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Married to a manwhore episode 17


(He married me

But loves me not πŸ’”)
Writer:- Racheal Dennis ✍️✍️
Chapter 17🌟✨
I feel something cold on my forehead. I open my eyes and take it off, it’s an ice pack.
I turn and notice I’m in a bed.
When did I got into a bed? I’m supposed to be in the kitchen preparing breakfast for Fred.
I take off the blanket and climb down from the bed abruptly, that’s when I notice where I am. I’m in…. Fred’s room!!
Oh my God! Fred is so gonna kill me, I need to leave before he gets back.
Just when I take a step I lost my balance and almost fall face flat, I close my eyes bracing myself for the fall, but an arm caught me in time.
My saviour twirls around a few times before he finally stand in a place.
I open my eyes and come face to face with Fred.
He’s looking straight in my eyes with a very weird expression on his face.
Our posture resemble those in the movies, where the hero saves the beauty from a fall and they begin to look into each other’s eyes.
I suddenly hear slow music playing in the background…where is that music coming from.
Then it dawned on me, it’s coming from my imagination.
Seeing Fred now makes me remember the strange dream I had, in my dream Fred kissed me.
The kiss was so real that I couldn’t tell if it was actually a dream or not, well there’s one way to find out.
Maybe I should kiss him now, if it feels like the one in my dream, then I’ll know it’s real.
I close my eyes and reaches my head forward, pouting my lips in the process.
“What are you doing?!” Fred asked and I suddenly come back to my senses.
I open my eyes and quickly move a from his hold, with my cheeks flaming up in embarrassment.
I mentally smacked myself. What was I thinking? I should’ve known that was a dream, Fred wouldn’t want to kiss me in real life.
“S-sorry-that-I-came-into-your-room,-honestly-I-don’t-know-how-I-got-here-I-should-be-preparing-your-breakfast-but-I-guess-I-got-tired-and-wanted-to-take-a-little-nap-so-I-mistakenly-enter-your-room-thinking-it-was-mine-ok-I’m-talking-too-much-now-I-should-shut-up-and-get-back-to-the-kitchen” I said everything in one breath and try to leave.
But Fred caught hold of my hand and pull me

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back to where I was standing.
He looks at me with…..amusement playing in his eyes.
“Get back on the bed” he said.
“No, I have to go. I’m so sorry for coming into your room, besides I still have to prepare your breakfast and I don’t even know if I remember to turn off the gas, I… ” He puts his finger on my lips.
“Shhh! You fainted because of have a fever, you’re still recovering” he points to the bed. “So, get back there”
Oh, so that’s why I’m in his room. I smile nervously.
“Thanks, but I’d better

go to my room and rest”
He doesn’t say anything more, he simply bends down and carry me bridal style.
He walk back to the bed and laid me on it, then he sits next to me.
He picks a plate that I didn’t notice was on the nightstand.
I inhale deeply and the sweet aroma of chicken soup swifts across my nose. He deeps a spoon in, blows it a little and bring it to my mouth.
I knit my brows together. This is strange, something is fishy.
Why is Fred being nice to me? He wouldn’t be nice to me for no reason… Did he put something in the soup?
“Open your mouth” he said.
I shake my head.
“Come on, open your mouth and drink it, it’s good for your health” he told me.
I narrow my eyes.
“Tell me, what prank are you pulling this time?” I asked.
He frown a little, looking at me kinda… Confused.
I gesture to the soup.
“What did you put in it?” I asked.
“I don’t believe you” Fred would do anything to see me miserable. “Did you spit in it?”
“Gross!! Why would I do that?”
Well, because I’ve done it to you before. I wanted to say.
I take the plate from him and bring it closer to my nose, trying to see if I’ll perceive anything that is off.
But the smell seems normal to me.
I take cautious look at him.
He sighs.
“My doctor said it’ll help get rid of your fever, trust me, I’m not trying to prank you” he explained.
I deep the spoon in and take a spoonful to my mouth, I take slow gulps and I spit out the rest. And I burst out laughing.
Fred πŸ’”

/> I watch as she laughs contagiously.
I suddenly start to love listening to her laugh, watching her laughing brings an unconscious smile to my face. She laughs and points at the soup.
“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” She says as she laughs.
She continues laughing, rolling on my bed and holding her stomach.
After laughing for some time, she sits up and tries to sober up.
“Fred, did you cook that?”
She snickered and I frown.
“Whoa!” She exclaims. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you gotta start taking cooking class”
“What do you mean?”
“You always mock my cooking skill” she stretch the soup in front of me. “Why don’t you taste the soup you cooked”
I send her a glare and take the plate from her.
I deep the spoon in and take it to my mouth, I swallow it in one gulp, I close my eyes instantly and wince.
“Holy shit!!” I exclaimed.
I keep the soup on the nightstand and take large gulps of water. It’s so salty and has a bland taste.
I frown as I stare at the soup in disgust.
What went wrong? I did everything according to that video I saw online, then how do it taste so bad.
I shift my gaze to ugly, she’s laughing her guts out. I take the soup and stand up.
“I… I…” fvck! Since when do I start stuttering. “I’ll go prepare a better one” then I walk out of the room as if my pants is on fire.
“Please make sure you don’t poison me to death this time!” Ugly called after me.
I step out and lock the door from outside. I can’t have her coming to the kitchen to laugh at me again.
I sober up. So the almighty Fred doesn’t know how to cook, this is unbelievable.
He always complains about my foods, meanwhile his cookings are the worse.
I stand up from the bed and head to the door. I need to go laugh at him some more. I twist the knob but it doesn’t open.
That sly bastard.
He must have guessed my thoughts. I turn back to go to the bed when my phone starts ringing in my pocket.
I reach out for it and see it’s my dad calling, I quickly press the answer button and bring it to my ear.
“Hello, dad!” I chirped happily.
“Hey, princess. How are you doing?” He asked.
“Fine, how are you and Mom doing?” I asked as I sit on the bed.
“We are doing great, honey” I hear my mom’s voice. I guess my dad put it on speaker phone.
I smile, my parents love for each other is just too great, they barely do anything without each other.
Take this call as example.
“So princess, how are you coping? Is Fred giving you any troubles?” Dad asked.
Hmm. Yes! Big fat yes, buy I’m not gonna let them know that.
“No, dad. Fred and I are getting along just fine” then I forced a laugh.
“Good, tomorrow after class, I want you and Fred to come to the Russell’s Mansion”
“Why?” I asked.
“It’s about your marriage” he said.
“What about it… Are you guys calling it off?”
He and Mom laugh.
“No, silly. Just come and you’ll know, baby” mom said.
“We gotta go, honey” and just like that they hang up.
Hmm. I wonder why they suddenly want me and Fred to come over, our two weeks is not yet over.
I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow, then.
Fred πŸ’”
I dump the salty soup in the sink and take out my phone. I went on google and type “how to make a perfect chicken soup”. While waiting for the results, I open the fridge and take out a full chicken.
Cooking can’t be that hard and I’m sure I’ll get it right this time.
I take out a small chopping board and a cleaver. I turn on the gas and put a pot on it, I poured water on it and hold the cleaver in my hand, I scroll through my phone.
It’s said I should slice the chicken first, I cut the chicken into two equal parts and put it in the pot.
Just then I hear the main door open, I stop in my track and listen closely. Then I hear Gray’s voice.
“I’m in the kitchen!”
He walks towards me and frown when he sees me.
He looks into the pot, his eyes move to the cleaver in my hand and the apron around my neck.
“What are you doing?” He asked.
At that moment my phone beep, I signal him to hold on a sec. I picked my phone and see a text from my dad.
*Come by the house
Tomorrow with Eva.
It’s about your marriage*
I frown, I hope they’re not trying to call off the engagement. Wait… isn’t that what I’ve been praying for….
I keep the phone back on the counter.
“So Fred what are you doing?”
“Making chicken soup” I answered and continue chopping some lime leafs.
He looks inside the pot and gasp.
“Why didn’t you butcher and chop the chicken?”
I look inside the pot and frown.
“I did. I cut it into two equal parts” I told him.
He suddenly starts laughing. I set my lips on thin lines and glare at him.
“Why the fvck are you laughing?”
“Chop into tiny pieces not cut into two equal parts” he said.
What? So I still didn’t get it right?.
“Oh, you are so in love… This is the first time you step foot inside the kitchen to cook”
“Shut up”
“You are deeply in love with her, just look how hard you’re trying to make this soup even though you’re not getting it right”
Is this what people in love do? I shudder.
I drop the cleaver on the counter, I take off the apron and pick my phone.
“I give up” I turn to Gray. “You cook the soup and bring it to my room”
He laughs.
“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to cook delicious dishes so that you can cook for her” he said as I walk out.
I ignore him.
T. B. C.
Hmm, so our Fred doesn’t know how to cook πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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