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Mara the lesbian – episode 13

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Episode 13

Still on Uncle jonah’s POV.
“Remove your hands!” Uncle jonah commanded the girl to put her hands to the head.
The d!ck was bending for it to enter the asshole cos the hole was tight and dry,
“Please you’re hurting….” Beaut complained as uncle jonah was forcing his huge d!ck to enter into the warm hole.
He removed the d!ck, rub it between the ass and then pointed it into the most cutest shaved clean pvssy which was opened already.
He inserted 20cm of d!ck into the pvssy, and he swallowed harder as he felt the warmness of the pvssy as d!ck was hitting the walls of the pvssy.
“Please……..” m0aned beaut as she felt the huge d!ck entering into the dry narrow pvssy.
“Yes….yeah….” m0aned/enjoyed uncle jonah as he watched the d!ck swimming in and out roughly of the pvssy.
To beaut, the d!ck was hurting for she had no feelings to be fvcked.
Uncle jonah slapped the ass as he was dipping the d!ck in and out of the pvssy loving how the ass were shaking.
Sadly uncle jonah wanted his d!ck to be dipped smoothly for him to feel the inner sweet of the pvssy, so he removed the d!ck, kissed the bottom of beaut and said while grabbing his d!ck
“Stand and lets go to that room” He commanded the girl to stand up and move forward.
The girl stood up [email protected], started walking towards the mentioned room where the door was opened already.
“Oushi……..this bitch has romantic ass..” Thought uncle jonah as he watched and admired how beaut’s ass were bouncing up and down.
When they entered the room, uncle jonah closed the door and commanded the girl to lie straight on the bed.
The girl obeyed.
She lied straight on bed without bothering to cover the pvssy by putting the thighs tight to each other..
She just opened the thighs exposing the both pvssy and asshole without feeling shy for uncle jonah already saw the pvssy.
Uncle jonah went to the table, pulled the lotion labelled “soften the skin”, opened the lid, poured the lotion on the palm then applied the poured lotion round the d!ck and wow it shone.
He pulled off the shirt, thrown it to the floor, poured another drops of lotion on the palm and applied the lotion allover his chest, neck, muscles and stomach making his 6 packs shone or shown the real attractive of the muscles and 6 packs.
Then he started walking to the girl who was lying straight on bed.
He settled next to the girl,
He poured lotion to big ass, rub thoroughly the ass making them shine.
” hey….sit upright….” Uncle jonah commanded the girl to sit upright for he wanted her to look the lotioned six packs.
She gently sat upright.
“Yes…” She said while breathing slowly.
Uncle jonah crossed his hand between her thighs, rub the palm along the pvssy and dipped middle finger into the pvssy making it to get w€t through the lotion.
“You love it…….” Said uncle jonah while fingering the pvssy using one finger.
“I don’t know…..” Replied beaut.
But uncle jonah knew that the girl started loving it cos he was was fingering the pvssy, the girl was shaking the waist little bit trying to make the finger hit the angle of inner pvssy for she wanted it to rotate.
“Lie down…..” Said uncle jonah telling the girl to lie down.
The girl lied without complaining.
“I love anal s£x” thought uncle jonah as he watched the girl lying down.
He pulled the waist near his waist, opened the thighs wider, grabbed the d!ck, pointed it to the pvssy and dipped the d!ck tip into the pvssy which was oiled, he grabbed the beaut’s waist and starting fvcking the pvssy slowly.
“Ool shit…….o yeah…..i love it..” m0aned jonah as the d!ck was now swimming smoothly.
“O please….. Mmmmmm gosh…” m0aned the girl as she now feel now pain to the pvssy cos the d!ck was oiled and pvssy was oiled too plus fingered making it more soft.
However, the d!ck truly was fully dipped leaving only balls outside which were hitting the bladder.
Surely, it shocked uncle jonah as the girl also started shaking her ass.
Few minutes of fvcking, uncle jonah heard the car engine outside.

“Oh you’re here already..” Said the boss’ wife while stepping downstairs.
Gate man upon seeing the boss’ wife in bathing towel for the first time, he faced down while standing.
“Sit down my boy” said the boss’ wife while edging on the sofa.
The gate man settled while facing to the TV which was off.
“Good morning?” Greeted the boss’ wife.
“Morning madam” responded the gate man.
The boss’ wife upon seeing the shies of gate man, she decided to stand, while standing the towel was gripped between the two big ass which she didn’t bother to pull out.
She started walking slowly making her ass to shake carelessly for she had no pant inside plus the gripped towel.
“Which movie do you love?” Asked the boss’ wife while standing before the TV bending her waist towards TV to switch it on.
“Chai….what is happening..” Thought the gate man after taking a look of the thighs and big ass.
“Hope he is admiring me” thought the boss’ wife while switching on TV.
After done switching on, She turned round, faced the gateman, pulled the towel exposing her whole fat brown thighs.
“Look here…” Said the boss wife.
The gate man faced her.
Immediately he saw the fat thighs, the gate man swallowed harder and the d!ck hugged.
The boss wife saw the jumps of the d!ck and she decided to go and settle next to him.
“Touch here…” Boss wife told the gate man to place the hands on her thighs.
“Sshhhhh” admonished the boss’wife stopping him to complain.
She placed the finger on his lips.
“See….” She rubbed her palm on gate man’s d!ck position, “i want to see how good you’re..” She holds the d!ck as it was jumping, “gosh what a big d!ck” she played with it, “can i see it?”
The gate man couldn’t believe the boss’ wife question thinking she was teasing him.
“Do you love your job?”
“Yes madam..”
“Then do what i ask”
“Shut up…” She entered the hand by force inside the boxer.
“Gosh…” Gate man vibrated as she grabbed the d!ck.


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