Mara - The Lesbian

Mara The L£sb!an- episode 8


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“Hey is gate man…..what do i do now….gosh” i said to myself while dashing to the bathroom door.
I bent my wa-ist, shifted the curtain and i saw the gate man facing to the passage expecting to see me coming from my bedroom.
  When i saw him, i quickly dashed back to the bathing-tab.
“Mara…….anybody home…” He called while fixing to the passage with his hands into the pockets.
 I took a deep breath while walking to the door.
“Yes….am taking a bath..” I responded while peeping out through the keyh0le and i saw him cupping his mouth with palms upon hearing me.
 Instantly he imagined me without clothes washing my p*ssy with soap.
“Really…” He said softly.
I still peeped to see his reactions.
  So he turned his face to the window to see if the car was there but sadly my aunty was not yet back.
“You can switch on the TV…i will join you..” I said just to fool him so that i can dash to my bedroom unclad since i didn’t wrap my wa-ist with bathing towel.
  He smiled while moving his steps slowly coming to the bathroom.
  “Ok….” He lied thinking that i was not watching his steps.
  “This fool…..” I said to myself while moving backwards to the bath-tab to hide my puss, ass and infact to hide my lower part by sitting in the tab.
  I faced to the door and my heart was beating faster.
  He was dashing slowly, when he reached the door, he bent the wa-ist towards the same keyh0le, closed one eye and peeped in,side.
“Mmmmmmm…..” He saw my b-obs, and couldn’t manage to see my ass nor the p*ssy.He also folded his hands between the legs.
  However, i knew that he was peeping me through the h0le, so i decided to tease him.
“Gate man!!!what are you doing there?” I asked louder.
 He uplifted himself and dashed out of the house.
 When i heard the sound of the door been closed, i knew that he left.
  With fear, i stepped out from the tab with my palms covering my p*ssy and started walking slowly.
 When i dashed to the passage, i quickly ran to my bedroom unclad.

Suddenly, the gate man entered to his small house p-nting like a dog chased by another dog.
 He settled on the bench with his hands between the legs.
 He also lied his back to pawpaw tree while facing up busy recalling what he saw. His d*ck was jumping like a frog as if he saw my p*ssy or my ass.
   5minutes later, there came a black jeep
“Hey you fool!!!” Shouted the boss’wife through the window.
 The gate man was brought back to reality.
He vibrated and quickly rushed to the gate.
“Lazy man……see you..” Said the boss’wife was driving out the house going to work.
Before the car emerged to the main road, the boss’wife called the gate man to come over
“Come here..!” The boss’wife called by removing her head to the window.
The gate man rushed.
Be bowed his head.
“Yes madam….”
“My daughter is right here” she pointed the house, “Today she is not going to school so since the maid is not here, i want you to in there and cook for her….”
  The gate man nodded his head.
And the car drove off leaving the gate man with dust.
“Foolish madam….” Gate man said while closing the gate, “so Susan is there alone….” He concluded after closing the gate going to the mansion.
 “No need to knock…” He said to himself while pushing the door.
  He entered.
Closed it back.
Faced to sitting room and saw susan reading the newspaper.
“Hey susan……..” He started while going to the sitting room.
 Susan who dressed scarlet attire(the bumshort and the bareback) sitting on the arm chair by folding his legs across, she saw the gate man happier.
“Hey gate man……you’re welcome…” Said susan while putting the newspaper on the thighs.
 Gate man without fear edged himself to the next arm chair closer to susan.
 He settled while sighting susan.
Susan watched as he was sitting.
“ look beautiful day by day..” Complemented the gate man while putting the left leg to the right leg.
Susan placed her cute heels on the floor
“Thank you…..” Susan thanked the gate man while pulling a remote control from the near coffee table.
The gate man’s eyes rested on susan back as she was getting the remote control.there he saw no edge of the knicker.
“She has no knicker…?” Gate man asked himself while looking to opposite direction as susan was lying her back to the arm chair.
 Susan switched on the TV using the remote control.
“Do you watch Zeeworld..” Susan asked the gate man.
Gate man nodded his head cos his voice was no more due what was going on in his mind.
“Can i see the newspaper..?” Asked the gate man.
Susan smiled.
“You also read….take haha” she permitted.
The gate man stretched his hand, grabbed the newspaper and some fingers touched susan’s thighs.
 Susan didn’t pay attention to the fingers.
But the gate man did.
As he placed the newspaper on his laps, he felt as if it was susan sitting on his laps.
He could feel the warmness of susan through the newspaper he placed on his laps.
Susan also puts her left brown thing on top of right th-gh.
When the gate man saw them through sideways, he swallowed h-rder.
 So the remote control started misbehaving, and susan decided to slap it twice for it to work again.
“Ough!!” Shouted susan after some dust entered into her eyes while slapping the remote control.
Gate man quickly stood up,
Moved to susan,
Knelt down and said, “let me help you”
 He said while pulling susan’s head closer to him.
“It’s okay now….” Susan stopped him from blowing air to her dust eye cos she felt the hand touching her b-ob.
 The gate man didn’t stop.
“Please…..” Susan said while stopping the hand which was trespassing in,side the bareback.
 The gate man failed to control his pressure.he gently stood up, settled on susan’s laps.
“Hey what are you doing..” She said, “stop i-” before she finish the Sentence gate man’s l-ips glued to her l-ips.
  His one hand was already in,side the bumshort trying to touch the p*ssy but susan pined the thighs tight.
“Pleas-” she tried to speak a little bit but gate man glued her l-ips again.
  Then he used force to enter his right leg between her pined thighs and there thighs were opened.
He quickly entered his hand again in,side the bumshort, touched the p*ssy hair and middle finger entered into the narrow hair dry warm p*ssy.
“Please stop it…” Susan said as the gate man was busy k-ssing her neck, chin, cheeks and forehead.
After a long forcing rom-nce moment, susan felt tired and she stopped shaking her body and also ignoring the rom-nce actions/touches.
She was just watching been fingered, k-ssed and at the end, gate man placed susan’s feet on his shoulders after removing her bumshort.
He swallowed h-rder upon seeing the brown cute p*ssy been w¡den up as he was putting her legs on the shoulders.
 Quickly, he removed the 30cm tall d*ck, pointed it direct to the w¡den p*ssy and ins**ted the d*ck-head first.
“Ooh…!! Ehh…!!” Susan mo-ned as gate man was forcing his d*ck to enter…
 After some minutes, the p*ssy was allover with watery oil in and outside making the huge d*ck swim smoothly.
 As he was_____

To be continued

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