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Mara - The Lesbian
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Episode 6
(Romantic story 18+)

 He planted a kiss on my lower lip with his hands wrapping my waist.
 “Noo please……” I stopped the hand which was trespassing inside my skirt just to squeeze my big over size curves.
 He flee my lip and then pulled me closer to him. My chest was on his chest, my bottom standing next to his bottom and as he was pulling my waist, i felt his hard hot pipe rubbing my hot pot position.
“Please………” He kissed my neck and honestly i began to lose self feelings.
 He grabbed my back tight while moving to the bed with his lips kissing me allover.
 As we stood straight next to the bed, I looked down and said, “please am not interested…am not here for such things but to know each other better…after all we are not dating..” I was speaking while looking down the floor.
He holds my head up, looked into my eyes and smiled.
“I know…but i can’t control my feelings right now….please just one round” he said in low voice.
  “But why me? Am still a virgin and i can’t open my legs so easily…. Please respect my feelings” i said while stopping the hand from wraping my waist again.
  He looked up, down and faced me.
“Alright…lets sit down…”
 We settled next to each other while holding hands though my thighs were trembling due to inner fear.
 Sweat started coming out from million of pores.
“You’re sweating mara…” He asked after seeing tears dripping from my face yet air condition was on.
 I just remained quiet while looking to the corner of the room.
 “Ok let me go and get you cold drink..” He said while getting up.
 I nodded cos i couldn’t speak due to the lips when they were shaking or hitting each other.
 But deep down my heart, i admire the man but am afraid to let him in between my legs.
So when he left the room, i quickly reached my hand in handbag and brought out the tablets which i bought on my way to the bar.
 I threw the pills into my mouth and swallowed.
“Wow… safe now” i said to myself while facing to the door waiting uncle jonah to come.
 I know most of you, you’re wondering what pills are about but let me open up to you…
The pills were to make my hot pot huge by producing enough oil to make the hot pipe swim smoothly in and out without any rough.
  “Am here…” Said uncle jonah while closing the door using the left leg since on arms he carried the tray of drinks and chips.
 I smiled.
“All these jonah…” I said as he was putting the tray on bed next to my curve.
 He sat while offering the folk.
“Use it mara…” He said while giving me the plate of chips.
But why eating on different plates?
Hope he did not add anything to my plate.
Any way, i already swallowed the pills so i started eating without worrying.
“Here….” I stretched my hand to his mouth to partake him some chips.
 But he ignored it
“No….eat Mara…” He said between laughter.
I laughed little bit while feeling dizzy.
 I couldn’t see chips on the plate anymore, my body became weak and my eyes were closed.
 “Wow..” Uncle jonah said while putting the plate, tray on the floor after seeing me falling/lying on bed powerless with my hands straight on bed.
  He quickly got on bed, pulled me little bit higher to the pillow and folded my top up to the chest that my stomach, some hair which were not covered by the underpant exposed to him.
“Yes….yes…” He said while rubbing my hair.
He pulled off my skirt, threw it on the floor and started kissing my calf going up to the thigh with hands squeezing my boobs harder.
 Then he entered between my legs, his right hand on the bed balancing him not to fall, his left hand shifted my pant to left and pointed his hard hot pipe into my already wet hot pot.
“O yes…. O yeah….” He moaned as he was watching his hot pick inserting smoothly into my warm brown shaved hot pot.
 When the pipe was fully inside, hitting all walls of my warm pot he also started rubbing the top part of my hot pot using the fingers.
 As he loved the way my hot pot was stretching its covers, he lifted my left leg and placed it on his shoulder.
 There, he viewed my ass*hole and my curves.
“O bitch..” He said while entering his middle finger into my clean ass*hole.
 My boobs were bouncing randomly as he was giving me a hardcore.
 Five minutes later, he released inside my hot pot, then he started removing his hot pipe slowly while watching it with some white things hanging to his pipe from my inner hot pipe.
  After it was fully out, i started hitting it against my hot pot along between my covers which were badly wet with juice.
  “She is not waking up..” He said after some minutes while fingering my hot pot for it not to get dry.
 His other hand was playing with his weak pipe for it to stand again for round 2.
 However, the pipe got harder and he then rolled me once on bed.
“O..shit…i love this” he said after seen my big curves. He slapped my curves and they bounced.
He got between, widen my curves and he viewed my ass*hole.
His hand grabbed the pipe, pointed it on my dry ass*hole and forced it inside then he started giving from backview.
  His balls were hitting my hot pot.
“Wow….gosh…ah shit…..” He moaned as his pipe was inserting in and out roughly.
  Removing the foreskin of the pipe is best choice cos no matter how narrow the road may be, it passes in and out without getting hurt.
 So the black small hair surrounding my ass*hole didn’t hurt his pipe.
So he punished my ass*hole for about 20 minutes without getting tired.
  As we all know, a man seem to be weak in first round but give him second round and see his power.
So in 20 minutes, his released inside my ass*hole and stepped down from the bed.
He took his phone, captured me as i was lying on bed and he dressed up.
“See you..” He said after closing the door leaving me inside the room.

Seven hours past, i heard some heavy tracks and some noise music.
I quickly opened my eyes and found myself naked on the bed.
I was shocked to see my skirt on the floor together with my pant.
“What!!! No.!” I said little bit louder after noticing some white stains around my hot pot.
I stood on bed, i felt my ass*hole paining and itching so i bent over to check then gosh my ass*hole couldn’t close was just the widen hole as if some rats passes through it.
“Uncle jonah… he charmed me…i will report him to police station” i said to myself while stepping down rudely.
I dressed up quickly and left the hotel.
So while rushing to police station, my phone rang
“You idiot..!” I started while stopping under the big tree.
He laughed.
I squeezed my face
“Good morning..” He greeted.
“Fool! Am on my way to police station” i said.
“To do what?”
“To report you!”
“Haha…mara do you know me?”
“Me foo.. I have your photos here and i can use them to make money”
I got puzzled.
“What?” I asked in tearful voice.
“Just go home..”

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