Married To A Manwhore

Married to a manwh-re episode 41 – 42

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(He married me
But loves me not πŸ’”)

By:- Racheal Dennis

Chapter 41🌟✨

Eva πŸ’˜

“Come on, Roy. Eat”

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He shakes his head and stare at the food.

I sigh tiredly.

I don’t know how to persuade him to eat, we’ve been sitting like this for the past twenty minutes.

“Roy, your Mom wouldn’t want you to starve yourself because of her”

“Eva, do you think uncle Fred has seen my mom?” He asked.

Worry written all over his face, his eyes dull and red, as if he’s holding himself from crying.

“Of course!” I smile. “I promise they’ll be here soon, but until then let’s get something in your stomach”
He nods and pick up his fork.

Just then my phone beep. I check it and see a text from… Bianca.

I quickly open the conversation. She wants me to come pick her up at the central park, I frown.

Why didn’t she call me…. Well, it doesn’t matter, I should go get her instead of wondering why she didn’t call me.

But I can’t leave Roy all by himself. What should I do now…

Ok, I should call Fred. I dialed Fred’s number but it doesn’t connect. I tried again but it’s still not connecting.



“Why are you frowning?” Roy ask.

“It’s nothing, eat your food”

“Oh” then he faces his food.

Just then, I hear the main door open, maybe it’s Fred.

Maybe Bianca contacted him and they’re together. I rushed to the living room, but I was disappointed.

It wasn’t them, it’s one of Fred’s friends, Micheal.

“Hi” I wave at him.

“Boss lady”

“Please call me Eva”

“No, I can’t do that”


“Boss wouldn’t allow it”

I nod, I’m not gonna force him to address me by my name.

“Ok, so why are you here?”

“Boss asked me to protect you until he’s back”

Protect me?

“Come on in then” I usher him in but he shakes his head.

“I’d rather stand by the door, I can see everything from here”

I nod and walk back to the dinning room.

“Who was that? Is it uncle Fred? Is he back with my mom?” Roy ask eagerly.

“No, it’s not Fred. It’s just one of his friends”

“Ok” he stands up and carry his empty plates. “Are you done eating?” He asks me.

“Yeah” he carry my plates too and head to the kitchen.

I start to ponder on what to do… Fred’s number is not reachable and I need someone to help get Bianca since I can’t leave Roy alone.

Wait… Micheal. I can leave him under micheal’s care.

I quickly rush to the living room to meet him.


He turns to me.

“I want to ask a favor from you”


“You see, I have something very important to do and I need to go out, so I was hoping you could help me watch Roy for just 20minutes”

“You want to go out?”

“Yes, but I won’t take long, I’ll be back before you know it”

He stays silent for a moment and studies me with an expression I can’t tell.

“Ok, but please be fast or boss is gonna have my head” he said.

I nod and smile.

“Thank you”

“Eva?” I hear Roy call from behind me.

I turn towards him, he had his little hands tuck in his pocket.

“Hey Roy, how about you stay with this uncle for some minutes, I have to step out and do something outside” I told him.

He tilt his head and look past me, he narrows his eyes at Micheal and shakes his head.

“I don’t like him” he said.

“Roy, don’t say that, he’s a nice guy and he’ll take good care of you until I return”

“Where are you going?”

“I.. I’m.. I want to go… get.. my books from my ex-roommate”

“I’ll come with you”

“No you can’t. My roommate doesn’t like kids, I’m afraid she’s gonna hurt you”

He doesn’t say anything else, he simply stays silent.

He walks away from me and head upstairs.

I sigh.

I also don’t feel like leaving him with Michael but I can’t take him along with me, if something happens along the way I can’t protect him, heck I can’t be sure if I can protect myself.

I turn back to Micheal.

“Please watch him for me”

“Ok, boss lady”

I shove my phone in my pocket and head out.



Authoress Racheal ✍️✍️

Immediately Eva steps out, Micheal takes out his phone and dialed his boss’s number.

“Hey boss, she just left the house”

“Good. I’ll have some of my boys kidnap her”

“Then what about our deal?”

“We’ll talk about it after I get her” his boss hang up.



Fred πŸ’”

We’ve arrived at the location, my men already have the wh0le building surrounded and we have also taken care of the guards outside.

I just need to go in and rescue Bianca, though we don’t know how tough it’ll be inside, Alaric is one corny guy.

“Jerry put your boys in two groups, one group will distract Alaric’s boys downstairs and the other group will go upstairs with me and look for Bianca”

“Yes, boss”
He starts talking with his boys.

I step away from him and ask Gray about his location now.

He replies my text almost immediately, he’s already inside and he’s found the room Alaric locked Bianca in.

I text him to wait for me and not to take any action, he replies with an ok, boss.

As I’m about to keep my phone, it starts ringing.

Checking the caller ID, I notice it’s Eva’s secret guards. Why are they calling now?.


“Boss, boss lady just left the penthouse”

“What?!” I gritted out in a whisper like voice. “Why did you f-cking let her leave?”

“Boss, you said we mustn’t show ourselves to her”

f-ck! My boys are so foolish sometimes.

“Where is she going?”

“We don’t know, boss. But she seems to be in a hurry”

“Go after her and make sure you get her back to the penthouse!!”

“Yes, boss”

“I don’t want to see a scratch on her, make sure nothing happens to her or I’ll have your heads hanging in my room!!” I snarled.

“Y-yes, boss” I angrily hang up.

I turn back to Jerry, he’s done explaining.

“Let’s get moving”


(He married me
But loves me not πŸ’”)

By:- Racheal Dennis

Chapter 42🌟✨

Fred πŸ’”

We’ve entered inside the building and it’s surprisingly quiet, too quiet.

There’s no one standing guard by the entrance, there’s no sign that something bad is going on hear.

“Jerry, are you sure we’re at the right place?”

“Yes, boss”

“Then why is it so quiet?”

“I don’t know, maybe they changed locat… ”

Jerry was cut off by a loud crash, we turn and see one of our men lying on the ground, a small pool of blood starting to form around him.

“f-ck! We’ve underestimated Alaric” I said.

“Boys stay at alert!” Jerry yells.

Before we could know what’s happening, gunsh-ots covered everywhere.

“Boss, watch out!” Jerry yells, he lunges at me and pushes me away and we both narrowly missed the bullet.

“Everyone, fire back!” I yell over the noise. I turn to Jerry and four other boys. “Cover me, I’m going upstairs”


I run upstairs as Jerry and the three boys shoot anyone coming at me.

I made it upstairs, four of Alaric’s boys block my way, they points their guns at me, but they’re too slow.

I take out my other gun from my wa-istline and aim at them, I sh-ot them, their bodies falls in loud thuds.

I grin, Alaric’s boys are amaetures.

“Boss, behind you!” One of my boys yelled.

But I didn’t react in time, a bullet has already gone through my right shoulder before I turn, run towards the guy that sh-ot me and kicked his gun away.

He stares at me with wide eyes, in that moment of shock or wonder, I snatch his hand and twist it, I hear it crack and he yells in pain, I let go of his hand and take my gun, I sh-ot his two legs.

He falls down, grunting in pain.

I aim at his head.

“P-please.. don’t shoot.. p-please don’t…”

“You’ve already sh-ot me, don’t you think it’s fair if I shoot you back?” And just like that I pulled the trigger…the bullet lands on his forehead and he falls back and starts rolling down the stairs.

Phew! The road is clear, Alaric should better get ready for me.
Eva πŸ’˜

I’m at the park already, but I can’t find Bianca anywhere.

I try calling her but her phone is switched off.

I walked around, trying to see if she’s scared and hiding somewhere but I didn’t see her.

Is it a set up?

“Bianca! Bianca I’m here, come out let’s go home”

I see a hand come from behind me, a handkerchief in the hand, before I can turn around to see whose hand it is, it has already cover my nose.

I try struggle against the person’s grip but I couldn’t escape, just then I remembered what Fred taught me about elbow strike.

But just as the thought came, I start seeing black dots until it’s darkness everywhere.



I gro-n as I open my eyes. I don’t know how long I was unconscious but when I wake up I find myself in a room, a princess like room.

I notice I’m on a bΒ£d, a canopy bΒ£d, I look around, the room is very big.

I wonder who lives here or lived here.

“Eva, you are awake!” I hear a familiar voice. Am I hearing things?

I turn to the direction of the voice and saw her, she’s tied to a pole.

I climb down from the bΒ£d and rushed towards her.

“Bree! What are you doing here? Where is this place? And who brought me here?”

“Who brought you here should be quite obvious as I’m here too” she said.

I furrow my eyebrows.


She nods.

“Then why did he bring me here?”

“Why else….. to punish you for a crime he thinks Fred committed”

I frown.

I remember Jason telling me that Fred is a bad guy, but I thought it’s because he wants me to leave Fred.

I didn’t know it’s far from that.

“What happened between them? Why does he hate Fred?”

Aubrey sighs.

“It’s not my story to tell” she said.

Just then the door open and Jason walks in, a smirk playing on his l-ip.

He walks straight to the bΒ£d and his smirk falters when he doesn’t see me, his eyes move around frantically until they settled on me.

“Ooh, il mio cuore, I see you’re awake” he said in a mocking tone.

I glare at him.

“Jason, what do you want?”

“Nothing, I just want to tell you a little story. Story about Fred and my fiancΓ©e, I want you to know why I hate Fred to the core” he drops a tray in front of me, I didn’t even notice the tray in his hands. “But before I tell you the story, you have to finish this food”

“I’m not hungry, tell me the story”

He smiles.

“Ok. It all started since we were kids, my father is the number one Mafia boss in italy, Matteo”

I stared at him with wide eyes. Don’t tell me his father was my dad’s boss.

“Your dad Eva was his right hand man, you and I used to be best of friends, we’d do everything together. But your dad suddenly wanted to leave, my dad was furious so he sΒ£nt his boys to hunt you and your family down, but because I have a soft spot for you I begged my dad to let you and your family go, but he didn’t listen to me, he said he can’t lose his best fighter. Soon your parents came across the Russells and they gave your family protection which angered my dad more. So he came with a suggestion that will make your father stay in our Mafia forever, he wanted to engage us, you and me, but then news came that you’ve already being betrothed to Fred. My dad couldn’t take it, so he made a deal with the Russians and they kidnapped Fred, if you remember correctly, I moved to your neighborhood the day Fred and his family went missing. It was our plan, for me to get close to you. But after spending years with you I notice you didn’t love me the way I was expecting, so I left too and decided to let you and Fred be”

He paused and stand up.

“Years later, I met another girl, Eleanor. She’s the kindest girl I have ever seen, she has the purest heart and brightest smile, I fell in love with her and we started dating, I was ready to take our relationship to the next level but unfortunately she was already secretly in love with Fred. So she got herself drunk one night and had a one night stand with Fred, I was angry but because I loved her so much I forgave her. But she got pregnant and told Fred about it, but the heartless monster, Fred, he denied the pregnancy. Eleanor was so heartbroken because she loved Fred but Fred only took it as a one night stand thing, so she committed suicide, I found her lying on the floor in her house, blood p-ouring out of her neck, I found her too late, she had died four hours ago before I found her”

He laughs bitterly, his eyes had turned scarlet red.

“So, tell me Eva, if my hatred towards him is not justified”

Something dropped on my hand that’s when I knew I was crying.

I understand his pain, losing someone you love is not easy, I can’t imagine losing Fred.

“Jason, I know Fred did wrong by denying Eleanor’s pregnancy and I’m sorry for that but it doesn’t mean Fred killed her”

He turns to me with a very harsh glare and grips my neck tΒ‘ghtly.

“She was driven to commit suicide because of him, how is that not his fault? You know, I can just kill you now and get my revenge but I don’t want you to die alone. I want Fred to come and rescue you, then you’ll both die together here”

I gasp for air as his grip grows tΒ‘ghter, blocking my air passage.

“Jason, let go of her. Eleanor killed herself out of shame, it has nothing to do with Fred” Bree said.

“It has everything to do with him” he growled and tΒ‘ghten his grip, I feel my eyes roll behind my head.

If he continues holding like this I’ll die soon.

“He and Eva are gonna die here together”

“I understand you hate Fred, but why do you want to kill Eva too?”

“This bitch chosed Fred over me, she was the cause of my first heartbreak, that’s why she’ll suffer the same fate as Fred”

He lets go my neck and pushes me down. I fall back and begins to cough as I rub my neck.

“This room was supposed to be mine and Eleanor’s kid’s room, but it’ll not be because Fred ruined our plans” he turns to us. “I’m just waiting for Fred to come and try to rescue you”

“Jason” cough “You” cough “Don’t” cough “have” cough “to” cough “do” cough “this” cough cough.

“This is not even enough”

He turns and walk out of the room.

“Eva, don’t worry I’ll look for way to save us” Aubrey said.

I shouldn’t have left the house… This wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t leave.



Bianca πŸ‘„

“What the f-ck is keeping that bastard’s wife” Peter’s brother complain.

I didn’t say anything, I’m just trying to set my hand free.

Then I feel someone losing the robe, I turn slowly and see Grayson, he shush me and continue losing the robe.

How did he get in? How did he get past peter’s brother and his men?

Hmm, now I know why he’s Fred’s secret guard.

He finishes losing the robe in no time and puts a pistol in my hand.

“Don’t get up yet, keep pretending as if your hands are still tied up” he whispers in my ear.

I nod and turn to tell him thanks, but I didn’t see him anymore, I frown where did he go?.

Just then the door burst open and Fred walks in.

Peter’s brother laughs and claps his hands.

“Wow,! I respect you, I was hoping your wife would come but you came in her stead”.

“Alaric, let go of my sister”

Alaric? Do they know each other?

“Let go your sister?” He laughs dryly. “It’s so sad I can’t say those same words to you, it’s sad I can’t tell you to let go of my brother because you killed him”

“I killed him not her, so let her go. I’m the one you’re looking for, I’m here, right here in front of you”

“No, I can’t let her go, I’ll kill the two of you today and avenge my brother” he aims his gun at Fred. “You think you’re almighty and everyone should be scared of you….. I’m gonna prove you wrong today, I’ll kill you and cut off your head and show it to every mafia boss, they’ll know that the fearless Mafia Prince, Fred is nothing but a bluffer”

Fred smirks and shakes his head.

“Can you really kill me? You think it’s so easy to kill me? Alaric, you can’t kill me unless I permit you to”

“Yeah? How about we experiment it now?” Alaric said and c*cks his gun.

Fred throws his gun on the ground.

“I’ll let you kill me if you release my sister”

Alaric scoffs.

“You think I’m a fool to believe your lies”

“I don’t lie, I’m a man of my word. Let my sister go and have your revenge”

“No, I’m gonna kill you both”

“If you kill Bianca who’s gonna take care of your six years old nephew?”

Alaric stays silent and did a little thinking, then he nods

“Fine. For the sake of my nephew, I’ll let her go but Fred your end is here”

“Ok” Fred reply with a smirk. I narrowed my eyes at him, what is he trying to do? “Release my sister and kill me to get your revenge”

“How am I sure you’re not gonna pick up your gun and shoot me”

Fred kick his gun towards Alaric, Alaric bends down and pick the gun.

“Now you’re assured that I’m not gonna pick my gun and shoot you”

Alaric turns to me, but before he could come near me, I hear a gunsh-ot and Alaric falls down.

I raise my head and see Fred holding a gun up, I frown.

I thought he threw his gun at Alaric, then I remember that he always takes two guns with him.

I quickly stand up and move away from Alaric’s body.

My eyes move to Fred’s right arm, it’s bleeding.

I rush towards him.

“What happened? How come you’re bleeding?”

“I’m fine Bianca, let’s get out of here”

He takes my hand and pulls me towards the door.

“Wait, Grayson is still here” I stop. “Grayson? Grayson!”

There’s no response.

“Grayson!” Still no response. I frown, where did he go?

“Bianca, maybe he’s gone already, let’s go”

“But… ”

“He can take care of himself. Come on, let’s go”

He takes my hand and pull me out, we went downstairs.

Dead bodies everywhere, some were Fred’s men and others are Alaric’s.

A gasp leaves my mouth when my eyes meets a familiar figure on the ground, it’s Jerry.

He’s trying to say something and pointing towards upstairs, I turn but there’s nothing there.

Fred knees down and lean towards him.

He whispers something in Fred’s ear, but I don’t think Fred grabbΒ£d whatever he was saying before he falls unconscious.

Fred quickly swoop him in his arms and rushes outside towards his car.

We meet some of his boys outside.

“Boss” they chorused.

They took Jerry from him and put him in another car.

“Take him to the hospital and tell Davis to save him by all means” he commands.

“Yes, boss”

He turns to me.

“let’s go home, Roy has been crying for you”

I nod.

Just then his phone rings, he press the answer button and bring it to his ear.

“Yes?” He listens to the caller and clenched his jaw, his eyes turns black and the veins in his face starts showing.

I’ve seen Fred get angry but I’ve never seen him get furious and right now, he’s in rage.

He angrily punch his car’s window and the glass breaks.

He ends the call and angrily enters his car, I quickly enter after him.

What did they tell him that got him this angry?



We made it to the penthouse in less down twenty minutes because of Fred’s rough driving.

He marches into the penthouse and sees his friend I think Michael is his name, he is lying on the floor in his own pool of blood and Grayson stands above him.

I frown.

When did he get here? How did he get here before us?
Wait….where is Eva and Roy?

“Gray, what the f-ck happened?” Fred asked.

“Boss, I caught him talking with someone on the phone, they were talking about a deal”

“I thought I said not to kill him, why did you kill him?”

“I was questioning him, but he refused to speak, I wanted to hold him until you’re back but he sh-ot me, I wanted to defend myself so I killed him by mistake”

Hmm, his explanation doesn’t make any sΒ£nse to me.

I see his action rather suspicious.

“You shouldn’t have killed him, he’s the only one that could tell us where Eva is”

“Eva? Eva is missing?” I asked.

Fred nod and pull on his hair frustratingly.

Just then I feel someone w-rap their arms around my wa-ist, I look down and see Roy.

“Mom! Mom!” He cries.

I bend down and carry him in my arms.

“It’s ok, baby. I’m back, don’t cry”

He nods but continue crying. Fred bangs on the wall angrily.

“Clean this mess up” he orders Grayson and rush upstairs.

I see Grayson smirk, but it’s just for a split second, I don’t know if I saw it correctly.

I should tell Fred to be careful around him.

T. B. C.

Grayson!…. Are you for Fred? Or you’re against him?



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