Married But No S£x

Married But No s*x (episode 5)

© Ayodele Adeoye

Immediately after Sis Rose left her 1 day old marriage, she traveled to a far place like the prodigal son. She went to live with an old friend from her primary school days in a place where nobody would know her. She quickly changed her phone number and vowed never to contact anybody until after three years. It was a nightmare for Bro Solo all the time she was away. He was married but single. In no time he was nicknamed “A man who married for one day”.


Bro Solo tried all his best in search of his wife but all to no avail. The shame and pressure from his in-laws were unbearable as they pestered his life daily to produce their daughter. Some good friends and his pastor stood by him during this trying times as everyone turned on their search lights. Has she committed suicide? Has anything bad happened to her? Is she alive or dead? These and more questions were Bro Solo’s daily thoughts.




Sis Rose kept to her promise as she went into the world in search of s€×ual satisfaction anywhere and everywhere available. She could sleep with three different men within a month. Her journey from Zion to Egypt was swift – a vibrant Christian sister turned a corporate pr-stitute as she jumped from one man to the other irrespective of their status. She did not spare anything in trouser that crossed her path. She was like a bird let loosed from the cage.




Sis Rose was fully aware of the tradition in her family because her father narrated the pros and cons of the tradition to her after she lost Magdalena, her immediate sister. She died on her wedding night after her husband made love to her. On hearing this, Sis Rose had gone to her pastor in her former church who is gifted in deliverance ministry. It was a seven days deliverance session. During this deliverance session it was revealed to the man of God the origin of the tradition.




Her great great grandfather in search of wealth, power and fame had married out all his daughters born and unborn to a powerful goddess in exchange. No woman can marry and enjoy marriage except they pay him back his dowry or abstain from s€× for one full year. The dowries paid on his daughters were in exchange for wealth, power and fame. Those who cannot wait for the one year must provide a V-rgin, 14 cow heads, 14 she goats, 21 cowries and 24 yards of white cloth for sacrifice.




While conducting her deliverance, the spirit of the goddess was summoned to release Sis Rose and her marriage. The goddess had no problem if they slept with other men asides their husbands. They could sleep with any man as far as he wasn’t married to them.




Who does not know that Satan doesn’t give free gift. No wonder the word of God says “The fathers have eaten a sour grape and the children’s teeth are set on edge”. Satan at his best gives you one and takes two. He gave wealth, power and fame to a father but took all the marriages of the daughters for all generations.




On her second year of s€×ual adventure, Sis Rose became sick and was admitted into the hospital. The sickness was bad and was taking her life away. One of her kidneys was gone and only a kidney transplant could save her. Who will donate a kidney to Sis Rose in a strange land? Amongst all her numerous boyfriends, no one showed up to donate his kidney to save her life. It was at this junction she realized she had been foolish because she wanted s€×ual satisfaction. For the first time she called a friend to explain her ordeals and sought her help to reunite her with her family and husband.


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