are you going my baby?”
“Just taking a walk” he replied.
  “Baby…i miss my rod….”
“She thinks am a fool…yet she spent the night in hotel” thought uncle jonah.
“Hello…” My aunty slapped him upon noticing his absentmindedly
 He looked my aunty.
He wrapped her wa-ist.
“Sorry…so sup?”
“I said i miss your rod”
“But not now…am going out”
“Please just one round”
“No baby….just go home…as you can see i was going out” He said while ignoring a deep k-ss.
 My aunty hands off from him.
“Ok bye” she went back to the car and drove off.
 No one cared or begged for one another cos my aunty was coming from hotel where she was been driven by the new company boss just to be promoted.
 And uncle jonah slept with me after drugging me to bed.
“As if you are sweet like mara” said uncle jonah after my aunty drove off.
“As if you are strong like my boss or gate man” aunty said to herself while playing the music.

As i was approaching the house, i untied the fibres and some blood dried leaving my trouser with blood marks.
I opened the gate, looked around to see if the car was around, wow lack me
“She is not yet back” i said to myself while passing through the gate.
 I found the house the way i left it.
I quickly rushed to my bedroom, dropped the handbag on floor, removed my shoes and started pulling off the clothes.
 As it came to remove my trouser, i zipped down the zip, started lowering it slowly and as it was leaving my bottom, my p*ssy hair glued to the trouser to its base
“Ough!!” I shouted while forcing my trouser to lower down.
  After done, few drops of blood dripped out of my p*ssy to the floor.
 “I will mop after a bath” i said to myself while rushing to the bathroom.
 Due to the huge things going on in my mind, i went to the bathroom without wrapping my body with bathing towel.
 I just rushed unclad without bothering myself to cover my big booty, b-obs and p*ssy to make it worse.

 Immediately i finished bathing, i heard the man’s voice from the sitting room.
“I came without a towel” i said to myself after bringing my senses back to normal
“Anyone home?” Oh gosh it is the voice of the gate man.
 Hope this is not time for him to see my barely body as he wishes.

To be continued

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