Married To A Manwhore

Married to a manwhore episode 15


(He married me
But loves me not 💔)
Writer:- Racheal Dennis ✍️
Chapter 15 🌟✨
Eva 💘
“Jason, let’s go back to the cafe”
It’s been 15minutes since Fred left and as he left the excitement I had for our tour vanished.
“Then what about our outing?” Jason asked.
I shake my head and get up from the chair.
“I don’t feel like it, anymore. Let’s go back, I have work to do” I told him.
“Ok, I guess we’ll do it some other time”
I nod absentmindedly.
He puts his hand on the small if my back and lead me to his car. He opens the door and I step in.
He also got in and drives off.
Soon, Jason parks in the parking lot and we alight.
“So, I’ll be in my office. Just come to me if you need anything”
I nod.
“I mean anything, even if you are tired, you can come in and get some rest”
He heads to his office, while I head to the kitchen. I met Aubrey halfway and I almost bump into her.
“Hey, watch where you are going, Eva” she said.
“Sorry” I apologise.
She studies my face and notice I’m down.
Since I talked back at Fred and he left, I got a feeling that something bad will happen at the end but I don’t know what.
“Eva, are you ok?”
“But you don’t seem like it” she pause and furrows her eyebrows. “Is it Jason? What did he do? Tell me and I’ll put him in his place”
I laugh a little. Aubrey can be a fierce lioness some times.
“Calm down, it’s not Jason”
“It’s not him, then who is it?”
I sigh and sit on the nearest chair. Aubrey also sits down.
“It’s Fred” I said.
“Fred? You mean your fiance?” I nod. “What happened?”
“Well, he saw Jason and I together threw a fit. He said something about me selling him…. Out” I sigh again. “I don’t even know what he meant”
Aubrey uses her forefinger to push my head gently.
“You are so dumb” she said.
I frown.
“Dumb? What do you mean?”
She eyes me and shake her head.
“He was jealous!” She said.
I look at her as it she’s grown two heads or if she’s drunk.
Jealous…. The Fred I know can never get jealous because of me.
“Aubrey, that’s not true”
“It’s true. Ok, imagine you’re Fred and you see him with another girl outside on a date…. ”
“It wasn’t a date” I cut her.
She rolls her eyes and continue.
“If you see him getting all cuddling with another girl, tell me how would you feel?”
I didn’t say anything, I just look away. Of course I’d be jealous, but that’s because I love him.
“Jealous, right. It’s the same thing with Fred, he was jealous”
“Bree, it’s only possible to get jealous when you love someone, Fred hates me. Remember that paint incident at school?” She nods. “Fred was behind it. He did it to get back at me, do you want me to list all the wicked tricks he’s pull on me back at his penthouse”
She smiles and place her hand on my shoulder.
“Eva, men in love often behavior childish, especially bad boys like Fred” she pause and her eyes harden. “And besides I’ve told you times without number, mind the way you behave around Jason. I bet you two were so close that Fred misunderstood and thought you are having an affair with him”
Hmm. That he doesn’t have a say, after all he was the one that said we can have a relationship outside the walls of his penthouse.
Aubrey thought Fred is in love with me and acting out of jealousy, but I know him better and I’m not gonna argue with her, I’ll just let her believe her thoughts.
“Bree, let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s get back to work” I got up and walk towards the kitchen before she could say another word.
Fred 💔
I told her to get back before ten minutes, but she didn’t. It’s 07:56pm now. Which kind of employer keeps their workers up till this time…. Unless she and that stupid boss of hers are not at work.
I dialed Jerry’s number and wait for him to pick up.
“Fred?” He answered.
“Are your boys still at the cafe?”
“Yes, today’s Saturday so the cafe is packed and they might close late”
So she prefers to disobey me for that bastard. She’ll get it from me when she gets back.
“I want you to keep close watch on Micheal, I want to know who he meets, who he talks to, where he goes. I want to know every single thing he does”
“Fred… Are you suspecting Micheal?” He asked.
Yes. In the mafia world you don’t trust anyone but yourself. And honestly speaking I don’t trust any of my boys, though they haven’t betray me in years. But people do change, so I must take precautions.
“Just do what I asked you”
“Yes, boss!” I hang up.
I text my secret guard to come in. Within five seconds he appears.
Boss, do you need me to do something for you?” He asked.
“Yes, I want you to watch Micheal and Jerry. Nothing should be left untouched”
“Yes, boss
“Ok, Gray. Stop with this boss shit, you’ve been with me long enough”
Grayson or as I love calling him, Gray has been with me since childhood, my dad sent him to me and nobody knows about him, because he’s my secret guard and he protects me in the shadows.
I trust him more than I trust myself.
“Yes, boss
“Ok, ok! Gotta go” just like that he’s out.
I slumps onto the sofa nearest to me and my eyes find the wall clock in the living room.
8:17pm. Why is she still not here. I bet she’s fooling around with that guy now.
Just then I see the door knob twisting. That can’t be Eva, she has a key, she won’t twist the knob like this.
I take out my gun from my waistline and walk slowly towards the door.
Eva 💘
Today was hectic, the cafe was packed with customers today and surprisingly there was a group of boys that came in.
They didn’t leave until it was time for the cafe to close.
Jason offered to give me a ride but I rejected his offer and sneaked away from him.
Now I’m at the bus stop, trying to catch the last bus. The breeze is cold and I feel sprinkling of rain dropping on me.
Thankfully, the bus came by and I board it, just when the bus start moving, the rain starts pouring.
I made it to the penthouse in no time, though it’s still raining and I’m a little drench.
I had to walk few meters from where the bus stopped.
I open my backpack to get my keys, but I couldn’t find them.
Then I remembered I didn’t bring them with me because I left the house in a hurry this morning.
I press the bell button and waited for a moment, but there was no answer. I guess Fred isn’t home.
I holds the knob and twist on it, maybe I might have some luck and the door will open.
I keep twisting untill the door open, I jump in excitement and raised my head. I come face to face with Fred, and my eyes caught something in his hand.
It looks like a gun, but I can’t be sure as he quickly put that hand behind him.
Maybe I’m just imagining a gun in his hand, I mean who wouldn’t, his personality screams danger.
I try to walk past him and go inside but he pushes me back.
“Where are you coming from at this late hour?”
He scoffs.
“And you expect me to believe that?”
“Why wouldn’t you? Where would I be coming from under this rain?”
“I don’t know…. maybe from your date”
What is wrong with him…or is he really jealous? Nah, I doubt that, Fred is way to cold and arrogant to get jealous.
“It wasn’t a date” I told him.
Wait..why am I even explaining myself to him?.
“It wasn’t a date? Then what was it? You went out with a man knowing fully well that you are engaged. What are you trying to tell people, what do you think your parents will say when they hear about this”
“My parents wouldn’t say anything because if they ask me I’ll tell them you’re the one that suggested we date other people”.
He claps his hand together.
“Ha! So you admit it’s a date”
Ok, I’m really tired of arguing with him. I’m drench and cold I need to go inside and change.
“w€ther it’s a date or not, it had nothing to do with you. After all you hate me, so you should be happy I’m seeing someone else and you won’t be stuck with me”
He clenched his jaw and grind his teeth against each other.
“Well then, go back and enjoy your date” he said and wants to close the door, I use my foot to block it.
“Go back where, are you blind? Can’t you see it’s raining heavily outside?” I asked.
He smirked sinisterly.
“I. Don’t. Care!” He kicks my foot off and slam the door on my face.
Huh…did he just lock me outside?.
I start to knock the down, if I continue disturbing him he will have no choice but to open it and let me in.
I keep knocking but he doesn’t open up. Maybe I should continue knocking, let’s see how long he can hold on.
30minutes later……
My hand is numb on, but that beast still refused to open the door. I slumps down and sit on the floor, I sigh tiredly.
I’m tired, w€t and cold, I’m also kinda homeless tonight.
What should I do?.
I need a bed to lay on. Hmm, I should call Aubrey to come pick me up. I dialed her number but the automated voice reports her line isn’t reachable.
I tried several times and it keep saying the same.
Ah..who am I gonna call now…oh, Jason.
Jason will be glad to help me, had I know I would have accepted his offer.
I dialed his number but it’s switch off. I try again but it’s still switch. Maybe it’s because it’s raining that the reception is bad.
I guess I’ll just sleep here. I hug my backpack to myself and close my eyes…..
Mr Fred can you get over your pride for once and admit you love Eva….
Will Fred really leave Eva to sleep outside……
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