Mara the lesbian 2 – episode 2

Mara - The Lesbian 2
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.Season TWO

Welcome to new episode


“I cant wait to touch these big ass” jonah said while wrapping the lady’s waist.
 Jonah’s mind was driven back on how he raped (mara) and when he recalled the mara’s big ass, his manhood hugged in the boxer.
 They reached the gate, the lady as she was about to open the gate, Jonah who was standing behind her quickly stopped her.
“No…… Don’t bother…” Jonah said while opening the gate.
 The lady got in.
“Thank you” the lady who was turning forward the house thanked jonah for opening the gate.
“Don’t worry…. It is not yet time to thank me cos what will do inside, is what you will thank me of” said jonah while holding her hands.
   Then, there they stood at the door, jonah opened the door, the lady entered and jonah closed it back.
“Beautiful house you have..” The lady said while leaning her backside against the wall waiting jonah to lock the door.
“It will be soon be ours..” Jonah joked as he turned to the lady after locking the door.
  There, music was been played.
So, the lady hates louder music and after complaining, jonah stood up, carried her on the arms and took her to the bedroom.
“Wow haha..” The lady said as jonah dropped her on the bed.
 As she bounced back, the skirt aired on the bottom leaving the big spotless thighs exposed to jonah.
“Haha you love it baby…” Jonah said between smiles as he lied in top of her.
“Yes i-“
“Mmmmmmm” jonah’s lips already planted on her lips.
“Shhhhhh” jonah admonished the lady from voicing out.

Behind the bed/to far end of the corner, there was the camera recording.
  Due to the louder music, the kisses couldn’t been heard. Just the moans and the slaps of the big ass were been heard.

 Jonah’s lips were dipped inside the lady’s mouth and the lady was soaking them softly.
 As he was on top, the lady wrapped his waist with legs that the bottom of jonah was glued on the pussy position but due to boxer, the manhood couldn’t enter.
  So, pulsed kissing her, the lady also unwrapped jonah’s waist.
 “Wow you’re a such man” the lady complemented jonah after lowering the boxer.
“Because of this….?” Jonah asked between smiles while holding the hard manhood which was pointing the lady.
“Yes…..gosh….” The lady replied as she sat upright.
 “Haha i love it baby…” Jonah said as the lady was grabbing the manhood.
 “How do you feel?” The lady asked while caressing the balls.
“Sweet…haha oh” jonah replied.
The lady then knelt down, ran back the hair and quickly entered the manhood into the mouth and started rodding it.
In no time, the saliva started coming out from her mouth.
“Oh please…” Jonah moaned.
  “I love it” said the lady after pulling out the manhood.

Jonah helped the lady to remove the knicker and threw it on the floor.
“No” jonah stopped her from lying on the bed, ” just bend your waist.”
“Ok” she agreed.
The lady pulled her chest on the bed and raised her backside up suiting the waist of jonah.
And jonah, grabbed the both ass, widen them and there he saw the inner brown of the assh*le.
Due to high pressure, jonah had no time to view the pussy instead he just inserted his manhood into the warm assh*le.
“Oh gosh” the lady moaned as jonah was inserting the manhood head.
“Wow shiiiiiit….” Moaned jonah after dipping the manhood head.

Jonah loved the ass view the way the lady was shaking them.
 And jonah squeezed the ass as he felt sweet coming out from veins.
“Ah…!…ah..! Moaned jonah as he released inside.
 The pop sound was made as he pulled the weak manhood.
” are you done? ” asked the lady.
“So fast?”
“No am still wet down there”
“Mmm am tired”
 “Come on baby”
“Please maybe we wait so that i regain power”
Immediately jonah finished his excuse, there came a short man.
“Who are you?” The lady asked while covering herself with bedsheet.
“Shut up woman” the short man commanded the lady to shut up.
“Welcome senior one” jonah said while kneeling on the floor.
“Thank you Jonah” said the short man.
Due to evil powers inside the beautiful woman, the evil spirit decided her to lie down on the bed after a long staring with the short man.
“Please enter it there” the Lady was pointing the pussy.
“I know” the short man replied while removing the big black manhood…more big twice than that of jonah.
And jonah who was watching how the big manhood was been swallowed, he wondered how heavy the lady felt.
“Eh….do it with care” the lady complained as short man dipped the manhood inside.

20 minutes past, the short man was still performing.
The lady got tired. The pussy started hurting.
“Am tired please….”
“Shut up”
“You’re killing me please”
“Shut up”
And the lady started bleeding.
58 minutes past, the short man released inside the pussy.
“Oh jona this lady is sweet” the short man told jonah as he rubbed off the sweat.
“Yeah” replied jonah.
“Hey woman” the short man faced the woman, “you will soon be pregnant and i will be visiting you every night to build my baby inside your womb”
“But am married” replied the lady.
“He won’t know” said the short man.
“No please woman….you have my soul”
“Take care” and the short man disappeared.


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